An interview with Giulio Fanti and more

“Well, corona discharge is a phenomenon which typically produces two superficial images on both sides of a cloth exposed to such electric energy because the image formation is linked to the electric field variation in this area. I do not know of any other phenomenon capable of imprinting a doubly superficial image leaving the inner … Continue reading “An interview with Giulio Fanti and more”

St. Louis Videos

Russ Breault tells us on his Shroud University website: Experts from around the world met in St. Louis, MO for the first US conference on the Shroud of Turin since 2008. Here are over 40 papers covering aspects of science, medicine, art and history. Hear and see the latest research in streaming video. The following … Continue reading “St. Louis Videos”

"Just the facts, ma’am."

Remember those words? That is what Sgt. Friday, played by Jack Webb, repeatedly said in the Dragnet TV show: "Just the facts, ma’am." 1) I was buttonholed outside the ballroom where the conference was taking place. I don’t remember the exact conversation that took place. This is what I can reconstruct from what I remember: … Continue reading “"Just the facts, ma’am."”

Hello Mr. Zias

A Guest Posting by Yannick Clément An Exchange of Emails with Joe Zias (Wikipedia Entry) Hello everyone! Here, I would simply like to share some precious and very pertinent informations I got from a real expert in ancient Jewish burial rituals who’s name is Joe Zias. Mr. Zias [Pictured]  is a well-known and well-respected Jewish … Continue reading “Hello Mr. Zias”

Surprising Paper out of Bari: Plant DNA Studies on the Shroud of Turin

At Bari, quite a few people were surprised by a paper that was not in the final program (as published on the website) and not included in the proceedings of the conference given to attendees. The three-page paper was “Uncovering the Sources of DNA in the Turin Shroud” by G. Barcaccia, G. Galia, A. Achilli, … Continue reading “Surprising Paper out of Bari: Plant DNA Studies on the Shroud of Turin”

The Latest BSTS Newsletter is Out

From a special update to, we learn that the newest issue of the BSTS Newsletter (No. 79 – June 2014)  is available. Here is the Table of Contents: Editorial – by Hugh Farey Future Events Touring Exhibition (UK) Why a Shroud? – Research article (1) by Peter Leitch Image Creation Utilising the Medium of … Continue reading “The Latest BSTS Newsletter is Out”

Papers Included in the Proceedings but not presented at Valencia

Joe Marino spotted a couple of papers that are hosted at that were included in the Valencia conference proceedings but not presented at the conference: Jewish Shrouds and Funerary Customs: a Comparison with the Shroud of Turin by Ada Grossi (Italy) Othon de La Roche, Geoffroi I de Charny and the “Missing Years” of … Continue reading “Papers Included in the Proceedings but not presented at Valencia”

A New Paper by Paul Maloney

a personal opinion that would not, could not be changed Joe Marino passes along this important new (July 2014) paper by Paul C, Maloney entitled Walter C. McCrone and the Max Frei Sticky Tapes of 1978: A Background Study. This is a MUST READ paper if you have any interest in the pollen found on … Continue reading “A New Paper by Paul Maloney”

The Shroud of Turin and Near Death Experiences

He calls his posting “The Near Death Experience: A believer’s evidence, a skeptic’s challenge.” The blogger of He Rose for Grace, uses the Shroud of Turin as an example to explain how accumulations of evidence give credence to near death experiences or NDEs. Jeffrey Long, M.D. [pictured] has spent a life time studying near death … Continue reading “The Shroud of Turin and Near Death Experiences”

Anticipating the Conference: Frederick Baltz proposes a new reference to the Shroud of Turin in Galatians

Frederick Baltz  |  11-Oct-2014  |  9:30-10:00 am A GALATIAN SOJOURN OF THE SHROUD OF TURIN? POLLEN, PAUL, AND A PUBLIC PORTRAYAL OF CHRIST The pollen trail of the Shroud of Turin passes through the Anatolian Steppe region of Turkey. This was part of the region known as Galatia in New Testament times. Southern Galatia (at … Continue reading “Anticipating the Conference: Frederick Baltz proposes a new reference to the Shroud of Turin in Galatians”

