Well Written, Accurate Article on the Shroud

This is a good article, well written. I don’t agree with everything Onysko says, particularly about image formation, but I do agree with him that the Shroud is the real deal. By Joanne Berger DuMound, Sun News January 14, 2010, 1:59PM KYLE LANZER/SUN NEWSThe Shroud of Turin, which will be publicly displayed in Italy this … Continue reading “Well Written, Accurate Article on the Shroud”

A New Comment Promoted on Tetherd Cow Ahead Discussion on the Shroud of Turin

S. J. Miller writes: Whether the shroud is the work of a human hand (forgery, hoax, as pseudo-sceptics would say), or whether it was accidental/incidental involving a corpse under unobserved circumstances is beside the point. Also, the carbon dating problem pales into significance as far as believers or pseudo-sceptics are concerned, because the real matter … Continue reading “A New Comment Promoted on Tetherd Cow Ahead Discussion on the Shroud of Turin”

When Atheists act like Fundamentalists

On his blog, “Ssnot! – God Snot, Where God’s Not!”, Tatarize writes:  So I am apparently retarded. I watched something called the Shroud of Turin which was get this, about the Shroud of Turin and completely bogus nonsense. The argument went like this, The Shroud of Turin carbon dates to the 1360s. The Shroud of … Continue reading “When Atheists act like Fundamentalists”

Third Tetherd Cow Ahead Exchange on the Shroud of Turin

I received a very comprehensive comment from anaglyph over at Tetherd Cow Ahead. It warrants a comprehensive response. anaglyph wrote: You’ve kind of missed my point, either willfully or accidentally. I don’t really care if the Turin Shroud is ‘the burial cloth of late-Second Temple era crucifixion victim’ or a forgery or a tea-towel. What … Continue reading “Third Tetherd Cow Ahead Exchange on the Shroud of Turin”