Good video of how carbon 14 dating works

Good video on how carbon dating works. Well worth watching if you don’t know how it works and why it is accurate and useful – and why mistakes happen (as with the shroud).

Interesting Meditation on Several Images of Jesus Including the Shroud of Turin

The Holy Face of Jesus from original sources such as the Shroud of Turin, etc. as well as many inspired paintings is contemplated with prayers from the Holy face Devotion and “Love Being Loved By You” by Rebecca St.James.

Meditation on the Holy face of Jesus accompanied by song from Rebecca St. James.000

The Face of Forgiveness

imageThe Divine Remedy has another great posting. It concludes (and you should read up to these last sentences here.

The image on the cloth of the Shroud is a road map of the capacity for human sin. The record of torture and suffering is encoded in a way that we can witness but cannot explain.

But the face…the face is the gift of the serenity of forgiveness. In gazing upon it, we fall into His protection, into our innate purity, into the divine remedy within…

John and Rebecca Jackson Starting Shroud of Turin School

imageWe failed to mention in the last posting about Channel One Russia filming a documentary that according to Mike Barna, John and Rebecca

[ John and Rebecca Jackson ] told me they plan to start a shroud school called “School for Shroud Studies” in January. They will have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Those in advanced classes will perform actual shroud research, John Jackson said. No cost structure has been  set up yet.

Learn more about the classes and the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado Springs at

Russian TV Crew Shooting TV Special on the Shroud of Turin « Shroud of Turin Blog

Russian TV Crew Shooting TV Special on the Shroud of Turin


Come to find out that a Russian TV crew was in Colorado Spring just this past week to shoot footage for a documentary on the Shroud of Turin. According to Mike Barna of Colorado Spring’s The Gazette:

The crew is shooting for Channel One Russia, one of the largest broadcast stations in Russia. Expected audience for the documentary premiering next April is 150 million. The crew was in town to interview shroud experts John and Rebecca Jackson.

According to the paper, there will be more about this in the paper on Saturday. So check back in.

All those happy people are from Channel One Russia’s home page. Reminds me of the opening number on the Drew Carey Show.

Clear Explanation of the Problem with the Carbon Dating of the Shroud of Turin

The video is about ten minutes long and is, in my opinion, the best segment I have seen explaining invisible reweaving.

Radiocarbon Dating and the Shroud of Turin

Fairly good explanation of carbon dating over at Plants, Drugs, Chemicals, Books, Psychology, and Society.

We discuss the famed Turin Shroud in a chemistry context, including how radiocarbon dating has famously been used on the religious relic. More chemistry at Correction: It’s a proton and electron COMBINING to create C14… I made the poor Professor stand in the? Italian sun for so long waiting for the right light conditions? that I may have temporarily fried his brain. Correction is included as an annotaion. Our trip to Turin supported by 


Radiocarbon & Turin Shroud – Periodic Table of Videos |