Upcoming Event in Rome



Title: La Sindone, fotografia di un risorto?
When: 27.11.15 18.30 – 20.00
Where: Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II – Roma
Category: Istituto Scienza e Fede


Program (translated by Google):

  • Introduction: Antonio Gaspari, P. Rafael Pascual LC
  • The Shroud and the relics of the Passion of the Lord, Prof. Antonio Cassanelli, Diocesan Centre Sindonology Giulio Ricci, Rome
  • Scientific research on the Shroud: present knowledge and future perspectives, Prof. Bruno Barberis, International Centre Sindonology, Turin
  • Recent hypotheses on the formation of the image of the Shroud, Prof. Paolo Di Lazzaro, ENEA, Frascati

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    1. According to the Christian doctrine the
      Eternal Enjoyment is only in Heaven.
      It seems to me that here on Earth we
      have mostly to do with everyday problems
      …or hassles, problems of various kinds,
      perhaps even paranoia!, etc., etc.

      Am I wrong in my criticism that … is once
      again “a contribution of acid type”?
      — — —
      Then, see also: my past remarks about the
      level of “Scientific research on the Shroud”
      (= SPM analyses, ATR-FTIR, DRIFT, etc….).

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