New Garlaschelli and Borrini Study

There is a new study out by Matteo Borrini, professor of forensic anthropology at John Moores University in Liverpool (UK), and Luigi Garlaschelli University of Pavia, that argues against the authenticity of the shroud. The following is a Google translation from Italian of a UAAR (Union Atheists Agnostics and Rationalists) press release posted in the … Continue reading “New Garlaschelli and Borrini Study”

Garlaschelli and Borrini Study Flawed

Paulette commented: The study is flawed. Ever worked as an EMS? On sweaty, grimy, warm skin someone’s blood will run every which way, even in nearly horizontally rivulets. It flows. It gushes. It spurts. It mixes with sweat. I’ve been sprayed with blood from flailing limbs. Put a few drops of blood on your arm … Continue reading “Garlaschelli and Borrini Study Flawed”

More on the Y from Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones has posted a very good analysis on his blog: Shroud of Turin depicts a Y-shaped cross? This is the hypothesis being advanced by Matteo Borrini and Luigi Garlaschelli that has been seen considerable press attention lately. Stephen has done some careful research. He usually does and I’m glad to see it. This I … Continue reading “More on the Y from Stephen Jones”

A “Y” Shaped Crucifixion According to the Shroud of Turin?

presented his results at a meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Seattle in February <<< YouTube Link >>> Linda Geddes writing today in New Scientist Magazine: Borrini wanted to know if the "bloodstains" on the left arm, the clearest ones, were consistent with the flow of blood from the wrist of a … Continue reading “A “Y” Shaped Crucifixion According to the Shroud of Turin?”