Someone recently asked why I had become so skeptical. The list of what were once certainties now becoming uncertainties grows and grows and grows. This is the latest and it’s a big deal.

An area of Image can be seen in the Blood slide, and some Image colour can be seen where the blood has been eroded away, but no clear cloth. This suggests that there is image under the blood, contrary to the observations of Heller and Adler.

Mark Evans’ Micrographs @ The Medieval Shroud by Hugh Farey

Read Hugh’s entire posting.

Before anyone writes another proselytizing book, makes another YouTube, or gives a fact-based presentation, check the facts, especially the facts about the following:

  • The 3D-ishness of the image
  • The true value or lack of value of the pollen spores
  • The reason the blood is still red
  • The true chemistry of the image chromophore
  • And now, is there image under bloodstains
  • Etcetera

In the business world – where I came from – we would be screaming “STOP.” We would put together another group to examine everything. We would try for impartiality, but since that is probably impossible, we would try to get a mixture of biases. We would try to get the sticky tapes, micrographs and photographs wherever they are stored. We would endeavor to look at them again with new tools and methods. We would doubt Heller, Adler, Rogers, Jackson, Marino, and everyone else until we could prove them right or wrong.