Colin Berry: Sindonology’s 10 Biggest Mistakes

In a comment, Colin Berry tells us what he is planning on his own site.  I’d like to focus on each of the ten items that he will be discussing.  We can discuss them here and provide him our thoughts. He writes:  As flagged up in an earlier comment, this long-in-the-tooth, dare I say somewhat … Continue reading “Colin Berry: Sindonology’s 10 Biggest Mistakes”

Colin Berry’s Latest and Greatest. Is it Enough?

Is a high energy laser beam really needed to model the Turin Shroud? Maybe those Italians should have tried pizza ingredients first, and a hot oven… Sometimes, you need to wait for Colin Berry to finish adding bits and pieces to his postings. When things settle down,  it is easier to report on them. Colin … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s Latest and Greatest. Is it Enough?”

Colin Berry’s and My 3D Plotting Problems

Having said all this, I do doubt Colin can get good, shroud-like 3D from his flour-power model. I am willing to be proven wrong. A reader from Baltimore writes: If you look at the illustration “3D-rendered image of plastic toy” on Colin Berry’s other blog you can see that he is incorrectly using ImageJ and … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s and My 3D Plotting Problems”

Colin Berry’s Long Running Investigation of the Shroud

I call your attention to Hugh Farey’s piece, LOTTO V. LUWU – A LONG RUNNING INVESTIGATION BY COLIN BERRY, appearing in the latest newsletter, issue 81, of the British Society for the Turin Shroud (BSTS). The photograph is of Colin. It begins: For several years Colin Berry has been investigating ways by which the image … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s Long Running Investigation of the Shroud”

Comparing Colin Berry’s Methods to Those of Sam Pellicori

I spent considerable time in the car yesterday on Interstate 10 between Pensacola and Tallahassee. Just sightseeing; I had never seen the Florida Pan Handle. Lots of trees. Lots of rivers. Lots of time to think about… Colin Berry’s 1) comparing his methods to those of Sam Pellicori (pictured): My experiments match those of Pellicori’s … Continue reading “Comparing Colin Berry’s Methods to Those of Sam Pellicori”

Comment Promoted: Colin Berry on Robert Bucklin

What you are going to want to do after you read this posting is … Click on Colin’s posting on his site: Here’s an updated version of my ‘iconoplastic’ modelling of that Turin so-called “Shroud” (probably a misnomer). Then scroll down until you see a paragraph that starts with, “Another hero-worshipped figure is “STURP member” … Continue reading “Comment Promoted: Colin Berry on Robert Bucklin”

Colin Berry on Rogers, Groupies, Me and Trolls

That experiment of Rogers was frankly fudged to give the desired result.  This researcher despises fudged demonstrations. What we see above is pseudo-science. This is the kind of “science” that assorted trolls and fanatics are so keen to promote on Porter’s site, and the site’s owner let’s them do it, year after year after year. … Continue reading “Colin Berry on Rogers, Groupies, Me and Trolls”

Barrie Schwortz, Colin Berry and Some Good Reporting in Fort Wayne

"Now I can see this will be my legacy," Barrie Schwortz said. "And that’s a gift. I’ve been given a great blessing in doing this work." And Colin Berry commenting on the newspaper’s website, said “It’s refreshing to see one of STURP’s old hands, so to speak, still expressing a degree of caution re the … Continue reading “Barrie Schwortz, Colin Berry and Some Good Reporting in Fort Wayne”

Is Colin Berry Onto Something?

a chemo-graphic (à la photo-graphic) explanation for the shroud image A reader from Palo Alto writes: You and your blog mates are being unfair to Dr. Colin Berry. As I see it he is the real successor to Raymond Rogers. With imagination and exploratory experimentation Berry is developing new hypotheses for how the image on … Continue reading “Is Colin Berry Onto Something?”

