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Dematerialization you can’t argue with

Russ Breault to speak in Chester, Illinois

The following poster tells us that my good friend Russ Breault will be speaking at a Supernatural Seminar Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14, 2015, at the First Baptist Church in Chester, Illinois. Chester is a town on the Mississippi River about an hour’s drive south of St.Louis.

I notice, too, that the Senior Pastor at Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be talking about UFO’s, Aliens and Demons. While it depends on who you believe, it should be noted nonetheless that in 1977, Chester was destroyed in a UFO attack. Wikipedia tells us:

In the January 1978 issue of Official UFO Pulp Fiction Magazine, editor Myron Fass claimed that UFOs had attacked and entirely destroyed (or in his words ‘Destructed’) the town of Chester, Illinois, on the night of August 2, 1977. After mainstream Press reporters interviewed Chester residents, who obviously suffered no UFO attack, Fass claimed the aliens had instantly rebuilt the town and erased most residents’ memories of the attack.[13]

Now. that is dematerialization you can’t argue with.

The picture of the church is from a Google car drive-by in August 2013.

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