I enjoy reading a blog posting that is objective and well written even if I disagree with it. This is such a posting. It is the second paragraph, that I have quoted below, with which I disagree.

It is clear that so far no one has been able to deduce how the image found on the shroud was actually made.  There appears to be no form of paint or other substance that has been added to the shroud, but I have not heard of people actually wrapping corpses in replica shrouds to see if any image can be produced.  If they did so, what would they find?  Would it be a ‘normal’ occurence, or are we beginning to believe in a ‘miraculous’ origin for the image?  If an image could be produced, how long would it take to form?  We have to remember that Jesus was in the tomb for something less than 48 hours (Friday afternoon/evening until early Sunday morning) and so any image that was formed only after a longer period of time would have to cast doubt on the veracity of this shroud belonging to Jesus (unless one wanted to argue that it was that of Jesus, but that He couldn’t, therefore, have risen as claimed and believed).

But I must return to the point that I began to make above.  It is surely not right for Christians to focus on such external things.

I think Christians should fully explore the question on matters of the faith through history, science and archaeology. That includes the shroud of Turin. Full posting: The Turin Shroud – Windows Live