Cementing Over Central Park

My problem with a petition that demands new scientific examinations of the Shroud is that it has the process backwards. The horse (the scientific team and procedures) is behind the cart (permission to proceed). Much has to be done before any permission from Turin  or the Vatican can be obtained. So begins an instructive posting, … Continue reading “Cementing Over Central Park”

The Mysterious Arizona Piece

if you want an hour’s worth of reading old blog entries, type Jull in this blog’s search box above and to the right. Joe Marino made sure that members of the Shroud Science Group were aware of the thread of discussion going on under "Cementing Over Central Park" and in particular Hugh Farey’s response to a … Continue reading “The Mysterious Arizona Piece”

Colin Berry Takes On Banding and More

Paulette writes: A year ago when Colin Berry first emerged on the Shroud scene, I said that he was out of his league. That is no longer so. He is the only real and formidable scientist skeptic since Walter McCrone. He is better. Those of us who think the Shroud is real should really appreciate … Continue reading “Colin Berry Takes On Banding and More”