Checking In On Colin Berry: A New Image Model ‘forming in my mind’

So one mixes up some alum and some thickening agent – a gum or starch etc Colin is is toying with a new image formation scheme. He is blogging about it though it is difficult to know this. Instead of posting new entries in his blog, Colin adds more text to old ones, so much … Continue reading “Checking In On Colin Berry: A New Image Model ‘forming in my mind’”

Colin Berry: Stop Calling the Faint Image a Faint Image

And, as I see it . . . the word distance and the word body are both at issue. Can we go on saying that no one has figured out how the image was formed and at the same time objectively refer to cloth-to-body distance? I applaud Colin Berry’s attempt at helping to define the … Continue reading “Colin Berry: Stop Calling the Faint Image a Faint Image”

Weaving Fan a.k.a. Colin Berry?

While reading what follows, please be aware that Colin Berry denies that he is Weaving Fan. I believe him. I trust him. We all should. I knew this sounded really familiar. This month two years ago we were talking about the 3 over 1 herringbone cloth in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (see … Continue reading “Weaving Fan a.k.a. Colin Berry?”

Something Colin Berry wrote this morning reminded me of this

I remember someone arguing with me that the shroud was a replacement shroud created in the 14th century after the original burial cloth was destroyed in a fire. The original shroud’s image, caused by Jesus’ sweat, was miraculously transferred from the ashes of the old shroud to the new cloth. That would explain everything, wouldn’t … Continue reading “Something Colin Berry wrote this morning reminded me of this”

Colin Berry Wants Feedback

It’s getting on for 9 months since I first floated the idea that the TS was fabricated as a simulated sweat imprint, a whole-body front-and-back version of the then celebrated Veil of Veronica. He writes by way of a new comment: The TS is NOT to be seen as a painting, given its negative character. … Continue reading “Colin Berry Wants Feedback”

Colin Berry Trumps the Daily Express Headline Writer

He headlined a blog posting, . . . Pope Francis at pains to point out the inadequacies of the contact print hypothesis. to which he added the following explanation for the picture that appeared in the website of the Daily Express: Trying to capture all the topological relief of facial features onto a cloth mantle … Continue reading “Colin Berry Trumps the Daily Express Headline Writer”

An Apology to Colin Berry. And Some Comments.

Colin Berry writes on his site: No Dan Porter, I am not a small boy playing with flour, and your continued attempts to infantilize do you no credit whatsoever. Nor does your attempt to block free speech. Nor does your tolerance of trolls on that site of yours who specialize in making character attacks. Go … Continue reading “An Apology to Colin Berry. And Some Comments.”

Colin Berry: Maybe It’s A Maillard Reaction After All

Oh, and go boil your head. From the blog postings of Colin Berry: It has clear advantages over Mode 1, [discussed above]. in that ANYTHING with 3D properties can in principle be imprinted, not having to be heated. That might be bas relief templates and/or fully 3D statues.  It may even conceivably have been a … Continue reading “Colin Berry: Maybe It’s A Maillard Reaction After All”

Inspired by Colin Berry’s Experiments with Lemons . . .

I decided to try some other fruits and vegetables. But seriously, I remember how pleased Ray Rogers would get when other scientists didn’t just speculate but did actual experiments which might eventually lead to an understanding of how the image was produced. Ray did so himself, as we know. I’m glad, once again, to see … Continue reading “Inspired by Colin Berry’s Experiments with Lemons . . .”

Colin Berry: OK, I’ve made a start on that Di Lazzaro pdf

Misquoting STURP? Until social media came along, Shroud of Turin conference papers did not get much public scrutiny. Are comments like these below the way of the future for conferences? Deep down in the comments to a drawn out, rambling posting in Colin Berry’s Science Buzz blog, Colin takes on Paolo Di Lazzaro for a … Continue reading “Colin Berry: OK, I’ve made a start on that Di Lazzaro pdf”

A Response to a Comment by Colin Berry

Colin, you wrote a comment in this blog to which I want to reply to at the posting level. Clearly, you think the subject is important. It is, I agree. But I do have some issues with what you say: You wrote: I repeat: I shall be attaching a copyright statement to all my future … Continue reading “A Response to a Comment by Colin Berry”

