Risen, the Movie, Featuring the Shroud

note the epsilon on the forehead

imageGlimpses of the shroud at about the 0:50 and 1:18 marks in this trailer for the upcoming epic movie of the first forty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of an skeptical Roman Centurion charged by Pontius Pilate to investigate rumors of a risen messiah and find the missing body of Jesus in order to prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.

Directed by Kevin Reynolds and starring Tom Felton, Joseph Fiennes, Cliff Curtis, Peter Firth, Risen is scheduled for release January 22, 2016 by Sony Pictures Releasing.  TRAILER LINK  (Hat tip to David Goulet)

Hat tip to David Goulet

4 thoughts on “Risen, the Movie, Featuring the Shroud”

  1. Curious that they chose a monochrome negative of the Shroud, including a white epsilon bloodmark.

  2. After the movie is seen people may see the shroud and, becoming curious, browse the Internet for more information. Let us hope they are not led to the recent convention in Hampshire, as they will become confused. Risen? For what? Just to make it to Kashmir?
    Neither Pilate nor the Essenes were involved in any plot and Jesus and the monastic Jewish group were in different orbits.
    See the views of two great Jewish authorities, one an archaeologist and the other a biblical scholar about Jesus and the Essenes:
    One detects that the interest to distort the Jesus of history comes from an obsession with monotheism. But scholars have seen problems in this also, so much so that it reached literature: https://www.academia.edu/12823419/Book_Review_Jesus_and_Yahveh_the_names_divine
    More on this shortly, about why even Freud was shortsighted when he wrote “Moses and Monotheism”.

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