More on the History Channel’s “Real Face of Jesus?” on iTunes

imageI decided to try it. I downloaded the full hour and a half “Real Face of Jesus” on Apple iTunes for $3.99.  (You must install iTunes, which is free for Windows and Macs).

It took about twenty minutes to download.

The quality is excellent in full screen mode on my 21 inch computer screeen. I also put it on my iPhone which I connected to a 42 inch television. Again, excellent quality. Perhaps not exactly as good as the DVD but not enough that I notice.

Hallelujah–Thomas Casey in America: The National Catholic Weekly

imageAmerica: The National Catholic Weekly has an interesting article by the Jesuit scholar Thomas G. Casey, who is the director of the Cardinal Bea Center for Judaic Studies in Rome and professor of philosophy at the Gregorian University. He examines what is perhaps the most recognizable song of the past decade,  Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. (Below is the audio only YouTube of k.d. lang’s performance at this year’s Winter Olymics)

Consider this thought from Casey:

One reason that “Hallelujah” appeals is that it gives voice—and song—to the spiritual hunger of millions who find it difficult or impossible to identify with orthodox expressions of their longings. This song expresses their human fragility and their desire to be released from the shallowness of our age, which offers substandard spiritual fare. They search; they desire to reconnect with the transcendent, even though their search is often handicapped by an astonishing spiritual inarticulateness.


How did a song with so many biblical references (none of which refer to the New Testament) become ubiquitous? How did a lyrical, slow-moving tune become popular in an era when aggressive percussion and insistent drum-beats power pop songs? Why has the song been used to create atmosphere and mood in the soundtracks of many movies and TV shows? Why can’t people get enough of it? . . .

There is always a crack, even in the midst of profound suffering. At the beginning of “Hallelujah,” King David, the composer of psalms in praise of God, has happily discovered a secret chord with which to give God joy. But soon the king succumbs to temptation:

Well your faith was strong but you needed proof

You saw her bathing on the roof

Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you.

The reference to David is mixed up with allusions to Samson and Delilah, as the song goes on to tell how

She broke your throne and she cut your hair.

. . . It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah.

When we find ourselves in desolation, we ask: How can we stay alive when we have kissed death? Is faith still possible? Has love lost its savor and sweetness? David, Samson and all of us are vulnerable, exposed to the chill of a spiritual wasteland. Yet we need not surrender to despair; instead, we can find our way forward to a new way of hoping and praising God, though one devoid of sugary sweetness and false romanticism. We no longer come before God with full arms, but only with empty hands:

And even though it all went wrong

I’ll stand before the Lord of Song

With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah.


Full article: America Magazine

The Nativity Story for a Modern Age

Watch this. It is quite good.

The Real Face of Jesus DVD Available on iTunes

imageHere are three options. Or you can watch the documentary on History, Christmas Day at 10:00pm ET. (9CT, 8MT, 10PT, but check local schedules).

  1. History Channel has it in stock and is offering it for $24.95 plus $2.95 for shipping (free shipping if you order it today or tomorrow).
  2. Amazon (U.S.) is selling it for $22.49. Shipping costs are about the same.  If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free for two day delivery.
  3. You can also buy and download the full 1 hour and 28 minute video from Apple iTunes for $3.99. If you have the right cables you can hook up your iPod, iPhone or iPad to a full-size television. You do not need to own a mobile device to download the iTunes software and then watch the iTunes version of the Real Face of Jesus on your computer. iTunes gives "The Real Face of Jesus?" a popularity rating of 10 out 10.

For someone who wants to own this amazing documentary, the iTunes option is the lowest price.

Acclaimed “The Real Face of Jesus?” Shroud of Turin Special To Air Again on Christmas Day

imageThe History Channel’s acclaimed documentary, “The Real Face of Jesus?” will air again on History, Christmas Day at 10pm ET (9CT, 8MT, 10PT, but check local schedules). Here also are three articles about the show from History’s website:

Featured Articles

  • About The Real Face of Jesus?
    About The Real Face of Jesus?

    The Real Face of Jesus? follows a team of graphic experts as they use cutting-edge 3D software to bring a holy relic known as the Shroud of Turin to life. Read more

  • The Shroud of Turin
    The Shroud of Turin

    The Shroud of Turin, a 14-foot cloth in which many believe Jesus Christ was buried, may be the most studied artifact in history—and the most controversial. Read more

  • The Technology
    The Technology

    Through 3D technology, computer graphics artists attempt to answer a question that has captivated painters, sculptors, scholars and theologians for hundreds of years: What did Jesus Christ look like? Read more

History: The Real Face of Jesus? — TV Episodes, Schedule, & Video

David Rolfe’s New Shroud of Turin Website

imageOn October 23, I announced in this blog, David Rolfe’s new site I wrote at the time, HERE:

So far, it looks great. There is much to investigate and report about this new Shroud of Turin website. In particular, the 3D content on this site needs to be understood. For instance, as with the Petrus Soons’ site, we need to know how much of the 3D image generation is algorithmic and how much is artful adjustments.

Looking again, it is looking wonderful and there seems to be additional content. I understand that the site will be officially launched on January 22, 2011.

