More on the Long Cloth Mandylion

(Please comment in the original Long Cloth Mandylion thread.) Rice Professor writes: Here are some possibly useful links. These links contain the picture in question. Plan to use Google translate unless you are brilliant. I think this is a picture of the shroud. reading “More on the Long Cloth Mandylion”

A Long Cloth Mandylion?

O.K. writes: Some time ago I found an interesting illustration of a "long" Mandylion. First in the Holger Kersten&Elmar Gruber book "Jezus ofiarą spisku" (the polish edition of The Jesus Conspiracy) I provide a scan from it [Illustration1]. The picture is not adressed anywhere in the book, and as the source is given simply "Bibliothéque … Continue reading “A Long Cloth Mandylion?”

New Book: The Templar Mandylion

There is a new book out. It’s called the The Templar Mandylion: Secret story of Turin ShroudThe Templar Mandylion: Secret story of Turin Shroud by Franck Gordon. Amazon sells it for the Kindle. No other editions seem to be available. Description at Amazon: The body of a man strangely vanished a long time ago. This … Continue reading “New Book: The Templar Mandylion”

Questions concerning the Mandylion hypothesis proposed by Ian Wilson

As readers of this blog know, Yannick Clément disputes many of Ian Wilson’s historical conclusions. Yannick has written an article and asked me to post it here (in PDF form). Enjoy, think about it and offer your comments. I know: much as been said about this already. But Yannick has pulled it together into this … Continue reading “Questions concerning the Mandylion hypothesis proposed by Ian Wilson”

Wasn’t May 4 the Feast of the Holy Shroud?

From what I was reading on the Shroud Science Group on Yahoo, Pope Julius II in 1506 declared 4 May to be the Feast of the Holy Shroud. This has since disappeared from calendars. This brought to mind this interesting paragraph from a paper by Kim Dreisbach. “The Shroud of Turin: Its Ecumenical Implications.” The … Continue reading “Wasn’t May 4 the Feast of the Holy Shroud?”


A Guest Post by O.K. It is well known that after the transfer to Constantinople in 944, all Byzantine descriptions of Mandylion and the Shroud (Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Gregory Referendarius, Nicholas Mesarites) are deliberately vague. The true nature of the Mandylion/Shroud had to remain secret, for the reasons I will discuss next time. We can only … Continue reading “Allusions”

Ian Wilson’s 1978 Book for a Penny

Hurry. There are only 83 copies available at this price.   The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ? Hardcover – 1978 by Ian Wilson (Author) 11 customer reviews See all 4 formats and editions Hardcover from $0.01  83 Used from $0.019 New from $20.003 Collectible from $11.00 Paperback from $0.01  83 Used … Continue reading “Ian Wilson’s 1978 Book for a Penny”

From Constantinople to Lirey through the Sainte-Chapelle

A MUST READ Between the date of this exposition in 1203 and the first exposition of the Shroud of Turin at Lirey around 1356, there is a 153-year gap.  . . .   This silence was simply due to the lack of knowledge and attention by the Latins to the most obscure relic in the Grande … Continue reading “From Constantinople to Lirey through the Sainte-Chapelle”

More Testing? Maybe.

If Papa Francesco will want to’ take this path, we will do it as long as the research is conducted with honest ‘intellectual, without preconceptions and ideological assumptions a priori. — Archbishop of Turin, Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia The following is a Google translation of an article, The Shroud: the linen cloth that wrapped Jesus, between … Continue reading “More Testing? Maybe.”

Two Articles on the Shroud’s History

They appear in the Italian language daily L’Indro (the links include translation into English): 1)  Shroud: before the Middle Ages did not exist: The Mandylion is not the Shroud of Turin, which appeared only in 1355 in Lirey by Andrea Nicolotti Google Translate says:  A much exploited in past to attribute an ancient history in … Continue reading “Two Articles on the Shroud’s History”

Press Release: Planned Film About Apostle Thaddeus

Many of those who believe that the Shroud of Turin is authentic, also believe that there is a connection between the Shroud and the Apostle Thaddeus. The Shroud will be featured in the movie. Walker Cable Productions (Sourced from Assyrian International News Agency), December 11, 2014. Lorenzo Lamas, 1980s heartthrob and star of the hit … Continue reading “Press Release: Planned Film About Apostle Thaddeus”

The Shroud of Turin is not the Image of Edessa?

the sixth-century Image of Edessa “probably never actually looked like a cloth at all.” If you weren’t in St. Louis on Sunday morning of the conference for Jack Markwardt’s special presentation, then Modern Scholarship and the History of the Shroud of Turin is a MUST READ: In 1997, Professor Robin Cormack, an art historian, concluded … Continue reading “The Shroud of Turin is not the Image of Edessa?”

