Barrie Schwortz to Speak in Indianapolis on September 19


We learn from the website of the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis that Barrie Schwortz will be making two presentations about the shroud on September 19:

BSchwortz  2128x2832Barrie Schwortz, one of the world’s leading experts on the Shroud of Turin, takes you behind-the- scenes to learn about the scientific investigation and history of what many Christians believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. In 1978, Schwortz served as documenting photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project, the first-ever, in-depth scientific examination of the cloth. Schwortz’s original images were used to create a replica of the Shroud now on display in our newest exhibit, National Geographic Sacred Journeys.

The presentations are free with museum admission but advance registration is required. The 11 a.m. presentation is recommended for adults and families with children, 10+. Groups of 20 or more receive a 20% discount by calling 317.334.4000.

Presentation 1

  • 11 a.m. in Lilly Theater
  • Presentation is approximately 1 hour in length and an additional 30 minutes for questions.
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  • Important Note: Museum admission is also required for this event. Add Museum Admission

SOLD OUT: Presentation 2

  • 2 p.m. in Lilly Theater
  • The 2 p.m. presentation is sold out. Please call 317-334-4000 for any questions.
  • Recommended for adults. Presentation is approximately 1.5 hours in length with a half hour question-and-answer session. Schwortz, an Orthodox Jew, began as a skeptic of the shroud, but by scientific evidence became absolutely convinced of its authenticity. In this presentation, Schwortz also shares his personal journey from skeptic to believer.

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5 thoughts on “Barrie Schwortz to Speak in Indianapolis on September 19”

  1. Will Barrie once again proclaim that ” really, it’s an accumulation of thousands of little tiny bits of evidence that, when put together, are overwhelming in favor of its authenticity ” ?

    Wish him an excellent fly to Indianapolis.

  2. Dear Barrie, for what it may be worth, my Verloin de Gruy ancestors are linked to the shroud of Turin importation and location at the Lirey ( LeRay) chapel in the Orient Forest / the Vergy family (w/ Chaney) were given the Shroud by the La Roche de Ray / eventually my de Bresse de Savoy ( de Gruyere link ) acquired the Shroud moving it to Chambery and Turin / I have written much about this on my blog… …Also you can google my blog essays thus : EUGENE RAY / SHROUD OF TURIN or
    My de Gruy ancestors chateau in the Orient Forest were related to the Counts de Gruyere & the mother of the last count of Gruyere was a Vergy ( same as the wife of the last Holy Roman Emperor, Otto Von Habsburg who died at 100 years 2 years ago… The de Gruy chateau in the Orient Forest (Magny Fouchard) was destroyed in the 1st WW…
    My email address is… I am happy to answer questions /
    Our DeGruy Chateau was 15 K from St Bernard’s Clairvaux & Pres de Gaulles home

  3. I should have mentioned the important point that many don’t realize
    Is that the Orient Forest (Orient meaning Jerusalem) where the de
    Gruy(ere) ancestors lived near Troyes was the Origins of >Knights
    Templars< our de Gruy(ere) went to five Crusades and were deeply
    Committed Knights Templars building the only dome sugar mill at
    New Orleans / the Grand Orient ( first French ) Masonic Lodge was
    Originated at their neighbors Chateau in the Orient Forest / google :

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