Bob Rucker: A Burst of Radiation Did Three Things

Alas,  I could not find that Bob Rucker or his work was mentioned anywhere in the Critical Summary. Bob Rucker (pictured) posted what follows as a comment last evening. I have added a link to a previous comment by Bob and some links to more information. It is my opinion that enough evidence has accumulated … Continue reading “Bob Rucker: A Burst of Radiation Did Three Things”

ABC News: ONLY “a short and intense burst of VUV directional radiation”

Suzan Clarke with ABC News puts it this way: According to the Vatican Insider, a project by La Stampa newspaper that closely follows the Catholic church, the experts’ report says, “The double image (front and back) of a scourged and crucified man, barely visible on the linen cloth of the Shroud of Turin has many … Continue reading “ABC News: ONLY “a short and intense burst of VUV directional radiation””

New York Times: What It Means to Worship a Man Crucified as a Criminal

An opinion piece,  What It Means to Worship a Man Crucified as a Criminal by Peter Wehner, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington D. C., appeared yesterday in the New York Times.  I recommend it: During a Christmas break while I was a student at the University of Washington, I tuned in … Continue reading “New York Times: What It Means to Worship a Man Crucified as a Criminal”

A Guest Posting by O.K.

The star with a strange light curve, the aliens, the Shroud of Turin and Resurrection theories about it’s image formations O.K. Abstract Some reflections about natural and extraordinary (miraculous) explanations about the Shroud’s image formation, with comparison to extraordinary claims regarding other sciences (here: astronomy). For some time there is a great hype in the … Continue reading “A Guest Posting by O.K.”

New Posting by Joe Nickell at CFI

Joe is up with a new posting at the Center for Inquiry. There is no news in Turin “Shroud” Still a Fake. It is pretty much what we discussed in four postings with a total of 193 on-topic comments: Editorial in Thermochimica Acta by Bella, Garlaschelli and Samperi … Significant Response to the Preview of … Continue reading “New Posting by Joe Nickell at CFI”

Lightening Striking the Other Crucified Person in His Shroud

Acilius, in the Red Panther blog, wonders, Does the Shroud of Turin disprove the Gospels? In April, I noticed a post on Rod Dreher‘s blog about the Shroud of Turin.  Mr Dreher had been impressed by a book, Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery: Six Holy Objects That Tell the Remarkable Story of the Gospels, by … Continue reading “Lightening Striking the Other Crucified Person in His Shroud”

Tantalizingly Close Enough?

In The Imaginative Conservative, Fr. Dwight Longenecker summarizes the scientific work of Paolo Di Lazzaro (pictured) and his colleagues. The article is entitled The Shroud of Turin: Evidence for Everything? : So what formed the image? The best description is that it is an extremely delicate singe marking. Italian physicist Paolo Di Lazzaro concedes in … Continue reading “Tantalizingly Close Enough?”

A Very Helpful Answer from Paolo Di Lazzaro

Paolo Di Lazzaro very kindly provided a helpful answer to yesterday’s posting, A Reason to Doubt the Image Was Formed By Radiation (see editing note*): Dear Dan, [Your friend]’s question is legitimate, like almost all questions, but it denotes a not updated knowledge of published scientific data and results obtained in the last ten years. … Continue reading “A Very Helpful Answer from Paolo Di Lazzaro”

Who Proposed Ultraviolet?

A reader writes: I am confused. Facebook Pages by you, Barry (sic) Schwortz and Russ Breault featured an article that claimed that Giulio Fanti figured out that UV radiation is the only thing that comes close to making the image on the Shroud. I thought it was Paolo Di Lazzaro. Yes and no. Barrie, Russ … Continue reading “Who Proposed Ultraviolet?”

BBC News Magazine: The Perplexing Image

it has to be said that the piece of cloth Pope Francis will venerate is genuinely and stubbornly perplexing. Appearing online just hours ago: How did the Turin Shroud get its image? You’ll notice that this says nothing about its authenticity. The Catholic Church takes no official position on that, stating only that it is … Continue reading “BBC News Magazine: The Perplexing Image”

Guest Posting by Yannick Clément

Yannick Clément, independent Shroud researcher from Louiseville, Québec, Canada Guest post concerning the supposed uniqueness of the Shroud of Turin’s body image Hello! Here’s a message I would like to address to all the people who, over the years, have written on this blog and elsewhere that the Shroud image is certainly not of natural … Continue reading “Guest Posting by Yannick Clément”

