An Offer from Lee Jones (Comment Promoted)

If anybody wants any of the high resolution images of the shroud for their research, drop me an e-mail at djleejay85@google, I have the enrie image (1.4 gigabytes) the STURP images, the HAL9000 (Haltadefinizione) images from 2008, and the Durante images from 1997,2000,2002 and 2010, They range in size from 500 megabytes up to around … Continue reading “An Offer from Lee Jones (Comment Promoted)”

Checking in on Stephen Jones’ Blog

Stephen has been discussing the side strip: Sidestrip #5: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic! < CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE > Problem for the forgery theory. That the Shroud has almost invisible stitching in its seam that is identical to stitching found elsewhere only at the Jewish fortress of Masada, … Continue reading “Checking in on Stephen Jones’ Blog”

Stephen Jones on the Thomas De Wesselow Presentation

“de Wesselow’s Monty Pythonesque explanation” Stephen Jones reviews the Thomas De Wesselow Video in his blog. First he praises it: The AGNOSTIC art historian Thomas De Wesselow is DEVASTATING against the Shroud being a medieval forgery. He concludes that the Shroud can ONLY be Christ’s burial sheet or someone else crucified in the first (or … Continue reading “Stephen Jones on the Thomas De Wesselow Presentation”

Stephen Jones: The Shroud was not left behind

. . . Jesus took His Shroud with Him out of the empty tomb and later gave it to the Apostle John, seems the most likely [possibility]. He writes today in part 1 of what will be multiple installments of an article on the servant of the priest: Introduction. The Gospels don’t record that Jesus’ … Continue reading “Stephen Jones: The Shroud was not left behind”

Searching Stephen Jones’ Quotation Archives

Recently, as with the comments about dirt being in the knee and nose area of the shroud, people were looking for quotations in books and papers.  Google books is one place to look. There are many other places to search as well. One of those places is Stephen Jones’ quotation archives. I have found that … Continue reading “Searching Stephen Jones’ Quotation Archives”

Stephen Jones Wants BSTS to Remove Hugh Farey as Editor of the Newsletter

that is, the British Society for the Turin Shroud Clearly angry, Stephen Jones responds to comments by Hugh Farey, who is pictured here as the editor of BSTS Newsletter. 1) First read what Hugh wrote in Around the Internet in the newsletter. 2) Then read Stephen Jones’ blog posting, My reply to the anti-authenticist editor … Continue reading “Stephen Jones Wants BSTS to Remove Hugh Farey as Editor of the Newsletter”

Checking in on Stephen Jones’ Blog

Interspersed with his seemingly ever-evolving conspiracy theory (eight parts so far and counting) that the radiocarbon laboratories had been hacked by agents of the KGB – or something like that – it seems, too, to be an inside job, at least in Arizona – Stephen Jones is writing a Shroud of Turin encyclopedia in his … Continue reading “Checking in on Stephen Jones’ Blog”

Another Segment of Stephen Jones’ Conspiracy Theory

It is part 8. If you are interested CLICK HERE. Stephen, in bold, banners text that reads: EVIDENCE THAT KARL KOCH INSTALLED LINICK’S PROGRAM ON ZURICH AND OXFORD LABORATORIES’ AMS COMPUTERS He then presents no evidence that I can see; none whatsoever. By-the-way, what Linick program? So far, Stephen has only hinted at this. Well … Continue reading “Another Segment of Stephen Jones’ Conspiracy Theory”

Stephen Jones Continues his Computer Hacking Conspiracy Theory

Stephen is now trying to convince us that Timothy Linick, did indeed, hack the AMS computer consoles when the Shroud of Turin was carbon dated in order to fake the results and thus prove that the shroud was not the authentic burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth. Linick was, Jones tells us, 1) an extreme … Continue reading “Stephen Jones Continues his Computer Hacking Conspiracy Theory”

Dissent of the day: I’ll say one thing for Jones

A reader from New Hampshire writes: I’ll say one thing for Jones, no one has done a better job of debunking the Marino and Benford reweave theory than him. He damned the quad mosaics with Marino’s own words. As you pointed out, Jones did make two mistakes with historical evidence, the fake emperor’s letter and … Continue reading “Dissent of the day: I’ll say one thing for Jones”

Stephen Jones: The KGB allegedly executed both Shroud of Turin Hackers

It is not even good conspiracy theory He tells us in a new blog posting today that each AMS control console – that would be at Oxford, Zurich and Tucson – was hacked. This was done so that an elicit software routine could replace first century or earlier date measurements with dates that ‘cluster’ around … Continue reading “Stephen Jones: The KGB allegedly executed both Shroud of Turin Hackers”

