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The Inconsistencies

For a Shroud of Turin position paper I am working on, I wanted to summarize what I call The Inconsistencies. I decided to start out by asking ChatGPT, “What are the inconsistencies in the four gospels regarding the burial and/or resurrection of Jesus?”

Yep, that’s exactly what I typed into the query box. The following appeared on my laptop screen in less time than it took to pour a cup of coffee. This is a fantastic and scary tool. Here it is, word for word, between the separator lines:

There are several inconsistencies among the four Gospels regarding the burial and resurrection of Jesus. Here are a few examples:

  1. The individuals present at the tomb:
  1. The timing of the visit to the tomb:
  1. The individuals or beings encountered at the tomb:
  1. The instructions given to the women at the tomb:

These contradictions may be attributed to the different perspectives and purposes of each Gospel’s author, but they remain points of discussion for scholars and believers alike.

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