St. Louis Videos

Russ Breault tells us on his Shroud University website: Experts from around the world met in St. Louis, MO for the first US conference on the Shroud of Turin since 2008. Here are over 40 papers covering aspects of science, medicine, art and history. Hear and see the latest research in streaming video. The following … Continue reading “St. Louis Videos”

A Detailed Response to The Halo Study

In my opinion the postulated and fitted halo is more a result of wishful thinking, than careful, meticulous and objective analysis without preconceived ideas.  — O.K. O.K. has written a detailed … response to Peter Schumacher about halo study (PDF format). It warrants your attention when considering Pete’s paper. O.K. concludes: Contrary to Peter Schumacher claims, … Continue reading “A Detailed Response to The Halo Study”

Another St. Louis Paper Available: The Halo Study

Title: Study of Shroud Feature Evidence Using Video and Photogrammetric Analysis Methods a.k.a. “The Halo Study” Author: Peter Schumacher Slides:  Halo Study Presentation The paper begins: In December of 2013, Dr. Petrus Soons and I began a study of the Shroud of Turin with a particular focus on the area around the face of the … Continue reading “Another St. Louis Paper Available: The Halo Study”

Another Bari Conference Paper Available

The following paper by Andrea Di Genua, Emanuela Marinelli, Ivan Polverari and Domenico Repice, Judas, Thaddeus, Addai: possible connections with the vicissitudes of the Edessan and Constantinopolitan Mandylion and any research perspectives has been added to  (There is also a version in Italian*: Giuda, Taddeo, Addai: possibili collegamenti con le vicende del Mandylion edesseno-costantinopolitano … Continue reading “Another Bari Conference Paper Available”

Dan Scavone Responds to an Earlier Charles Freeman’s Article

Yesterday, Dan wrote to me about an earlier Charles Freeman’s article. In something perhaps of a senior moment, I confused it with another criticism of the latest article, The Origins of the Shroud of Turin.  The mistake was completely mine. He sent me a copy of the article with his thoughts ‘penned’ in here and … Continue reading “Dan Scavone Responds to an Earlier Charles Freeman’s Article”

New Paper: The Lirey Toga

“poets, chroniclers, knights and others who were involved tell their own stories and, in so doing, illuminate this time in history, the Hundred Years War, when a most extraordinary and important story [of the shroud] unfolds” David Day writes: I would like to draw your attention to a narrative I have recently placed online called: … Continue reading “New Paper: The Lirey Toga”

A Special Study Day: People With Different Takes on the Shroud

What follows is a Google Translation of an announcement for a day of talks, "L’enigma della Sindone" to be held at the University of Rome on October 30, 2014.  This is being sponsored by the Chemistry Department. Note carefully the objective of this event. Note, too, some of the names familiar to readers of this … Continue reading “A Special Study Day: People With Different Takes on the Shroud”

The Metamorphosis and Manipulation of a Legend?

Andrea Nicolotti’s book, From the Mandylion of Edessa to the Shroud of Turin: The Metamorphosis and Manipulation of a Legend (Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe) has finally been published in English. It was available in Italian in 2011. Andrea, who has commented in this blog on occasion, considers this to be … Continue reading “The Metamorphosis and Manipulation of a Legend?”

Navy Seals at the Battle of Gettysburg? A Picture of the Shroud in 1036?

If it is the shroud perhaps it explains the poker holes Is this what is now known as the Shroud of Turin being carried through the streets of Constantinople.? (Click on the picture for a larger view) Pam Moon writes: . . . Last year I spent a lot of time with the Madrid Skylitzes … Continue reading “Navy Seals at the Battle of Gettysburg? A Picture of the Shroud in 1036?”