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New Book by Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

February 23, 2015 Comments off

Disclaimer:  I have not read the book.

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello has begged me to announce it. The Shroud Guild’s Facebook page, which welcomes comments from members, beat me to it. There, on Facebook, Ruello tells us that he has published a Kindle book entitled The Second Shroud Discovered: Includes Author Autobiography. He writes:

The book is a Novella, 60 page true autobiographical, supernatural drama of my life leading into the discovery. I believe a little book will help me promote the discovery. Am now commencing to contact Hollywood,wish me luck.

In this true novella’s preface we read:

Never since the discovery of the images of the Shroud of Turin by Secondo Pia in 1898 has the world seen such images. The discovery of the Second Shroud photographic images in 2011 from another Holy and precious cloth which have been hidden for nearly 2000 years will leave you breathless. Journey through the life of a man who was tortured and abused as a child by the system that has been protecting this cloth and shrouding it in total mystery and secrecy, until now, when by chance and fate, the hand of God decided to act with an inspirational new form of infrared image processing technique that has now revealed the once hidden Holy face of Gods’ Witness the survival of a stricken soul, transformed into a courageous and enlightened being, fighting for the TRUTH to be told as he battles the prejudices and political clouds of disbelief and apathy now raging our humanity. The Second Shroud Discovered will turn your life upside down and rip apart your heart, mind and soul.

Apparently, by tilting the screen of his laptop computer and photographing it with a handheld digital camera, Ruello is able, in what are perhaps reflections, interference patterns or generated noise, new images that to his way of thinking reveal important information. You can preview some of this material at his website:  The Rome Veronica Veil And The Second Face Shroud Back Processed And Decoded (

Note: more on Ruello in this blog

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A Thread Dedicated to Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello’s Proposal

December 16, 2013 13 comments

clip_image001Note to members of the public who may discover this page: You should not interpret the publication of the following message as an endorsement. It is not. In an opening paragraph, not well designed to win friends and influence people, Vincenzo tells us the ignorant scoff. So be it.

If you wish to join Vincenzo’s team, please email him. If you wish to discuss this proposal, his methods and related claims, please confine the discussions to this thread for now. Comments in other threads that imply that there is any validity to these methods may be removed until these methods are established.

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello writes:

I wish to set up a team called the Vatican Veronica Veil Project (VVVP)

My name is Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello and am an experimental photographer with 27 years experience in alternate methods of photographic film and video processing. My expertise in the past 3 years has been in Angular Filming techniques simply using the computer lcd screen. Though the ignorant scoff it actually works quite well in acting as a negative / positive image inverter utilising the illumination of the screen to enhance detail and allows for close up magnification,it is also an excellent filter system.

What I have done recently in 2011 was to process the Vatican Veronica Veil using Angular Filming to reveal a ”second Shroud” image of an alive Jesus Christ about to be crucified. The image was also verified using normal photography and processing onto negative film strip which revealed the same face. These images can be seen here at

The original and only image available is not the best but was good enough to unveil this historical discovery, I used the image from wikipedia,it’s the only one available. I also checked and processed the other 6 or so Veronicas in various museums and churches which revealed simply paint.

Angular filming works in segments as the revealing of negative to positive once tilting the screen happens in segments. A snapshot is taken then another tilt is used. There is no quality loss either as the snapshot is digital,further tilting reveals more of the image.

The Veronica required 3-4 angular tilts and then the final snapshot taken was placed in a microsoft image inverter positive negative programme, this is seen on my website the large black and white face of Christ.

Injury markings on the Veronica right of nose appear on the Shroud face on the left. This evidence coupled with the exact facial features prove it is the same man. Because the Veronica appeared in Rome in the 8th century it destroys the current ludicrous theories that DaVinci or some other genius created the Shroud of Turin. The conclusion is that the Veronica will authenticate the Shroud of Turin and each other.

The team must have qualified scientists with degrees to submit to journals. I will teach and be with all members step by step,it took me 3 years to become an expert at AF but can teach you. You will be recognised alonside myself as the research team that solved the mystery of the Shroud of Turin. With some gentle pressure we may travel to Rome to photograph it in close up but till then we work as I did with what we have available. email

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

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The Worldwide Conspiracy to Ignore Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

May 20, 2013 45 comments

imageVincenzo Giovanni Ruello (aka Vinny Pop) writes to me frequently, usually by trying to add irrelevant comments on this site. He has, as he puts it, developed a new scientific method which enables him to see all manner of things: Jesus with open eyes, or Jesus with missing toes, etc. etc. etc. He then posts videos on YouTube that are supposed to show what he sees. Back in 2011, I posted some material about his claims but stopped doing so because I found that it contributed nothing to the discussion here (search Vinny in the blog’s search box). Moreover, I didn’t want to post anything more that I felt was potentially embarrassing to him. But today, at his insistence, I am posting a comment from him and below it something from a single-posting blog he recently created. He writes:

I have revealed the signature of Jesus Christ ,the face of a lion, a holograph from the second face back which has undergone a second stage processing.

