Television Special Feb 1: Unwrapping the Shroud: New Evidence

Discovery-logoIn case you missed it, t he Discovery Channel will be rebroadcasting “Unwrapping the Shroud: New Evidence” on Sunday February 1 at 9 p.m. EST and again 4 hours later at 1 a.m.  (Check your local listings). It will be broadcast on Discovery’s regular and HD channels.

This Shroud of Turin documentary was first shown in December and received numerous positive reviews. Part of it was recorded at Ohio State University during a conference of about 100 scientists, historians and other researchers last August.

Discovery is featuring the broadcast on their home page and that is warranted. In my opinion, it is the best documentary ever made about the shroud, even better than the 2002 PBS special. Watch it!

It clearly explains why the previous carbon dating has been shown to be invalid by peer-reviewed scientific studies including the work of Raymond Roger and subsequently a team of nine scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

If you have wondered about the shroud, this is an excellent production. Even if you are skeptical, it will help explain why many people believe it is genuine or are at least open to the possibility that it is.

Source: Unwrapping the Shroud: New Evidence to be Rebroadcast on the Discovery Channel

7 thoughts on “Television Special Feb 1: Unwrapping the Shroud: New Evidence”

  1. I missed the Feb.1st rebroadcast of Unwrapping the shroud of turin.Will you rebroadcast agin soon? Also do you a dvd that I can purchase.

  2. Did Jesus fold the garment (shroud) he was wrapped in when he left the tomb?

    in a resturand a napkin left means u wont be back; if you fold it, it means you will be back. therefore, I heard somewhere Jesus folded the shroud leaving it in tomb. the folding meaning that he would be back. hope you can answer this.

  3. Hi Mr. John Andrews
    Scientific studies concluded that Jesus Christ was wrapped in the Shroud as a corpse and left the imprints of the dorsal and ventral regions of His body on it which are separated by a distance that fits the lenght of the top of the head.
    The logical conclusion is that the Shroud was folded in two parts.
    Image studies concluded that some bloodstains don´t match anatomic origin showing cilindrical distortion when the Shroud is flattened namely from head area and clots don´t have abraded surfaces .
    Not entering into details the logical conclusion is that the body didn´t move while wrapped in the Shroud and there is no scientific explanation how the body was removed from the Shroud.
    From a theological point of view the Resurection explains all those facts and the Shroud probably stayed folded in two parts as it was before. Nevertheless we can´t be absolutely sure because the only clues we have is the Mozarabic rite intoduced in religious practices in sixth century visigothic Spain by St. Leander bishop of Seville who travelled to East and probably saw the Shroud with the body imprints and so added that to the gospel of John stating « Peter and John ran to the tomb and saw the linen cloths with the imprints of the dead and risen Man »
    Nobody knows exactly how the Shroud was when the disciples entered the empty tomb that Sunday morning nonetheless we surely know that the Shroud was folded that way by the people who buried Jesus .
    We cannot say that folding means He will return but we certainly can infer that the image left on the Shroud of Turin is the absolute proof of His Resurrection

    best regards

    Maria da Glória


    1. You know Richard….Jesus loves you too!! I pray that when you look God in the face, AND YOU WILL ONE DAY, that you will have a VERY GOOD REASON why you called learning that STUPID!!!! God Bless YOU!!!

  4. Where can one purchase a DVD of this documentary (The Shroud of Turin – New Evidence 2009)? This documentary gets taken down within months of when anyone tries to share it.

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