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And Now Antonacci’s Test the Shroud Proposal is to be a Book

August 17, 2015

imageWe have some details about an upcoming book by Mark Antonacci thanks to some new information from Barrie Schwortz at shroud.com. The book, hopefully available this fall, is to be called Test the Shroud (At the Atomic and Molecular Levels). A promotional paragraph provided on the STERA site reads:

Mark Antonacci makes many prominent arguments in his landmark book, Test the Shroud. His accurate description of all the unique features on the Shroud of Turin allows him to convincingly argue that this is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. He presents a very testable hypothesis that particle radiation emanating from the dead, crucified body wrapped within this burial cloth caused its unprecedented, full-length body images, its still-red blood marks, its erroneous carbon dating and so many other unforgeable features. He even describes advanced scientific testing techniques that could be applied to this burial cloth, its human bloodstains and Jesus’ reputed burial tomb(s) that could demonstrate whether this unprecedented event actually occurred; when it happened; where it happened; the actual age of the Shroud; and the identity of the victim.

You might get some clues about the content of the book from the various articles at Mark’s testtheshroud.org.

And there are these from this blog:

An Interview with Lind and Antonacci

Blowing the Antonacci Proposal to bits

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  1. piero
    August 17, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Certainly there are many exciting archaeological riddles.
    Recently the British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves believes that beside the tomb of Tutankhamun’s tomb there Nefertiti.

    Equally interesting is the vexed question of the existence of an alleged “secret room” (see also: Bauval, etc.) inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, etc.
    See also the strange claims:
    Copies of all the books from the corrupt pre-Flood civilization were stored in the Secret Archives (So… I have some doubt about the degree of conservation for these books, kept in that secret chamber for too millennia), etc., etc. …

    But, in my opinion, the scientific investigations on the Holy Shroud of Turin and the Holy Face of Manoppello beat all these archaeological mysteries.

    Who loves Jesus, and the religion of Love he founded,
    should be interested in this research.
    I still have some doubts on the interest shown about
    the true level of investigation to be used. It seems that my past
    SPMs proposals (= AFM, and SNOM CFM) were not even considered …
    In any case I still have several doubt about the idea of particle radiation emanating from the crucified and dead body…
    So …what kind of test?
    Do you remember the case of my rejected paper (to Dallas), AFM and SSNTD?
    Employing SSNTD and atomic force microscope we can contribute
    to solve some things…
    But the discourse is long …


    • piero
      August 18, 2015 at 7:37 am

      Here I try to put a remedy to the “grammatical illness”
      (= mistakes and very poor quality of the message
      that I have sent yesterday)…

      Errata corrige:
      >British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves believes that beside the tomb of Tutankhamun there is the tomb of Nefertiti.

      Instead of:
      Recently the British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves believes that beside the tomb of Tutankhamun’s tomb there Nefertiti.

      and also:
      >Who loves Jesus, and the religion of true Love
      (that He founded), should be interested in this research.

      Instead of:
      >Who loves Jesus, and the religion of Love he founded,
      should be interested in this research.

      another correction:
      >SPMs proposals (= AFM, CFM and SNOM) …

      Instead of:
      >SPMs proposals (= AFM, and SNOM CFM) …

  2. Louis
    August 17, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Books and papers, including those that are peer-reviewed, as well as petitions, will not make Rome budge. Shroud studies have fallen short of the mark and it will be difficult to get Pope Francis, who can be a tough South American hombre, to agree with new testing. He sat in front of the Shroud and meditated and that is a clear message for “Shroudies”.
    Pope John Paul II was a bit more positive, however he also spoke about the “mystery of life and death”, which could be expected from a pontiff who was also a philosopher and whose doctoral dissertation was on Scheler.
    One great scientist who understood what John Paul thought was Stephen Jay Gould, who fought against what he called “Darwinian fundamentalists” and went along with Carl Sagan to Rome,where he presented his NOMA. A Jewish-born agnostic,he also sung at church choirs. https://www.academia.edu/14727603/Why_Stephen_Jay_Gould_proposed_the_principle_of_Non-overlapping_Magisteria
    There are many issues to be dealt with and some fine tuning is needed:
    The above post says “Jesus reputed burial tomb(s)” and “whether this unprecedented event actually occurred”. It is evident that just this is sufficient for Rome to ignore the book. Why?
    Two former Jerusalem District Archaeologists, both of whom are highly respected, have accepted the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as the site of Jesus’ burial, so there are no “tombs”, whatever sensationalists may say. The Israeli authorities are Dr. Amos Kloner and Dr. Dan Bahat, the latter having been invited by the Vatican to lecture at Rome.
    When things like “whether this unprecedented event actually occurred” are said matters become worse. It will be interpreted as an unconscious lack of faith, as an attempt to “prove” the Resurrection event by hooking it on to a cloth that has yet to be authenticated. The creed does not say “… and was buried wrapped in the Turin Shroud” but it does say “..the third day he rose from the dead”.
    The question about the “tombs” and if the “unprecedented event actually occurred” have been dealt with in:
    Lastly, we do not know if radiation had something to do with the image formation. Where are the differences between the image and non-image fibres? If the image is a by-product of Jesus’ resurrection we will never know what sort of power had gone out of the body of Jesus.
    It would be like asking what sort of power was involved in the instantaneous cure of the woman with the haemorrhage, as described in the Gospel according to Mark.

