Just how old is the AB blood type?

Kelly Kearse writes: While watching the Orioles go down in flames this evening, I wrote a posting about the origin of the AB blood type . . . . He attached it and here it is: Just how old is the AB blood type? In response to an earlier posting on the upcoming BTST meeting, … Continue reading “Just how old is the AB blood type?”

MUST READ: A lot of old blood types as AB: Not Exactly

Kelly P. Kearse, a card-carrying immunologist writes: I appreciate the opportunity to address the issue that “All old blood types as AB”, particularly in reference to the study of the Shroud. The idea that “aged blood is degraded to (or reverts to) type AB” is rather misleading. Blood typing is typically performed using two distinct … Continue reading “MUST READ: A lot of old blood types as AB: Not Exactly”

New thread on type AB blood: Does all old blood become AB?

Ron writes: . . .  I was really hoping when posting that someone would have picked-up on my statement about the AB blood of the Shroud. In the Stephen Jones blog, February 2012 posting, a poster directs Stephen to this very interesting topic and one I find may be very important in Shroud studies, as … Continue reading “New thread on type AB blood: Does all old blood become AB?”

The Shroud of Turin and Type AB Blood

Stephen Jones, as always, responded to a reader of his blog with wonderful thoroughness. He received an email asking about the claims that the blood on the shroud is type AB and why that may or may not be significant and why that might be a false reading. I received, essentially, the same email. I … Continue reading “The Shroud of Turin and Type AB Blood”

What Type of Person Are You?

Tom Hoopes writes in the English edition of Aleteia, That Moment When You Start Taking Jesus Seriously: There are two kinds of people attracted by the truth. First, there are people with highly attuned B.S.-detectors who want to find rock-bottom truth. They come to Christ through philosophy or scientific discovery or apologetics. But then there … Continue reading “What Type of Person Are You?”

Were Some Bloodstains Added Later or Maybe Retouched?

Colin Berry in part of a comment writes: Twice now on this site I’ve reminded folk that any difficulty in seeing the TS body image from a distance would have been rendered less of a problem in public displays by the presence (or maybe deliberate addition) of blood stains and scourge marks. So while “over-flagellation” has … Continue reading “Were Some Bloodstains Added Later or Maybe Retouched?”

Blood Clotting and the Strange Case of Brother Hirudo

– A special posting by Kelly Kearse –     The idea has been proposed that the bloodstains on the Shroud of Turin are the result of application of the blood meals of the medicinal leech, Hirudo Medicinalis, using a felt-tipped pouch. The identity of this illusory forger remains unknown, but has been suggested to … Continue reading “Blood Clotting and the Strange Case of Brother Hirudo”

Early Evidence of AB Blood

Gabriel writes: Regarding the controversy about how old AB blood is, Charles Freeman supports the idea that until 9th century this type of blood did not exist because there are no evidences of mingling between A linages (EUROPEAN) and B linages (Asian) before that date. In this peer-reviewed journal a recent study shows that by … Continue reading “Early Evidence of AB Blood”

Why not carbon date the blood on the Shroud of Turin?

Colin Berry, in a posting entitled, “Blood-grouping the Shroud of Turin – like trying to sort apples from oranges in the dark wearing boxing gloves," writes: You can do it one two ways, masterfully described recently by Kelly P. Kearse  (a self-styled “card-holding immunologist) with a gift for exposition on the Other Site. . . … Continue reading “Why not carbon date the blood on the Shroud of Turin?”