I hope you show this as a special separate feature, if not it means you have no conscience at all

sincerely Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

Okay, Vincenzo, I have a conscience. Thanks for unburdening me. Is it true, as I understand it, that your secret method is filming a severely tilted LCD screen with a digital camera? Why is it that I can’t see any of the things you see? How can what you see and others not see be proof of anything?

Vinny, does the following from you shed any light on the problem? It is from your new blog, Second Face Shroud Turin Decoded Revealed:

In 2011 the experimental film scientist Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello processed the relic known as the Vatican Veronica Veil using AFM, Angular Filming Magnification a process he developed in 2009, an advanced form of negative film processing. What he revealed is startling.

[ . . . ]

Well known Shroud experts who have seen the image have attempted to slow down the awareness campaign commenced by Ruello using tactics of ridicule because unlike them Ruello is an amateur experimental film maker not qualified. Peer review journals have refused to publish his findings on the Veronica for this very reason but Ruello has relentlessly distributed videos and photographs world wide. In April 2013 Ruello used the same filming tecnique to process the ”second face” originaly discovered in 2002 during the restoration by Fanti and Maggiolo. It appears on the back of the Shroud as red marks stains, very faint which are thought by many to be spill over leakage from the front. On processing the ”second face” Ruello revealed an alive Jesus with both His eyes open.

The profound image has left the earlier Shroud experts who discounted his findings on the Vatican Veronica Veil now speechless as the photographic image has been provan to be real, no elements of photoshop or CGI manipulation exist. So we now have the situation where an amateur film scientist has revealed 2 alive faces of Christ from the Vatican Veronica 8th century Rome first appearance and the alive face of Christ on the back of the Shroud of Turin. These Shroud experts are making a lot of money from the mystery they have been selling to the public. Many books are written and the Vatican  does gain immense power and control by not informing the innocent of all the facts.

. . .  But discoveries such as Ruello’s if truly from God cannot be stopped by corrupt soul selling individuals and powers attempting to not tell the world that evidence authenticating the Shroud has been discovered and that physical evidence of the resurrection has been discovered on the back of the Shroud of Turin. Thank God for the internet.

I suspect that I’m thought to be part of the conspiracy to keep the world uninformed about Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello’s work because I block frequent promotional comments of gibberish. Ridicule? That is why I wasn’t posting.

In all fairness I have written to him and asked him to describe Angular Filming Magnification and explain why he thinks he is not generating visual patterns and noise which fuels his imagination. He has never answered.

Okay Vincenzo, you got your wish.

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Vinny: The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved

November 15, 2013 8 comments

can anyone tell me what the digital DNA video is about?

imageHe has been bugging me for months to feature his material. I have asked him a couple of questions. I do that sometimes. I certainly don’t post every shroud-related video or blog posting that comes along.

I did feature him in 2011. In May of this year I posted The Worldwide Conspiracy to Ignore Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello. He is bugging me again, almost daily. So with no consideration to anyone here, I give you Vinny:

One recent message encouraging me to feature his website reads:

. . . You guys are the old crowd and the sooner you fade away from the Shroud the better for us all. I represent the new breed of researchers and my day is patiently coming. Ps your site Dan has turned into rotten tabloid journalism, anymore Hollywood movies to promote or disgraceful cheap books Dan, I once respected your site but now more and more I am seeing all these anti Shroud books and movies your promoting but your an Episcoplian arent you and I am not impressed with some of them as in your country they set up in my opinion fake Christian churches and marry gays. Print this but I think you may be a coward.

And another one read:

This is good though you probably hate me Dan ” How God Made The Shroud of Turin ” go on Dan it must be a slow day here I’m sure your fans will love ripping it to shreds and you too.

Oh, go ahead. It is only 27 seconds long. No there is nothing wrong with the sound on your PC. This is a silent film. I think it is supposed to be self explanatory. How could anyone rip this apart?

Anyway, here is his website where he tells us:

I am honored to be the first person in history to have discovered and revealed the actual miraculous and unexplainable images of Jesus Christ ALIVE in the Vatican Veronica Veil and the” second face “from the Shroud of Turin back. Have been involved in experimental research of film and video images since 1987 and have gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise.