    • piero
      August 18, 2015 at 9:22 am

      In 1954, Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II,
      defended his doctoral thesis on “An Evaluation of the
      Possibility of Constructing a Christian Ethics on the
      Basis of the System of Max Scheler.”

      But I think that, willy-nilly, we have to deal with AFM techniques.
      What is the connection for the past Holy Father (S.t JP II)
      with AFM controls ?

      — —
      Philosophy of Science.
      >Philosophy of science is a branch of philosophy concerned
      with the foundations, methods, and implications of science.
      >The central questions of this study concern what qualifies
      as science, the reliability of scientific theories, and
      the ultimate purpose of science.
      >This discipline overlaps with metaphysics, ontology, and
      epistemology, for example, when it explores the relationship
      between science and truth. …


      and then see also the other side of the Moon:
      >Philosophy of chemistry is the philosophical study
      of the methodology and content of the science of chemistry.
      >It is explored by philosophers, chemists, and
      philosopher-chemist teams.
      >It includes research on general philosophy of
      science issues as applied to chemistry. …

      Which kind of “relationship between science and truth”
      we can observe in the studies around the Holy Shroud?

      • piero
        August 18, 2015 at 9:50 am

        >… the Mars-bound AFM is designed to achieve a resolution of 10 nanometers in an image range of 10 micrometers. For redundancy, it is equipped with 8 addressable sensors and cantilevers on a single chip. The AFM can be operated in static or dynamic mode, enabling it to image loose Martian soil particles without disturbing them. After imaging each sample, the AFM’s micro computer system, backed by the Lander computer, will relay the acquired data back to earth. …


        An important purpose of this mission was to prove that an AFM apparel could survive the space trip and deliver an image (which was demonstrated) …

        Then Shroud Science should use that “nanoscale revolution” in order to improve the knowledges… because current science and nano-technologies can solve our problems about analyses on linen fibrils and thin layers on linen fibrils.

        Then Shroud Science should use that “nanoscale revolution” in order to improve the knowledges…
        As you can see I rest in the limit of Popular Science and I have avoided to speak about AFM controls on Ancient Books coming “from the corrupt pre-Flood civilization”, stored in the strange and presumed Secret Archives (at Giza)!

        • piero
          August 18, 2015 at 9:59 am

          Here a curious problem to solve:
          Try to depict these Ancient Books and the possible levels of foxing after centuries…
          Also: remember the use of an ATR-FTIR instrument…

          Date: 19 May 2004
          “Surface analysis of paper documents damaged by foxing”
          R. Buzio,
          P. Calvini,
          A. Ferroni,
          U. Valbusa

          Applied Physics A
          July 2004, Volume 79, Issue 2, pp 383-387

          The causes of foxing, a rust-red spotting of engravings, books and archive documents, are not yet completely understood, but they are usually ascribed to mould growth and/or heavy-metal-induced degradation of cellulose and sizing materials. In the present work we report the use of attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, image analysis and atomic force microscopy as non-destructive tools for the surface analysis of foxing stains in respect of their chemical and physical characteristics.


        • piero
          August 18, 2015 at 11:18 am

          4500 or 5000 years ago there were no paper books!
          Perhaps we can think that these books were thin metal foils accurately written (…recorded data?) and grouped together to form a book …

          “Secret Chamber Revisited” or
          “The Quest for the Lost Knowledge of Ancient Egypt”
          Robert Bauval

          Was the Great Pyramid just a tomb or does it serve a higher purpose involving a lost “science of immortality”?