Stephen Jones Clarifies Old Blood AB Issue

Stephen Jones writes, “Old blood does not always degenerate to type AB, so the Shroud of Turin’s and the Sudarium of Oviedo’s blood group being AB is significant!” Long title? Yes! But here is why and if you missed it the first time it is worth reading his latest posting: I am reposting this excerpt … Continue reading “Stephen Jones Clarifies Old Blood AB Issue”

Let’s Talk Red Blood: Bilirubin, Saponaria officinalis and UV

Colin writes back with a comment: As I have said previously Dan I am not at all happy with either the tone or content of some of the responses I have received on your site. I do not like being used as an Aunt Sally by true believers either here – or on other “single … Continue reading “Let’s Talk Red Blood: Bilirubin, Saponaria officinalis and UV”

Paper by Kelly Kearse Uploaded to Academia.edu

Yesterday, I received an email. “Dear Dan,” wrote what I can only presume was a caring and thoughtful computer: You recently read the paper “Turin Shroud, Resurrection and Science: One View of the Cathedral”. A new related paper was just uploaded to Academia that I thought you would be interested in. It is called ” … Continue reading “Paper by Kelly Kearse Uploaded to Academia.edu”

With Anyone Interested in Listening

Okay!  No problem with your masthead suasion.  We listen, around here. Gary writes at Escaping Christian Fundamentalism, Does the Shroud of Turin prove that Jesus had a Human Father? One other thing about the Shroud of Turin I find shocking is that believers claim the shroud has blood on it with AB blood type. How … Continue reading “With Anyone Interested in Listening”

Copy of the Shroud of Turin in New Jersey

A reader asks: I was told that there was a copy of the shroud in New Jersey that contained a small amount of blood from the Holy Shroud. Do you guys know anything about it? “You guys?” Let me guess: Asbury Park. Right? Anyway. I did a post two years ago; it was from a … Continue reading “Copy of the Shroud of Turin in New Jersey”

Positive for AB is not the same as AB positive

Kelly Kearse writes: Blood typing and the Shroud: Positive for AB is not the same as AB positive   The bloodstains on the Shroud are reported to be type AB, as determined forward typing methods. Although semantically similar, being positive for AB blood is not physiologically equivalent to being AB positive. Here’s the difference: blood … Continue reading “Positive for AB is not the same as AB positive”

Quote for Today: Diana Fulbright on Wishful Thinking.

Professor Diana Fulbright has often said this in the context of some of the weaker arguments we hear for the shroud’s authenticity. I couldn’t agree more. I deplore wishful claims which unwittingly undermine credibility for the Shroud’s authenticity, which is supported by an abundance of valid evidence. Here is the full comment from which the … Continue reading “Quote for Today: Diana Fulbright on Wishful Thinking.”

And now the Sudarium of Oviedo: The Novel

FROM THE I CAN HARDLY NOT WAIT DEPARTMENT: Comic books, now this. It is called Immortal Surrender: The Curse of the Templar, Book II by Claire Ashgrove. It should be available on September 25, 2012. This sample is from the author’s website: Farran de Clare, loyal member of the cursed Knights Templar, wants nothing to … Continue reading “And now the Sudarium of Oviedo: The Novel”

Comment Promoted: Ray Schneider on Charles Freeman & STURP

Ray Schneider responds very well to Charles Freeman as discussed in Scientific Study of the Shroud of Turin hampered by STURP? (But, of course, and expectedly, Yannick takes issue and Colin Berry has a point of view, all of which you should read at the above link.) Ray writes what I mostly agree with: Whatever … Continue reading “Comment Promoted: Ray Schneider on Charles Freeman & STURP”

Kelly Kearse hit a grand slam home run

Maria da Glória of the Centro Português de Sindonologia writes:   Bravo Dr Kelly Kearse My husband who is a medical doctor and a Shroud researcher commented that at last someone from the medical field shed some light on the AB controversy of the blood on the Shroud. Thus this is a very important independent … Continue reading “Kelly Kearse hit a grand slam home run”

Press Release: Copy of Shroud of Turin from A. D. 1624, Now on Public Display at New Jersey Dominican Monastery Chapel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Summit, New Jersey – Oct 13, 2011 – The nearly 400 year-old copy of the Shroud of Turin which has been the possession of the Dominican Nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary is now on display for public veneration in the monastery chapel. The Dominican Nuns are a … Continue reading “Press Release: Copy of Shroud of Turin from A. D. 1624, Now on Public Display at New Jersey Dominican Monastery Chapel”