The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved by my decoding of the Vatican Veronica Veil in 2011…it is the same man and face. . . .

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More from a slow Shroud of Turin news day

April 8, 2013 Comments off

imageVincenzo Giovanni Ruello (pictured) writes:

Message to History and Dr Dan Porter: I have just processed the second face discovered by Fanti and Maggiolo in 2004 after restoration and have revealed the alive resurrected face of Christ with His eyes open, Fanti contacted me this morning wishing me well you can see it here Hope to be working with Fanti in this verification and also my discovery in the Vatican Veronica Veil sincerely Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

Aw shucks, go ahead and watch the video at Gloria TV. It only lasts 21 seconds. No, it doesn’t have sound. I think it is supposed to be obvious.

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You couldn’t make this up. No you couldn’t. No. Really. You could not.

January 11, 2012 4 comments

imageHeadline: Time Travel Machine Discovered By Italian Film Scientist True Photographic Evidence


Unlike the garbage you will witness on youtube you are about to see incredible real images you thought were impossible. The incredible angular film system discovered by Italian experimental film scientist Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello in 2009 films in between angles of the colour spectrum 7 colours to discover hidden and encoded images in past and future time…this is real.

The first image I will bring you back in time 2000 years and show you the real battered and tortured face of Jesus Christ moments before crucifiction which I discovered in the St Peters Veronica Veil in April of 2011. His left eye open the right bashed shut and massive injuries to the right of His face which appear to be whip marks. Please see my other clips linking it now to the Shroud of Turin.

The second image is what Cern Hadron Collider will eventually show the world the God Particle Dark Matter Photograph which I discovered from a photograph of a carbon atom which was all blue from the Ukraine University of Physics and Technology several years ago.

The incredible angular light wave film system discovered in March of 2009 has shown you actual true and real photographic images of the past and the future.

(C) 2012 Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

Time Travel Machine Discovered By Italian Film Scientist True Photographic Evidence – YouTube

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Above Top Secret Reveals Vinny Pop’s Methods for Decoding the Shroud of Turin

March 29, 2011 Comments off

The website is called Above Top Secret. It is, so the site says, "the Internet’s largest and most popular discussion board community dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of ‘alternative topics’ such as conspiracies, UFO’s, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics with a diverse mix of users from all over the world.”

Yes, I’m sure. “With 217,918 members generating 10,465,452 posts . . . that cover 649,759 topics in 162 different discussion forums, you could say ‘the truth is in here,’” the site reports. “678 members creating 52,897 new posts during the past seven days.”

Mostly, 678 people with too much time on their hands, documenting and debating fringe theories that have little or no basis, whatsoever. Among all of these, Vincent Ruello (Vinny Pop), has emerged to reveal his new methods for finding images of loose toes and toenails, presumably belonging to the man of the shroud. (Vinny and his so-called “science” has been discussed previously on this forum and in Wikipedia Talks).

The method seems to be to re-photograph over and over using a handheld video camera held at different angles. This, according to Vinny, will decode and reveal new images, convert some images to xrays and generate 3D images. Actually it creates a lot of visual and shaky noise that can be interpreted as just about anything you want to see.

It is most regrettable that this is getting so much attention on YouTube, Wikipedia, in the press and now in ATS. Legitimate shroud science is being ridiculed because some people equate it with this craziness.

Decoding Shroud Process Revealed For ATS Members Scientists, page 1

Topic started on 28-3-2011 @ 08:24 PM by shroudnews77

Thankyou for your interest in my research. Am saddened that I was not able to find at this stage a scientist or organisation to verify my work so now I will reveal the process as best as possible because I have faith this is now the right thing to do. The first part of the process is the correct negative to use. Secondo Pia’s was to grainy and the 1979/1988 were to high resolution. Use Guiseppe Enrie’s 1931 image. Click on link to my youtube page it’s called The Key. To see my discoveries search youtube Vincenzo Ruello or click on channel name in link below vinnypop to enter my channel thankyou

Read more…

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You Couldn’t Make This Up: Vinny Pop is Back

March 25, 2011 2 comments

imageIt is called the Inner West Courier. It is a Sydney, Australia daily tabloid paper with “local news, council news, latest news, sports and weather.” It has picked up on the the Vincent Ruello claims about new things on the Shroud of Turin that no one has ever seen before. Ruello, to support his claim, is uploading tiny and shaky videos to YouTube to the Vinny Pop channel.