I was impressed by the candor of four paragraphs on the home page starting with this paragraph:

The Christian religion does not base itself on an idea. It is based on a historical character who lived and was executed by Roman crucifixion. In the view of many who have studied the Shroud closely, Christians and non-Christians, there is a possibity, albeit a remote one and against all rational expectations, that this mysterious length of linen preserved in Turin is genuine and that the image preserved on the surface of its fibres is of Jesus of Nazareth laid out in death.

Do watch the trailer on the home page at

Nearly 22 million views. Must Watch

Shroud of Turin Video that Redefines Torture

Only one thing can be more painful: the full length version of this movie due out on December 25th. This is just a trailer.

The Man of pain: the Holy Shroud

The documentary shown to everyone waiting to see the Shroud of Turin in 1998 is now, newly available on YouTube. It is well worth watching:

Paul Badde on the Holy Face of Manoppello and the Shroud of Turin

imageInterview with Paul Badde on This is the Day program on Discussion about the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Face of Manoppello. 


Hat tip: Holy Face of Manoppello Blog

Happy Hanukkah–The Maccabeats

Sorry, you will need to click into YouTube to see this:

                                 Happy Hanukkah

YouTube – The Face of the Man on the Shroud of Turin (Continued)

Laura wants to know if the numbers I cited way back at Extraordinary Stat: The Real Face of Jesus on YouTube are for real. Here is a sample of just a few from YouTube. The numbers of viewers, by a quick estimate, to well over six million views (certainly with some duplication) before I got bored. You get the idea.

People are paying attention.


YouTube – Is the Shroud of Turin Evidence for Jesus?

We now have some video that we were looking for. According to YouTube, “Resurrection scholar Gary Habermas offers some evidence for the Shroud of Turin. Here’s a brief glimpse of his lecture [a PowerPoint presentation] at the 2010 Evangelical Theological Society’s annual meeting.”

As much as I admire Gary Habermas, I have some real problems with the details of his talk, particularly suggestions about so-called x-ray like imagery on the Shroud. I’ll have more to say on this later. For now, here is the video:

Extraordinary Stat: The Real Face of Jesus on YouTube

A reader from New Hampshire writes:

I very roughly but conservatively count well over a half million views of YouTube snippets from the History Channels’s Real Face of Jesus. Going viral is something that happens to a single video in a day or a week only to be a vague cyber memory. What is happening here is different. Many people over many weeks have been making short segments from the show and uploading them. Thousands watch some of them. Tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands watch some of the segments. YouTube has a place for giving a video a thumbs up or down. Ten to one or perhaps twenty to one like them. The written comments are are almost completely positive.

Here is a link that will help you see what our reader from New Hampshire was seeing:


Constantine and His Pagan Influence on Christianity

This history lesson video is very much worth watching. It may make you uncomfortable:


Who is Greg Boyd? From his website:

Greg Boyd is a former atheist who surrendered his life to Christ in 1974. After his conversion, he discovered that the faith he embraced failed to address many questions and objections to Christianity. Greg’s search for a well-grounded and intellectually defensible faith led him to study philosophy at the University of Minnesota (B.A.), followed by studies in philosophical theology at Yale Divinity School (M.Div) and Princeton Theological Seminary (Ph.D). He then became a professor of theology for 16 years at Bethel University and is currently the senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Interesting Meditation on Several Images of Jesus Including the Shroud of Turin

The Holy Face of Jesus from original sources such as the Shroud of Turin, etc. as well as many inspired paintings is contemplated with prayers from the Holy face Devotion and “Love Being Loved By You” by Rebecca St.James.

Meditation on the Holy face of Jesus accompanied by song from Rebecca St. James.000

Shroud of Turin Videos

image According to Google, there 2060 videos to watch for the search term “Shroud of Turin.” That is three time as many as last year and almost seven times as many as two years ago.

A few are duplicates. Many are parts of a whole longer than YouTube will allow as a single video. Some are just jokes. A few have no bearing on the Shroud, one way or the other. A few are for a band called the Shroud of Turin.

Is this extraordinary growth or is this just the sort of growth we are seeing for videos in general?

Quote II for Today

imageI see a man [on the Shroud of Turin] who is respectful, who is afraid of making me afraid. Because God is a little shy. He’s shy because he is a begger for our love. Our God, who is all powerful, who could make the galaxies dance, is poor before me because he is waiting until I’m ready to open my door for him.

— Beatrice Guespereau
He is the Image of the Invisible God: The Shroud of Turin

Net For God TV Shroud of Turin Video


Watch this 35 minute video, “He is the Image of the Invible God: The Shroud of Turin

It may one of the best documentaries about the Shroud that has ever been produced.  (And while you are at it, watch “Mary was a Jew.” It is excellent and touching.)

NetForGod TV

Shroud of Turin Vid with Good Coverage of Rogers

A reader writes: “Nice post on Rogers in open letter to another blogger. This vid is icing on the cake, He was a good ST scientist.”

Yes, this “vid” is good. Vid?  Does video need to be abbreviated. ST for Shroud of Turin I can see.