50/50 : Colin Berry’s Most Outlandish Proposal

He writes in his blog: But can it hope to tell us much more, even with more up-to-date technology, if restricted to non-destructive sampling, or those pussy-footing "sticky tape" samples? . . . There is a solution to this, but it requires grasping a nettle. It’s time for a quid pro quo, or returning of … Continue reading “50/50 : Colin Berry’s Most Outlandish Proposal”

Colin Berry has some preliminary results

Click in to his site to see First test of the quicklime hypothesis (Turin Shroud image) – in pictures.  Don’t knock him for having produced only scorch marks and not an image yet. Who really has, so far?  Nicholas Allen, Joe Nickell,  Craig-Bresee, Luigi Garlaschelli?  Actually, Colin has with hot metal. Let’s see where he … Continue reading “Colin Berry has some preliminary results”

More on Colin Berry is up with an interesting posting about 3D enhancement

Colin Berry has been adding to his posting, Not all images that are 3D-enhancible have ‘encoded 3D information’. Click in and, if you have already read his posting, scroll down about halfway to Update: Sunday 8 June. He had made some interesting observations about ImageJ. Personally, I’m finding the software confusing and some options limited. … Continue reading “More on Colin Berry is up with an interesting posting about 3D enhancement”

Colin Berry is up with an interesting posting about 3D enhancement

By St. Louis, will it confusing to talk about 3D in conjunction with the shroud? Colin writes in his blog: The Turin Shroud image is famously 3D-enhancible, given the right software. Initially it was shown with the so-called VP8 image analyser that was allegedly space-age technology, and not surprisingly led to much over-hyped speculation that … Continue reading “Colin Berry is up with an interesting posting about 3D enhancement”

Colin Berry: It’s not douse water, it’s the feet being orthogonal to the longitudinal plane during scorching

"Ah yes, one can see the imaging of toes, albeit bunched toes, especially the tips of toes? Are you surprised? Colin Berry has an explanation in his science buzz blog. It is The feet of the Man on the TS are not "obscured" in the frontal view. They simply failed to imprint well (except for … Continue reading “Colin Berry: It’s not douse water, it’s the feet being orthogonal to the longitudinal plane during scorching”

The Colin Berry Dislocated Shoulder Theory

Colin Berry writes on his Science Buzz blog, Suddenly, it’s discovered that one of "Jesus’s" arms on the Turin Shroud is dislocated. Now there’s a surprise. Colin even touches on the possibility that a suggestion by him led to the dislocation theory: Alternative narrative? This blogger suggested many moons ago that the TS image was … Continue reading “The Colin Berry Dislocated Shoulder Theory”

Colin Berry’s Sticky Tape Experiments

It sounds, maybe, like a problem in psychophysics Colin is doing some interesting experiments. You will want to read How infuriating. LIRA (The Linen Industry Research Association of Belfast) is no more: .  . .  I’ve been eye-balling what happens when one applies sticky tape to scorched linen. The first pull takes off heavily scorched … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s Sticky Tape Experiments”

Two Comments Promoted: Colin Berry Has Cracked the Shroud Enigma?

take the time to read Colin’s work with an open mind. Thibault Heimburger writes a comment: Look at: So, Colin finally “cracked” the enigma of the Shroud. He now can explain all of the properties of the Shroud image, i.e superficiality at fiber and thread/fabric level, half-tone etc… Most of his claims are based … Continue reading “Two Comments Promoted: Colin Berry Has Cracked the Shroud Enigma?”

Colin Berry on Rogers’ Thermochimica Acta Paper

Colin Berry has posted Critique of Rogers’ so-called vanillin clock for dating the Shroud: why was Stanley T.Kosiewicz not a co-author (and where’s the data)? in his blog. Therein he writes: Some, myself  included, say it [= Studies on the radiocarbon sample from the shroud of Turin by Raymond N. Rogers] should never have been … Continue reading “Colin Berry on Rogers’ Thermochimica Acta Paper”

Colin Berry is Writing to the Vatican

He tells us that he is writing to the Vatican to encourage a new round of carbon dating. I think that’s great. I’d like to see it. But I have a different perspective. I spent my entire career in business. I worked for a major corporation for 25 years and I ran a small company … Continue reading “Colin Berry is Writing to the Vatican”

Colin Berry’s Credentials

On his Shroud of Turin blog, Colin Berry wants us to see a list of his published works as identified by Google Scholar. But first, he wants us to know why: There has been some questioning of my research credentials, especially vis-à-vis the celebrities of Shroud research (Raymond Rogers, John Heller, Alan Adler etc) , … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s Credentials”