Starting Today: Turin Cathedral Closed Until Exhibition

This is a Google translation of a news release from the Turin Diocesan Commission for the Shroud (

From Wednesday, January 21 Cathedral of Turin is closed to the public: in fact begin the preparatory work for the exhibition of the Shroud, scheduled from April 19 to June 24 next. The last opening day – Tuesday 20 – is celebrated, at 10, the Mass to celebrate the feast of the Municipal Police in the day of the patron saint, Sebastian. The Cathedral is open, with normal celebrations, up to 19.

Work – As with other expositions is necessary to reconstruct completely the interior of the Cathedral, which is emptied interior decor and prepared for the "exposition mode."

The first set of jobs is structural. It is 10 meters stretch of the area of ​​the presbytery, implement the system of ‘bridges’ which will transit the pilgrims, starting assembly of the "machine" that will support the reliquary of the exposition. It will also overshadow all the windows of the dome and the nave of the cathedral: a necessary operation to minimize the exposure of the Shroud to light and promote concentration and meditation. Following the lighting experts will arrange the light beams that allow optimal viewing of the Cloth from various points of the church.

New to this edition is just the catwalks: instead of building lofts in cement, the supports of the steps will be made of metal reusable.

The works have no relation with the Shroud nor the theca and security systems, which remain unchanged. The Shroud will be closed in the display case of preservation, the Chapel Royal under the grandstand, until the days immediately preceding the exposition.

The parish – the parish community of the Cathedral, as happens to every exposition, "moves" its activities in the church of St. Thomas (corner of Via Pietro Micca). Weekday Mass is celebrated at 13.30; then there is the Vigil of 18 and, on holidays, the celebration at 10.30. The function of the Canons of the Metropolitan Chapter is suspended for the time of the exposition (in the Cathedral was held to 18, preceded by the prayer of Vespers at 17.30).

Also in St. Thomas (via Monte di Pietà 11) is open, with the usual times, the parish office, and there continue to unfold the catechisms and the activities of the oratory and church groups.

Mass with the volunteers – Each month, the beginning of the preparation all’ostensione, volunteers gather to participate together in the Mass, celebrated by Fr Roberto Gottardo, President of the Diocesan Commission for the Shroud and by Msgr. Giuseppe Ghiberti, president emeritus. The appointment, for the coming months, but no longer at the Duomo to the Holy Face. The next Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, January 28th at 18:30 to the Holy Face.

New Video Ad for The 2015 Exhibition

imageI regret that I don’t understand Italian. Maybe I should make the effort to learn. There are many of us, however, and so I wonder if similar YouTube videos are planned in other languages. There is a small hint of the need at the video’s 4:46 mark seen in the screen shot here.

When will Google and Bing be able to translate voice and graphics text on the fly?

Anyway, Goggle can translate yesterday’s press announcement out of Turin about the video. You can watch it below.

"Come to the Shroud»  

The new video UPG and Young Salesians discover the reasons to participate all’ostensione 2015

"Come to the Holy Shroud" is the invitation in a very special way to young people for the next exhibition. An invitation that now extends over the network thanks to the video produced by the Youth Ministry of the Diocese in collaboration with the Salesian Youth Movement.

The images tell a brief history and significance of the Shroud, but above all, through interviews and commercials, explains the motives of those close to the Shroud … there already: young people, families, people with disabilities who have chosen to serve as volunteers during the exposition, because being a pilgrim and see that Face is a very concrete way to rediscover the reasons for their faith at the service of the brothers, as well as asking the motto of the exposition in 2015, "The Greatest Love."

The video was presented at the "start up" of youth ministry on 26 September, with Msgr. Nosiglia, and is broadcast on the "social" related all’ostensione.