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imageRobert W. Siefker comments about posting, Available: Critical Summary Version 3.0

Dan, the “punch card chart” is not aimed at being “scientific” analysis. As clearly stated at the top of the chart with the word “judged”, this is TSC’s analysis. We have included only 17 image characteristics because we think that these seventeen, in and of themselves, can be used to evaluate image formation hypotheses that have gained at least some traction through the years. The chart itself does not stand alone. Appendix 1 gives our reasoning for each mark. Again it is judgment and if the image characteristics are indeed true, as we judge them to be, understandable to anyone. We also state that the The fall-through hypothesis cannot be tested or proven. In fact it is a very “unscientific” explanation as we acknowledge in its description and in the Conclusion. It just fits the data. Read it. Think about it in the context of the whole body of Shroud evidence.

Fair enough.  I stand corrected. I was probably unfair. We still need to crawl through the details, however.

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  1. Dan you are right. A crawl through the Critical Summary would be worthwhile for all. TSC knows that improvements and corrections are an on-going process. That is why we have designed the Critical Summary to be continuously maintained. Our goal with this document isn’t in any way to claim the “final” word on any issue. Our goal in creating this document has been to provide a “fair” introduction to the Shroud for new inquirers based on the perspective of an organization that has been studying the Shroud for a long time. TSC is well known to be an organization that represents a judgment of “authentic” for the Shroud. Dan currently has a judgment of “probably” authentic. We both may change our judgments in the future.

    Also Dan you are a gentleman and we thank you for the statement above.

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