A Guest Posting by Yannick Clément

imageReflecting about the body image on the Shroud, I came up with what I consider to be a quite interesting reflection and I would like to share it with everyone. It takes the form of philosophical question: What if the image formation on the Shroud would be in the very same category as the apparition of life on Earth more than 3 Billion years ago, i.e. a wonderful event that came out of God’s will through the natural laws that he created and which science is still unable to fully explain today?

I think it can well be the case and, if it is so, I think we could still consider both events (the apparition of life and the Shroud image formation) as being “miraculous” in a way. Effectively, it’s not because an event happened through the natural laws created by God that it cannot be considered by us as “miraculous” in a way (or at least “wonderful” or “amazing”)…

— Yannick Clément, Louiseville, Québec, Canada

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    1. Good comment. I agree with you to some extent. Nevertheless, on a more philosophical point of view, I would say that every life created by God is unique! ;-)

  1. By the way, the photo was taken by myself on the banks of the beautiful Wolfe River (Rivière du Loup in French), which is located near I live in Louiseville. There, you can admire a lot of creatures created by God!

      1. That’s near where the river connect with the St-Peter Lake (Lac Saint-Pierre) and this is one of the most beautiful place in Québec. Very unique also, This place is a bit like the Louisiana Bayous and I go there very often to meditate on God and his universal salvation plan for all his creation… I also meditate there about the Shroud sometimes.

  2. Essentially it is to know how to be able to well work
    with a true Calculation of Probability …
    Do you remember the problem of the possible
    impact of the “Face Image of the Shroud
    on Art, Coins, and Religions in the Early Centuries” ?…

    Here another example (in order to try to do the inherent
    Probability Calculus):
    perhaps organic matter found on Mars can change
    our ideas about orign and evolution of Life…

    I have found an article titled:
    “About Tricksy Mars may be Obscuring Signs of Organic Matter”

    At the end of that article we can read:
    >It seems that the natural environment on Mars and
    our experimental choices could be conspiring to obscure
    what’s really lurking on the surface. It might be time for
    a radical rethink of how we go about analyzing martian soil. …


    from another source:
    >There’s big news coming out of the Sample Analysis at
    Mars instrument suite (SAM) on NASA’s Curiosity rover.
    >For the first time, organic matter has definitively been
    detected on Mars.
    >In addition to finding organic compounds in rocks,
    SAM has also detected sharp increases and decreases
    in methane levels in the atmosphere.
    >MSL participating scientist, Danny Glavin, explains
    these findings and what they tell us about our search for life on the Red Planet.

    >The team responsible for the Sample Analysis at Mars
    (SAM) instrument suite on NASA’s Curiosity rover has made
    the first definitive detection of organic molecules at Mars.
    >Organic molecules are the building blocks of all known forms
    of terrestrial life, and consist of a wide variety of molecules
    made primarily of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.
    >However, organic molecules can also be made by chemical
    reactions that don’t involve life, and there is not enough
    evidence to tell if the matter found by the team came
    from ancient Martian life or from a non-biological process … …
    >The organic molecules found by the team were in a drilled
    sample of the Sheepbed mudstone in Gale crater,
    the landing site for the Curiosity rover.
    >Scientists think the crater was once the site of
    a lake billions of years ago, and rocks like mudstone
    formed from sediment in the lake. …




    I think we have to study the Shroud and the relics
    (in a better manner) at the same time when we are trying
    to do something of new about the comprehension for
    the origin of Life in our old Universe…

  3. I would like to complete my reflection by saying that it’s not because science can’t, actually, fully explain the start of life in the Universe or the Shroud image formation that I believe that things will remain that way forever. I have some hope that, in the future, science will get closer and closer to find a complete and natural explanation for these 2 “mysteries”. One thing’s for sure: it’s not because science can’t explain something for the moment, that this something must be seen as supernatural or as being an act of God that he would have done like a magician…

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