JFK and the Shroud of Turin

imageJohn Klotz has an interesting posting in his blog, Living Free.  It’s called Yet again, JFK [and the Shroud]. Read it and follow the links.

THE BOOKENDS — beginning:

I am working to update and mold the material in Quantum Christ into a new book tentatively entitled "The Pope and the Apocalypse [and the Shroud?] Distractions abound including four matters that are still in litigation at one stage or another. Also, current events of an apocalyptic nature including the refugee crisis are a necessary distraction but a component of what I will be writing about.

— ending:

This morning there was published on Salon an excerpt from a new book by David Talbot. David is not only the founder and first editor of Salon; he has spent a lifetime digging deep in the JFK assassination. I thoroughly recommend the Salon posting. And the next time some scientific expert or skeptic derides the authenticity of the Shroud as being disproved by the "evidence," think JFK and the Warren Report.


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Is it the evidence or the legitimizing and reporting of the evidence?

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  1. If Jesus had not died on the Cross
    what would be the salvation for humanity?
    This can only be an unanswered question
    because it is out of the true History …

    And the very real history tells us that
    the stele of Merneptah contains the first
    mention of the name of Israel in any
    ancient text survived and offers us
    the basic question:
    Who were the Semites in Egypt?

    For example: it was not found any
    mention of the name Israel in any of
    inscriptions or documents related to
    the period of the Hyksos, nor it appears
    in Egyptian inscriptions later or in rich
    cuneiform archives of the fourteenth
    century BC found at Tell el-Amarna
    in Egypt, which also contained about
    four hundred letters that describe in detail
    the social, political and demographic
    conditions of Canaan at that time.

    The Bible Unearthed. Archeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts
    Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman

    I bought this book (already
    mentioned by some friends of this blog)
    in April 2002.


    The life story of the man who (instead)
    later became a famous American president,
    John F. Kennedy, would have been different if …
    an aristocrat: Karin Adele Gunilla von Post Miller
    [usually Gunilla von Post] (July 10, 1932 –
    October 14, 2011) had married JFK…

    >… …”Love, Jack” is the story of a transcendent
    but heartbreaking love between two people
    at the peak of their youth and beauty,
    a love that seemed impossible but could
    not be denied. Here is an intimate portrait
    of John Kennedy never before seen:
    a gentle, kind, and caring man, intensely
    passionate and full of life but a man
    who faces great difficulty adjusting to
    the demanding role history and
    his father have assigned him. … …



    So, what is “the moral of the story”?
    “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”
    …Is that?

    “Faillure on your wife’s part
    for not staying faithful (or your own part
    for not keeping her satisfied.)”!

    And there is another sort of slander:
    “The one charm of marriage is that
    it makes a life of deception a necessity”
    [Oscar Wilde]

    Who benefited from the sacrifice of
    the young US President?

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