Feature Story in National Geographic

Looming above all other issues is what physicist Paolo Di Lazzaro calls “the question of questions”: how the image was produced, regardless of its age. The Shroud of Turin, as featured on the home page of National Geographic. Note, however, Nat Geo rotates principle articles so if you click on it you may not see … Continue reading “Feature Story in National Geographic”

Rogers’ Impurity Layer and Di Lazzaro’s Experiments

Yes, maybe. But what if Rogers is wrong about “a thin layer of carbohydrate impurities”? A reader writes in response to the Interview with Interview with Paolo Di Lazzaro: Scientifically speaking, this is not the main objection we can have concerning the coloring results obtained by Di Lazzaro and his team. No. According to a … Continue reading “Rogers’ Impurity Layer and Di Lazzaro’s Experiments”

Colin Berry: Stop Calling the Faint Image a Faint Image

And, as I see it . . . the word distance and the word body are both at issue. Can we go on saying that no one has figured out how the image was formed and at the same time objectively refer to cloth-to-body distance? I applaud Colin Berry’s attempt at helping to define the … Continue reading “Colin Berry: Stop Calling the Faint Image a Faint Image”

Revisiting Shroud of Turin and physics of resurrection

After uploading and posting Louis C. de Figueiredo’s Science and religion meet in Shroud research, a reader sent me an article by Julian Sheffield that appeared in Episcopal Café back in April of 2013*: Shroud of Turin and physics of resurrection. It begins this way: Mr. Fanti’s hypothesis cited in “Turin Shroud Going on TV, … Continue reading “Revisiting Shroud of Turin and physics of resurrection”

A sweat imprint that is a negative which is comparable to a brass rubbing

a racing certainty that the TS was assumed to be a sweat imprint, and that few if any in the era would have entertained ideas of miraculous flashed of light, especially as the image is supposed to have had been covered with blood stains of one kind or another from head to foot. – Colin … Continue reading “A sweat imprint that is a negative which is comparable to a brass rubbing”

An Interview with Giulio Fanti

the resurrection as “so much more than a conjuring trick with bones” — former Anglican Bishop of Durham. Philip Davies An interview with Professor Fanti had been mentioned in the comments, with a link. It was just revised yesterday. It needs to be mentioned at the posting level, something I just realized this morning from … Continue reading “An Interview with Giulio Fanti”

Note to Russ Breault

from the conference When it comes to prioritizing the uploading of video recordings to YouTube, just remember that Andrew Silverman’s talk, Natural, Manufactured Or ‘Miracle’? was particularly interesting.  I do want to hear it again, soon. Andrew quickly honed in on the subject of consciousness, more specifically, about what Robert Lanza calls biocentrism. “Without consciousness, … Continue reading “Note to Russ Breault”

A Defense of Ray Rogers on the Image at the Thread and Fiber Level

“ . . . Direct comparison between image and non-image parts of the Shroud show exactly the same amounts and types of radiation damage in the two types of areas. This suggests that the image was not produced by any mechanism that involved heat, light, or ionizing radiation.”  — Raymond Rogers A Guest Posting by … Continue reading “A Defense of Ray Rogers on the Image at the Thread and Fiber Level”

Of Things That Go Bump in the Night and Much, Much More

A reader writes: Last summer you repeated an interesting discussion between Hugh Farey and Matthias. Given the ludicrous call for Hugh Farey’s dismissal as editor of the BSTS Newsletter it seems timely to re-repeat it. I side with Matthias in this discussion but I clearly see why Hugh Farey is a perfect choice for the … Continue reading “Of Things That Go Bump in the Night and Much, Much More”

Anticipating the Conference: Andrew Silverman on the Shroud and a Relationship Between Mind and Matter

Andrew Silverman  | 10-Oct-2014  |  10:45-11:15 am NATURAL, MANUFACTURED OR ‘MIRACLE’? Those who postulate that the Shroud image was manufactured have been unable to suggest any manufacturing process which could account for key macroscopic and microscopic features of the image. If it was not manufactured then how did the image form? There would seem to be … Continue reading “Anticipating the Conference: Andrew Silverman on the Shroud and a Relationship Between Mind and Matter”

Here is a too long one minute trailer

Marty McKee from Virginia, perhaps because he was looking for something to do, had decided yesterday to write a review of the 1979 so-called documentary, In Search of the Historic Jesus. You can actually buy an old VHS tape while they last for $3.95. (Does old VHS tape dry out and crumble?) You can download … Continue reading “Here is a too long one minute trailer”