Colin Berry, Mario Latendresse and ME-29

A reader writes: I just encountered your postings on stochastic processes at Yahoo. Good material. Thank you. However, you failed to provide a link to Dr. Colin Berry’s helpful opinions on the subject.  You also failed to link to Dr. Mario Latendresse’s critical evaluation of the paper by Fazio et al. A link to the … Continue reading “Colin Berry, Mario Latendresse and ME-29”

Colin Berry’s New Two-Stage Technology

Colin is upset — or something. He writes in his blog: Reaction to my new and absurdly simple "stick ‘n’ stain" model for the Turin Shroud? So far, one of stunned silence or ill-concealed contempt. Caption from Colin’s site: “Hand imprints obtained using the new two-stage technology … Colin guesses why there is stunned silence: … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s New Two-Stage Technology”

Colin Berry: It’s the negative image with 3D properties, stoopid

The Urban Dictionary defines stoopid as having the quality of being really, really, really, stupid. My current two-stage imprinting/developing model, which the world of Shroudology is still largely ignoring … Colin tells us on his blog: Digression: Yup, it’s how real science operates – there is no obligation in model-building to incorporate other people’s assumptions … Continue reading “Colin Berry: It’s the negative image with 3D properties, stoopid”

Colin Berry is not Seeing Red

Berry: Where did the story of the too-red blood originate?  Answer: from Adler and Heller You may have noted a comment by Charles Freeman.  Well, we just have to disagree on the reality of the human blood. I am an independent scholar, formerly a Senior Examiner of the International Baccalaureate;s critical thinking programme, Theory of … Continue reading “Colin Berry is not Seeing Red”

Colin Berry On Rogers and Arnoldi Paper

Yesterday, Colin Berry, in one of his updates to his seemingly always evolving and meandering long postings, tells us what he would have done had he been refereeing Rogers’ and Arnoldi’s paper, “THE SHROUD OF TURIN: AN AMINO-CARBONYL REACTION (MAILLARD REACTION) MAY EXPLAIN THE IMAGE FORMATION”, which appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Melanoidins: Had the … Continue reading “Colin Berry On Rogers and Arnoldi Paper”

Colin Berry: The Scourge Marks are Frankly Not Credible

When someone is flayed with a Roman flagrum, one expects to see the skin ripped to shreds, with blood flows to match. One does not expect to see neat imprints Is that so?  Has this idea been investigated? Colin had written a comment: The crucial point surely is that there is no imaging of “wounds” … Continue reading “Colin Berry: The Scourge Marks are Frankly Not Credible”

Yannick Clément on Colin Berry’s Latest Hypothesis

He writes in an email: If we take the question of the image formation without also taking into account the rest of the important data coming from the Shroud, I would say that even if Colin Berry could really produced an image on linen that would show ALL the chemical and physical properties of the … Continue reading “Yannick Clément on Colin Berry’s Latest Hypothesis”

Colin Berry’s Method and 3D Information

it is presumptive to think the 3D information represents cloth-to-body distance. It is presumptive because you must have a method in mind A reader writes: Colin Berry’s method may provide synthetic cloth to body information represented by varying color density for close together body features such as fingers beside each other. It cannot provide proper … Continue reading “Colin Berry’s Method and 3D Information”

Colin Berry Has It All Figured Out, Sort Of, Maybe

You’ve got to love the experimentation and impressive results so far Colin Berry gives this lengthy title to a blog postings over at his Science Buzz blog: The chemical principles behind the iconic Turin Shroud can now be explained. All that remains is to produce a look-alike copy. Then he goes on to say: It’s … Continue reading “Colin Berry Has It All Figured Out, Sort Of, Maybe”

Colin Berry: Yes, it’s vitally important to match every tiny detail

Inés San Martín, a Vatican correspondent for Crux has written an interesting article: Is the Shroud of Turin real? Some say it doesn’t matter Therein we find Joe Nickell saying: Proponents lack any viable hypothesis for the image formation, and have dismissed re-creations that others have found convincing. and Barrie Schwortz saying: Despite being the … Continue reading “Colin Berry: Yes, it’s vitally important to match every tiny detail”

A Shift-Drift in Colin Berry’s Thinking?

To misparaphrase Dylan Thomas: Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dyeing of the cloth (dying of the light). I remember many postings to the Shroud Science Group to and by Ray Rogers. One didn’t need to agree with him to please him. He liked new thinking if it … Continue reading “A Shift-Drift in Colin Berry’s Thinking?”