          B.T.W.: Do you believe in the possible existence of the presumed “Ancient Books” in that “Secret Chamber”?

          In 1993, Rudolf Gantenbrink from Germany used a miniature robot with a camera to explore the airshafts leading out of the King’s and Queen’s chamber…
          And now we know that they found something that leaves open the mystery …

          Here another link:

      • Louis
        August 18, 2015 at 9:58 am

        Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) thought deeply. I am sure he did not think that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences would havê to close down if the Shroud was authenticated. The mind was made to think, preferably think twice.

        • piero
          August 18, 2015 at 11:03 am

          Excuse me, but what you really want to say (exactly)?
          This Holy Pope urged modern science to seek answers …
          He was much appreciated by the renowned scientist Zichichi. But the center (of Zichichi) in Sicily has never dealt (to my knowledge) with the Shroud …

          >The Superworld is a subject of formidable interest for the immediate future of subnuclear physics to which Zichichi has contributed with a series of important papers of phenomenological and theoretical nature. … etc. …


          >… Sergio Ferrara and Michael Duff, two of the founders of supergravity, superstring and M-theories, introduce the fascinating subject of supersymmetry, superspace and the superworld; the presentation of the seminal papers by Zichichi and his collaborators is made by two eminent physicists: Rudolf Mössbauer and Sergio Ferrara.
          — —
          In my opinion theoretical physicists are too far from the problems of the Holy Shroud …

        • Louis
          August 18, 2015 at 11:24 am

          It was in response to your statement;
          ” What is the connection for the past Holy Father (S.t JP II) with AFM controls ?
          I think all fields of science have failed so far in providing a convincing explanation about how the image may have been formed.

        • piero
          August 20, 2015 at 9:02 am

          I believe that, first of all, we have to admit that it’s impossible to indicate a convincing explanation about the Resurrection because this is a great Mystery of Faith (and, if I am not mistaken, Prof. Giulio Fanti don’t agree on that probable lack of explanation… because he stated that “Science can explain the Resurrection”! Am I wrong in my hasty remark?).

          Until now, we have not yet shown anything about the exact composition of the thin layers (present on linen fibrils) associated with the color.
          That said, however, it is not the last word,
          that is: the final judgment.
          ie: it is not impossible try to investigate the problem more effectively (ie: using appropriate equipment, etc.).

          In short, it seems to me that the most reasonable way to proceed is to avoid the very long speeches on conjectures without checking thoroughly the material that we have to examine, namely:
          the linen fibrils of the Holy Shroud.

          I want to add that bleaching experiments carried out by Colin Berry are interesting, but…
          thereby we have not yet shown anything about the exact composition of the thin layers (present on the linen fibers) associated with the color …

          Also: using NaClO on treated materials without a gray scale to do the comparison in an unprofessional way to work!

          A Gray Scale for Color Change is used to visually evaluate change in color due to colorfastness tests…


          As you already known often I indicated the “AFM three-point bending test” (a test useful in order to measure the Young’s modulus), but …unfortunately…
          I don’t know what is the useful level of knowledge in the chemical-textile field that Pope Francis (and his collaborators) can reach with these exchanges of our vague messages…

          A set of AFM three-point bending tests on irradiated (with different levels of exposure) linen fibrils can be useful to start with some useful controls in order to do some new considerations.
          Is this set of tests too difficult to obtain?
          I don’t believe… because, in my opinion, also a young team of students can do a preliminar set of controls with an appropriate Lab work!
          And, as you can see, now I became only a poor low-level teacher, without other hopes…

        • piero
          August 20, 2015 at 9:18 am

          Errata corrige:
          >we have not yet shown anything about the exact composition of the thin layers (present on linen fibrils) associated with the color …
          >Another thing: using NaClO on linen treated materials without an useful reference: a gray scale to do the comparison (…without speaking of possible colorimetric measurements on adequate small areas!), can be an unprofessional way of working.

          Instead of:
          >we have not yet shown anything about the exact composition of the thin layers (present on the linen fibers) associated with the color …
          >Also: using NaClO on treated materials without a gray scale to do the comparison in an unprofessional way to work!

  3. Sampath Fernando
    August 17, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    I prefer the experiments done by Dr. P. Di. Lazzaro. Compared to the experiments done by other scientists, Dr. Lazzaro’s experiments give us some sort of food for thought to imagine how the image on TS was created.

    Definitely some sort energy dissipated from the dead body of Jesus as resurrected body of Jesus quite different to the body he had before his death.

  4. August 18, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Sounds interesting.

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