Banding Proves Cloth Was Not Repaired?

A Guest Posting by Richard Savage I’m debating the Shroud with the skeptics at International Skeptics Forum (Thread 299015).   If you haven’t noticed me on Dan’s blog before, I’ve been doing this for a long time (over 3 years).  We’re now on our 4th sub-thread, and ‘going strong’ (17,000 replies, and 788,000 visits altogether) – … Continue reading “Banding Proves Cloth Was Not Repaired?”

More about banding on the Shroud of Turin

Hugh Farey has prepared a helpful, four page, image rich PDF document on Banding on the Shroud of Turin. He points out, for instance, in referring to this image on the right: This is the top of the alleged band which Barrie Schwortz felt needed adjusting in density to restore the image to a more … Continue reading “More about banding on the Shroud of Turin”

A new paradigm for banding?

WmW writes in a comment: HF has made what seems to be a brilliant observation (see Aug 28, 3:42 am). Would love to see some pictures of just what he is looking at. Is that possible? This may be a whole new paradigm for banding I made the screen shot shown here. You should be … Continue reading “A new paradigm for banding?”

Banding? Is it Real?

Can anyone explain how the image* on Colin Berry’s blog can begin to convince us that banding is not really all that real. Maybe you can understand what Colin is saying. Something about “bilateral symmetry.” If anything, it helps to convince me that there really is banding there. You really need to see it in … Continue reading “Banding? Is it Real?”

Bleaching and Banding: My guess is that Rogers is right

The following is from pages 15 and 16 of Scientific Method Applied to the Shroud of Turin: A Review by Raymond N. Rogers and Anna Arnoldi published at (D) Lignin amounts vary among Shroud locations. X-ray-transmission[4,22], contrast-enhanced, ultraviolet[23], and transmitted-light photographs of the Shroud all show specific, discrete bands of yarn with different x-ray … Continue reading “Bleaching and Banding: My guess is that Rogers is right”

Today’s How do we know? Banding patterns and what they might mean?

Middle East vs. Middle Ages:  Is it an historical clue to the shroud’s age and provenance? How was linen bleached in Europe during the Middle Ages as compared to how linen was bleached in the Middle East 2000 years ago? In a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a document he published in 2004, Raymond Rogers provided … Continue reading “Today’s How do we know? Banding patterns and what they might mean?”

Colin Berry Takes On Banding and More

Paulette writes: A year ago when Colin Berry first emerged on the Shroud scene, I said that he was out of his league. That is no longer so. He is the only real and formidable scientist skeptic since Walter McCrone. He is better. Those of us who think the Shroud is real should really appreciate … Continue reading “Colin Berry Takes On Banding and More”

Gas Diffusion and the Banding Effect

Another guest posting from Yannick Clément (Anyone else want to write a guest posting?): * * * (I don’t think it could be shorter) Comment on Gas Diffusion and the Banding Effect Here’s 5 interesting quotes from Rogers book about the good questioning made by Gabriel the other day concerning the hypothesis of gas diffusion … Continue reading “Gas Diffusion and the Banding Effect”

Nonsense of the Day: Comments on “Banding: Maybe Jesus Looked Different”

Colin Berry writes: I will not be intimidated by “Fourier transforms” and similar injections of computer mumbo-jumbo, which in this instance has contributed precisely nothing. In reality, we are talking about applied mathematics not mumbo-jumbo. Fourier transforms are critical in the medical field for MRI processing, in chemistry for various types of spectroscopy including AMS … Continue reading “Nonsense of the Day: Comments on “Banding: Maybe Jesus Looked Different””

Banding: Maybe Jesus Looked Different

A reader writes: I keep reading about banding but I don’t understand what caused it and why it is significant. Linen in the first century, in the Middle East, was hank bleached. It was an imprecise method resulting in some yarn being whiter and some slightly darker  or off-white. This resulted in variegated patterns in … Continue reading “Banding: Maybe Jesus Looked Different”

Bob Rucker: A Burst of Radiation Did Three Things

Alas,  I could not find that Bob Rucker or his work was mentioned anywhere in the Critical Summary. Bob Rucker (pictured) posted what follows as a comment last evening. I have added a link to a previous comment by Bob and some links to more information. It is my opinion that enough evidence has accumulated … Continue reading “Bob Rucker: A Burst of Radiation Did Three Things”

Comment by Hugh Farey on Aging

Hugh writes in Might tactile chemography prove to be the super-model?: Some people think that the “effects of aging” are that an originally bright clear image has faded/flaked to what it is now; and others that an originally completely invisible image became visible by darkening – those who habitually place their experiments in an oven … Continue reading “Comment by Hugh Farey on Aging”

Samuel Johnson Meets His Match

In a comment, Colin wrote: It is unhelpful and unconstructive to judge the TS as a choice between authentic or non-authentic. It’s like deciding whether a stuffed swan one is about to see in a natural history museum is black or white – it could be either. The rational and constructive way of viewing it … Continue reading “Samuel Johnson Meets His Match”

A Defense of Ray Rogers on the Image at the Thread and Fiber Level

“ . . . Direct comparison between image and non-image parts of the Shroud show exactly the same amounts and types of radiation damage in the two types of areas. This suggests that the image was not produced by any mechanism that involved heat, light, or ionizing radiation.”  — Raymond Rogers A Guest Posting by … Continue reading “A Defense of Ray Rogers on the Image at the Thread and Fiber Level”

Colin Berry: It’s not douse water, it’s the feet being orthogonal to the longitudinal plane during scorching

"Ah yes, one can see the imaging of toes, albeit bunched toes, especially the tips of toes? Are you surprised? Colin Berry has an explanation in his science buzz blog. It is The feet of the Man on the TS are not "obscured" in the frontal view. They simply failed to imprint well (except for … Continue reading “Colin Berry: It’s not douse water, it’s the feet being orthogonal to the longitudinal plane during scorching”

Petrus Soons to Present His Scientific Research at the University of Miami

if these images are truly scientific, then the unexplained screams out to be explained. eVeritas: News for the Faculty and Staff of the University of Miami, reports that a 3D Exhibition on Shroud of Turin Visits Campus April 14: UM’s Catholic Campus Ministry, along with the Franciscans of Mary, Missionaries of Gratitude, will present the … Continue reading “Petrus Soons to Present His Scientific Research at the University of Miami”

Disappearing Shaded Bands

John Klotz writes: In reviewing the presentation of Benford-Marino at the 2008 Ohio Shroud conference, I came across something I had not taken note of before: "’Another distinctive characteristic of the cloth also points to a pre-medieval origin of the Shroud. Although debated in the past, image-analyses tools and techniques have clearly identified the existence … Continue reading “Disappearing Shaded Bands”

Colin Berry is Writing to the Vatican

He tells us that he is writing to the Vatican to encourage a new round of carbon dating. I think that’s great. I’d like to see it. But I have a different perspective. I spent my entire career in business. I worked for a major corporation for 25 years and I ran a small company … Continue reading “Colin Berry is Writing to the Vatican”

Gary Habermas on the Shroud at Apologetics Conference Last Friday

a 16th century painting? The Christian Post in reporting (at least that’s the headline and there is a question mark) Radiation From the Shroud of Turin a Clue to Jesus’ Resurrection?: CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Radiation and various blood stains found on the Shroud of Turin may be possible clues that the cloth is not … Continue reading “Gary Habermas on the Shroud at Apologetics Conference Last Friday”