Dear Stephen Jones

A reader after reading Stephen Jones’ latest posting asked, “What is a pro-authenticist?” My reply was that it was someone who is not an anti-authenticist. But then, of course, there is everyone else. Wiktionary defines an authenticist as a person who espouses authenticism. Don’t you just love dictionaries. It defines authenticism as a belief in the superiority … Continue reading “Dear Stephen Jones”

Stephen Jones’ New Discovery

He is up with a blowup of a part of the picture on the right, as described thus in Wikimedia Commons: Abgar with the Image of Edessa. Photo of 10th century icon at St Catherine’s monastery, Mount Sinai. This is a wing of a triptych, the missing central panel of which presumably showed the Image. … Continue reading “Stephen Jones’ New Discovery”

Some Advice from Stephen Jones

You might want to read the whole thing. I wish I hadn’t encountered this in the morning. Coffee isn’t strong enough. A couple shots of 100 proof Virginia bourbon would help with the reading of this. Stephen warns: If Jesus caused His scourged, crowned with thorns, and crucified and speared in the side image to … Continue reading “Some Advice from Stephen Jones”

A Gift to the Shroud of Turin Blogosphere from Stephen Jones

thank you, Stephen Stephen writes in a posting titled, The Shroud of Turin: A gift to our proof-demanding era? Today I came across a reference to this 1973 article by Ian Wilson in the Catholic Herald. I could not find it webbed as text anywhere, even by the Catholic Herald. So I decided to laboriously … Continue reading “A Gift to the Shroud of Turin Blogosphere from Stephen Jones”

More on the Y from Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones has posted a very good analysis on his blog: Shroud of Turin depicts a Y-shaped cross? This is the hypothesis being advanced by Matteo Borrini and Luigi Garlaschelli that has been seen considerable press attention lately. Stephen has done some careful research. He usually does and I’m glad to see it. This I … Continue reading “More on the Y from Stephen Jones”

Stephen Jones is even questioning my beliefs about the Resurrection

I normally ignore such things. But this time I am going to respond. Stephen has decided to use his blog to blast me.  He is, of course, entitled to do that. But he goes a little over the top this time. He does so by answering a comment from one of his readers. He writes … Continue reading “Stephen Jones is even questioning my beliefs about the Resurrection”

Stephen Jones’ Revised Hacking Theory Part I is Available

Darn. Stephen left out two of my favorite historical items: 1) The Hymn of the Pearl and 2) The Mozarabic Rite.  Stephen Jones is up with Were the radiocarbon dating laboratories duped by a computer hacker?: Revised #1. . . . this is part #1 of my revised proposal that the three radiocarbon dating laboratories, … Continue reading “Stephen Jones’ Revised Hacking Theory Part I is Available”

Stephen Jones Persists with the Hacker Theory

Posting yesterday, Stephen tells us: Further to my three-part series, "Were the radiocarbon dating laboratories duped by a computer hacker?" (part 1, part 2 and part 3), I have decided to post a one-page summary of my argument. I have inserted "dating" between "radiocarbon" and "laboratories" in those posts to make the wording more accurate … Continue reading “Stephen Jones Persists with the Hacker Theory”

Jones: The Turin Shroud is authentic. Get over it!

Stephen Jones clearly does not want more testing. First, he quotes a single sentence from an English language story in ANSA. Then he responds: ANSA: That has led to calls for more testing, which the Vatican has consistently refused. Jones: I agree with the Vatican in this. The evidence already is overwhelming that the Shroud … Continue reading “Jones: The Turin Shroud is authentic. Get over it!”

Part 3 is up: Did Stephen Jones make the case?

Read Were the radiocarbon laboratories duped by a computer hacker? (3). Did Stephen Jones make the case? He didn’t intend to: So it would not be surprising if the atheistic Soviet regime of the 1980s would see it as a legitimate target to discredit the Shroud, and through that Christianity, by one its agents hacking … Continue reading “Part 3 is up: Did Stephen Jones make the case?”

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Jones

Stephen Jones is starting a new “mini-series of posts, setting out the case for fraud in the 1988 radiocarbon dating of the Turin Shroud . . .” This is the last paragraph of part 1 of Stephen’s series: . . .  I cannot prove that there was scientific fraud in the 1988 radiocarbon dating of … Continue reading “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Jones”