Tetherd Cow Ahead has facts on Shroud of Turin all wrong

When a site can’t get the facts right, you have to wonder about their conclusions, don’t you. 

Enter John and Rebecca Jackson who have somehow convinced Oxford University to re-examine the carbon-dating data from the 1988 test. Among other things they assert that the major portion of the cloth scrutinized at that time was not from the ‘original’ shroud, but from Medieval repairs made in the 14th century. Of course.

Actually, John and Rebecca Jackson don’t assert that the major portion of the cloth scrutinized at the time was not from the original cloth. That is asserted by Benford, Marino, Rogers, Brown and now a team of nine scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. In fact, that finding is mutually exclusive with the Jackson’s hypothesis. So if Welease Woger! » Tetherd Cow Ahead can’t get this simple set of facts straight, we have to question just about everything e writes.

It seems he is another Joe Nickell fan. See previous post.

One thought on “Tetherd Cow Ahead has facts on Shroud of Turin all wrong”

  1. Oh whatever. The details are trivial – a medieval repair/C02 contamination/incorrect calibration – I’m sure Shroudies could come up with a million reasons why the actual facts don’t fit with your theories. It doesn’t matter if someone dumped a truck full of scientific evidence at your door, you’d still cling to the irrational idea that the Turin Shroud is something other than the most likely explanation suggests, that is, a medieval forgery. I note you didn’t even attempt to address my question about why Christians seem desperate to get scientific proof that Jesus Christ was resurrected. Aren’t you just supposed to have Faith?

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