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  1. Paris, never been there. I said a prayer for those killed and injured and feel bad that the citizens that live have to be afraid because of the sick minded people that feel they have to go around killing non-believers. These people doing the killing seems to be following the directions of Satan or Lucifer whatever its name is. The beast thinks it is better than God and is still capable of directing his nasty followers. Problem is that his followers probably are not aware of it’s true identity.

  2. The attacks of (9+2)/(11+2)/2001+(2×7) started at 0:00 sidereal time;Mars upon nodal axis; Paris upon Boswash axis.

  3. I have read what happened in Paris.
    In the past I’ve been in the city
    of Paris few times …

    …and now “it’s up to Rome,
    London and Washington”, this the
    horrible proclamation accompanying
    the celebrations of the supporters
    of the Isis, on Twitter, the attacks
    in Paris, with the hashtag ‘Paris in flames’.
    The perspective (= after Paris,
    it’s up to “Rome, London and Washington”
    this is what threatens the Islamic State
    on social media) that was presented
    to our future is terrifying and
    therefore the States should defend
    themselves adequately.
    …No shortage of threats to Spain and
    Portugal, the territory of the ancient
    Caliphate in Europe…

    1. Our sympathy to French people and prays for those who were murdered in this abominable killing

      Centro Português de Sindonologia

    1. You mean, why do people believe in Koran and Mohammed which teach the killing of Jews and Christians.
      Answer: allah = satan

    1. Rick, sorry, but I really think that it is not the place to promote political views. It is sad to see the type of articles you are referencing.

      1. don’t agree..this is all about politics….whether we can stand together or not….if we are going to be self-serving or not…I do have a long memory because I knew one of parties involved in Libya…also father knows of americans buried in normandie, france. when we defeated the ultimate terrorist….hitler

        1. by the way…I sent the second link without really looking at it…looks like there are some crazies in that forum…sorry…but stand by my comments on the French government….

  4. It’s probably to early to talk about that, but I will anyway. Simply, I would like to help people push their reflection a bit further…

    Even if it’s natural and very okay to pray for the victims, is there one single Christian who will remember those words of Christ and put them in practice?: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Matthew 5:44-45)

    And what if it would not be by praying for these sick people (so that they could see the light and get out of their darkness) that something could finally change in this sick world?

    These words of Christ tell us who God really is and, obviously, he’s very different than us, because he loves and saves everyone of his children, even those who seems, for us, to be definately lost.

    When you read “scandalous” words like the ones I gave you, it’s not surprising that Jesus got killed by his Jewish brothers… God is very different than us. God is love and we all are sinners…

  5. I am French.
    I am living and working very near the “Stade de France” in Saint-Denis.
    I would like to thank everybody here, and …the world.

    I just would like to comment this comment: ” You mean, why do people believe in Koran and Mohammed which teach the killing of Jews and Christians.
    Answer: allah = satan”

    1) Allah is just the name of God in Arabic language.
    Two years ago, I was in Lebanon (for a lecture about the Shroud) and I attended a mass in Arabic language.
    The term Allah was widely used to translate the term God.

    2) The Kuran does not teach to kill Jews and Christians.

    3) Many of my patients are Muslims. There is absolutely no problem with them.

    It is a war.
    It is NOT a war against Islam but a war against ISIS.

  6. Hello OK:
    It is easy to get your point, but there is much more in the box and that is different from what the sources you cite are saying.

    1. Mutual relationships between Eastern Orthodox Church and the power (whether in Byzantine Empire or its successor -Russia) have always been very close -and both the Church and Autocrats used each to back own interests. Church was instrument for Power, and Power was used to bolster position of the Church.

      You must remember this when assessing political position of Orthodox Church.

    1. Not to the same extent. They were used sometimes as instrument of power, but where not so closely associated with it as Orthodox Church.

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