It may not suit the scientific mind-set

Experts may carp and niggle over particular aspects exclusive to their particular specialty. By way of a comment, DaveB writes: I would concede a point of interpretation from the Methchild Flury-Lemburg quotation at the heading of Ian Wilson’s Chapter 6 ‘The Cloth’s Own Tale’. Effectively that nothing in the weaving or sewing techniques speaks against … Continue reading “It may not suit the scientific mind-set”

Colin Berry is Writing to the Vatican

He tells us that he is writing to the Vatican to encourage a new round of carbon dating. I think that’s great. I’d like to see it. But I have a different perspective. I spent my entire career in business. I worked for a major corporation for 25 years and I ran a small company … Continue reading “Colin Berry is Writing to the Vatican”

Of Similarities: The Tunic of Argenteuil and the Shroud of Turin

By email, Joe Marino sends along some very interesting quotations from the new book, Witnesses to Mystery: Investigations into Christ’s Relics by Grzegorz Gorny (Author) and Janusz Rosikon (Illustrator). They are from a chapter “on the little-known ‘Tunic of Argenteuil,’” Joe writes, “believed to be the robe mentioned in Mt 27:31 and the tunic mentioned … Continue reading “Of Similarities: The Tunic of Argenteuil and the Shroud of Turin”

Holding the Shroud to an impossible standard?

A reader writes: This is in response to an online article by you on the Shroud of Turin that ended with the following: "We simply do not have enough reliable information to arrive at a scientifically rigorous conclusion." I have been reading about the Shroud since I was 13.  I’m now on Social Security.  In … Continue reading “Holding the Shroud to an impossible standard?”

You guys are brutal

A reader writes: You guys are brutal. Keep it up. I hope the shroud is real. Whatever the facts favoring that, they must be solid. I always assumed that it was a solid fact that there was no image beneath the bloodstains because I read it in books and in papers published by shroud scientists. … Continue reading “You guys are brutal”

NBC News on the archaeology of Christianity

This past week, NBC News did a report on The archaeology of Christianity. It included several topics including First reference to Christ?, Turning water to wine, Nailed to the cross, Wrapped in a cloth, Laid to rest, The baptism cave, The bones of St. Paul and Early worship in Israel. Here is what was said … Continue reading “NBC News on the archaeology of Christianity”

Shroud of Turin Presentation in Orlando

John C. Iannone will be presenting, The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity, at Holy Family Catholic Church, 5125 S. Apopka Vineland Rd., Orlando on Monday, May 13th at 7pm in the church. From the churches website: No cloth in history has been so studied as the Holy Shroud. Nor has … Continue reading “Shroud of Turin Presentation in Orlando”

Sales and Amazon Reviews of Fanti’s New Book

In the last few days we may have withnessed the most explosive Shroud of Turin book announcement ever. At Amazon Italy (, Giulio Fanti’s Il mistero della Sindone. Le sorprendenti scoperte scientifiche sull’enigma del telo di Gesù ranks #17 among book on Christianity – half of the books ahead of it are about the new … Continue reading “Sales and Amazon Reviews of Fanti’s New Book”

Terry Mattingly: Shroud Article in The Telegraph About as Straight and Dispassionate as One Can Get in MSM

Terry Mattingly, in his blog GetReligion doesn’t write about religion, per se. He writes about journalism when it is about religion. Journalists don’t get, as he sees it. They don’t get religion, that is. This is a recent posting about an article in The Telegraph about Giulio Fanti’s new book about the shroud: Readers who … Continue reading “Terry Mattingly: Shroud Article in The Telegraph About as Straight and Dispassionate as One Can Get in MSM”