Shroud of Turin on The ‘X’ Zone Radio & TV Show: Wednesday, November 17

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Wednesday, November 17 2010: Today on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell

The following interviews can be heard starting at 10 pm – 2 am Eastern / 7 pm – 11 pm Pacific (Network 1) 2 am – 6 am Eastern / 11 pm – 2 am Pacific (Network 2) 6 pm – 10 pm Eastern / 3 pm – 7 pm Pacific on The TalkStar Radio Network from our Washington DC Affiliate at or Apple iTunes at or at The ‘X’ Zone Podcast website at

It is segment two starting an hour in, 11 pm EST and 8 pm PST for one hour

DR ANDREW SILVERMAN, MD – The Shroud of Turin – Dr Andrew Silverman is a medical doctor who has been interested since childhood in the nature of what we are as human beings and what our potential is.He first became aware of the Turin Shroud on seeing a life-size photographic print of it at Nigel Kerner’s house around 30 years ago. Dr Silverman has always been fascinated to know how the image could have formed and when he spoke to Nigel Kerner about it many years ago he explained his theory to him that light is frozen thought and matter is frozen light. Kerner also postulated that human transfiguration into light was a consequence of living a life as suggested and shown by the man whose image is on the shroud. Dr.Silverman gave a presentation in May this year at a scientific workshop in Frascati Italy discussing his and Nigel Kerner’s ideas about the Shroud of Turin and how the image might have been formed. Dr. Silverman’s full Paper will be published soon in the Proceedings of the Workshop: but here is the link to the abstract:


Christians in Iraq

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David Nona, chairman of the Chaldean Federation of America, says:

It is very ironic that the last legacy of this war in Iraq, which was intended to change hearts and minds in the Arab and Islamic world toward the West is bringing about the extinction of one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.

There were 1.2 million Christians in Iraq before the war. There are now only about 500,000.

CNN Story: For Iraqi Christians, fear is knocking –

More over at the Catholic Herald

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Proved or Not Proved. That is the Question.

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Stephen Jones corrects me. Correctly so!

. . . that I don’t believe there will be any more evidence found IN THE BIBLE that supports the Shroud being authentic does not mean that I believe the Shroud has not been proved to be authentic.

I DO believe the Shroud has been PROVED to be authentic. Not in an absolute mathematical or philosophical sense, but in the SCIENTIFIC sense of the preponderance of the balance of the evidence for and against.

Every day criminals are jailed and even executed, having been convicted by courts on far less forensic and circumstantial evidence than there is that points to the Shroud to be authentic.

In agreeing with Stephen’s point that more evidence is not to be found in the Bible, I accidentally implied that Jones and I were in agreement about proving that the Shroud of Turin is authentic. As you can see, Stephen thinks that authenticity has been proved. He is not alone. A significant number of scholars agree.

I don’t agree, however. I think it is real. I believe it is real. I think, as I say in my post, that we can infer it is. I think, however, that the proof is elusive. The whole argument may have to do with how we define proof and how we establish criteria.

My apologies to Stephen for misrepresenting his point of view. Stephen Jones on the Shroud of Turin blood evidence « Shroud of Turin Blog

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Archbishop Dolan Elected President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops

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image New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan was chosen Tuesday as the next leader of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Dolan defeated Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona, and eight others to win the three-year term. The vote was 128-111, according to conference spokesman Don Clemmer.

Dolan will replace Cardinal Francis George, who did not run for re-election.

CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

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Maybe God Doesn’t Know the Future

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As Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic magazine sees it, “Augustine saw God as definitionally changeless through time. That idea is now under attack.”

Indeed, and Plato and Einstein as well. As Mark Vernon writes in the Templeton Foundation’s Big Questions Online

But the block universe, and the notion of God’s timelessness, have been challenged by scientists who also work on the relationship between science and religion. I’m thinking here of two physicists who are also well known as theologians, John Polkinghorne and Ian Barbour. in Their questioning of the classical idea of God’s timeless nature presents an enormous challenge to received ideas about God. Interestingly, it’s a challenge that stems from both scientific and theological concerns.

Both men have received the Templeton Prize, both earned doctorates in theoretical physics and theology, both have given the Gilford Lectures, both have published many books on the subject of religion and science. In addition, Polkinghorne is a Fellow of the Royal Society (England’s academy of science) and an Anglican priest.

image Polkinghorne borrows another notion, from process thought. In process thought, change is not regarded with the suspicion that it is in the Platonic thought of Augustine. Change might be for the better — as evolution seems to imply, with its tendency to greater complexity and the emergence of consciousness, and then the moral sensibilities of self-consciousness. Surely, such change is a good thing. What this implies, for Polkinghorne, is that God can’t know the future because the future is not fully determined by the present. There is genuine novelty in the universe.

But where does that leave God?

Subject to time too. God’s perfect knowledge of the universe is not absolute omniscience but current omniscience: God knows about what exists, not about what doesn’t yet exist.

The two theologians argue that this apparent limitation on God is a distinctively Christian notion. It’s called kenosis, and is revealed in the incarnation of Jesus when, as Paul’s letter to the Philippians has it, Christ emptied himself of his divine (eternal) nature and became human (temporal). God does so out of love, in order to be alongside his creation.

It seems to me that Richard Swinburne was arguing this same thing. Hmm: Polkinghorne and Swinburne are both at Cambridge.

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Stephen Jones on the Shroud of Turin blood evidence

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A reader of Stephen Jones’ blog writes to him (this is not the beginning of the letter so read the entire posting):

I have reason to believe the Shroud is authentic. These reasons are more spiritual in nature than scientific. However I do believe the science for proof is right around the corner. My belief more comes out of the book. I believe we are in a time where God is revealing more and more spiritual truths from the book.

Jones replies:

image What is already known about the Shroud complements the Gospels’ account of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. But I doubt if there will be any more evidence from the Bible that will support the authenticity of the Shroud and vice-versa. What we already have is more than enough.

I agree with Jones and I don’t think proof is around the corner. In fact, I doubt we will ever prove that the Shroud is in fact the burial cloth of Christ. I think that we can infer it.

Jones is clear and comprehensive in answering questions: The Shroud of Turin: Re: Shroud: I had a quick question regarding blood evidence

Holy Shroud of Turin Guild

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Check out “The Holy Shroud Guild, past, present, and future.”

The Holy Shroud Guild was the oldest American Shroud organization and is a ministry of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (The Redemptorists). For well over a half a century, the Holy Shroud Guild served and cooperated with the Centro in Turin, Italy.

The site is very new and looks good. Here are the sections:

Go visit. BTW, they could use some help. Read the announcement at the bottom of the home page and consider a donation. (I did so) Thanks.

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