After I had discussed his claims in this blog, Mr. Ruello wrote to me, very upset because I did not believe him without some documentation. His videos make no sense. As far as I could tell from his emails and comments to me, he thought that he was discovering new information in a picture of the shroud by re-photographing it over and over with a handheld video camera at slightly different angles. He even thought he was creating xray images with this method.

He was so upset with me, he told me he would never contact me again and henceforth would only deal with the Vatican and its scientists. I figured that would be the end of it. Well, he wrote to me today about the article shown below. You couldn’t make it up. Really!

There is also a long discussion over at “Wikipedia Talk” where some anonymous individual (hmmm?) has written, “I consider [Mr. Ruello] the greatest scientific mind since Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein.”

Let us hope this ridiculous series of claims does not make it into Wikipedia unless his technique (fourth paragraph from the bottom below) which manufactures visual noise actually creates images of real toes.

“[M]y discoveries could rewrite biblical history,” he tells us, “because they didn’t write in the bible that three toes had been ripped off . . . .”

Sorry, Mr. Ruello, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. But I do think you should stop uploading all these videos to YouTube and trying to edit Wikipedia until you can get another scientist or two to agree with you.  image

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Using the Shroud of Turin as a Rorschach Ink Blot

February 14, 2011 13 comments

imageA reader writes:

Why give people like Aussie rock and roll singer Vinny Pop [Vincent Ruello] any attention. His fantasies only hurt the credibility of the shroud. He also claims that his secret scientific methods reveal that Jesus had four toes ripped off. The man is experiencing strange Rorschach interpretations from the shroud.

Better to ignore him and hope no one notices.

No that is not a picture of Vinny. That’s Alan Watts (1915-1973), who for a while was an Episcopal priest and Anglican thinker until an extramarital affair resulted in a defrocking. After experimenting with psychedelic drugs he moved on to a form of Zen philosophy. Anyway, he famously said:

Reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know.

People see all manner of coins, lettering and things on the shroud. Vincent is merely the latest to make such claims. That he sees them doesn’t make them so. He contacted me. He does get noticed because he is a rock and roll singer with a lot of YouTube songs.

He didn’t seem to like my post. He wrote:

Well you better look at the latest clip where I processed the feet and His left foot underneath has 3 -4 toes ripped off and those images came out like real photographs its now my main channel clip.

Show me some science, Vinny. Absent that, yes, the Rorschach analogy is good.

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Calling Every Shroud Expert on the Planet

February 14, 2011 Comments off

Vincent Ruello writes:

imageIn 2009 I developed a light filtration sytem which is highly advanced though simple in technique. 10 days ago I used it on the Shroud eyes which now reveal clear 3 d images of carved stones not Roman coins. These 3 d images of these stones prove the Shroud is not a painted work of art as well as disproving the 113 year old mystery about the coins which never made sense. My work which will soon be scrutinised by every Shroud expert on the planet is viewable at the link I posted youtube channel Vinny Pop. Enter my channel its the main clip visible.

Please print this and talk to me I will answer any questions sincerely this is the biggest news in Shroud research in 113 years and all we all want is the truth and I have revealed it and solved the mystery of the supposed coins.

Vincent, I looked at the video. I don’t see what I think you want me to see. It is 12 seconds long and very shaky. On the YouTube site, you wrote:

I do not understand the actual physics of the new filming technique I have discovered but what is of paramount importance is that 2 three dimensional objects have been identified on the eyes as real images of carved stones which prove that the Shroud is not a painted work of art.

As an “amateur . . . scientist” you certainly know that other scientists must be able to reproduce your results. You may “not understand the actual physics of the new filming technique,” as you state over at YouTube – that’s okay – but you must provide sufficient detail of your “filming technique” to allow others to obtain the same results and to discern the “actual physics.” It is an essential part of science, as you know.

Your statement that your film technique is “provan and true as he [meaning you, presumably] has also used the technique on the famous and mysterious photograph of the Lady of Light apparitions of Mary, in Zeitoun, Egypt,” is interesting but must of course be scientifically verified. It’s not a matter of trust but a matter of peer review.

I recommend that you write a detailed paper with the idea of eventually sending it to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Send it to me, first if you like and I’ll look at it. I might have some questions or suggestions. One question comes to mind, now. You say your technique is dependent on “finding the exact degree of the window of light.” What do you mean by degree? Intensity, angular or diffused to what degree, temperature, etc. How is it measured? Why window light?

Be aware, I will be a tough critic. I don’t think there is sufficient data in the images to discern coins, stones or any object by any technique, whatsoever. I’m open to being proven wrong.

Your paper must be comprehensive enough to allow someone else to duplicate your results. This is the only way that your “work which will soon be scrutinised by every Shroud expert on the planet.”

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