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We learn from Barrie Schwortz on the STERA Facebook page that (click on the image)…


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      1. Especially when it comes to religion and even more, when it comes to the Shroud! Damn right!

      2. Hello Barrie: Very good interview, I listened to the whole interview. I like how you
        1.Immediately brought into the discussion the match points between the Shroud and the Sudarium,
        2. Talked about the report/conclusions drawn by Barbet, Bucklin & Zugibe. ( 3 forensic pathologists all in agreement)
        3. Brought into discussion the Carbon Dating without getting to hung up on it. Very well done. (avoided the Devil’s trap)
        4. Blood discussion and making it known blood stains have serum contraction rings around them, and more.

        A few months ago I put fresh red blood on 7 different samples of pure linen fabric herringbone weave (made from flax) My own blood in this case. It is still red.

        I believe another contributing factor for why the blood is still red has to do with what the surface that blood is making contact with. Pure linen in this case.

        I am NOT in disagreement the elevated levels of bilirubin are the major reason why the blood has remained red, only mentioning the fact that the blood being transferred to pure linen fabric may be another contributing factor.

        Good luck with all your future endeavors.

        1. Although Barrie Schwortz is currently doing an excellent job, here he is misleading at least on one particular point: the Oviedo Sudarium is not the Johannine soudarion. The latter refers to the Aramaic sudara, an all enveloping cloak or wrap used as a shroud. The OS is just a PRE-burial shroud not a clean wthite burial shroud.

        2. Hello Mr. Max Patrick Hamon: Hope all is going well for you in whatever country you are residing in. France?
          I’ve reached a point in my research where I feel absolutely compelled to be be able to present what I am saying about The Shroud in a visual sense, a genuine demonstrated reality.
          In the same way if I was a Big Foot Researcher I would want to present a high quality video of Big Foot, up close and personal right live on camera. “Here it is”
          One that would leave absolutely no doubt “This thing really does exist” Get a blood sample as well and bring it to a lab.
          If I was a UFO researcher I would want a actual spacecraft on the ground with aliens getting out of the craft, on video. close up shots and with a high quality camera. Live on video, Full HD, with sound.
          If I was trying to prove a demon exists I want one on camera or film an exorcism with a body levitating and objects flying around the room.
          One the huge challenges in Shroud research is that at some point in the research it requires having an actual dead body to wrap in pure linen herringbone weave fabric and attempt to recreate the scenario that went down in 1st Century and with the appropriate spices.

          As crazy as that may sound that is what is needed. A genuine dead body and start experiments. A good relationship with the City Coroner would be helpful.

          That is one of the reasons I am here in Central America. I brought all my gear with me. A lot of paranormal equipment. Night vision cameras, EVP Voice Recorders, Electro Magnetic Field Sensor, Ect.

          There is a Sanitarium here that also used to be max security prison I want to go see soon. Supposedly one of the most haunted places in the world Some of the testimony and photos I saw warrants going to the location and filming. All night long if need be.

          Anyways, I am wishing you success in your Shroud research. Many of the things you are saying make sense to me. See if you can purchase all the spices you need. Pure linen fabric of herringbone weave is available on line. Many of the things you need are available on EBay. The spices and the fabric.
          I think we are both at a point where we need to begin filming our research and start carrying out experiments so people can see visual results.

          We live in a visual age. “Seeing is Believing”

          Good luck Max!

    1. Hello Sampath: I am still attempting to record interference pattern on linen. Very difficult. This process involves having a more powerful laser than what I have.
      Barrie did mention also the Shroud has never been reproduced,
      Many centuries ago The Image of Edessa was “the image not made by human hands”
      “The Shroud of Turin” is also…….. “the image that cannot be made with human hands”
      A very obvious connection, A coincidence? I think not.
      At the end of the day after all is said and done The Shroud remains “the image that cannot be made with human hands” And long after we are both gone and have left this world, The Shroud will still be the only image in the world we cannot replicate.or fully explain. (unless the Spirit of God grants one the wisdom, understanding and insight into how it was)
      Who knows? that person could be you, maybe even tonight. All things are possible.

      If the Image of Edessa was just some painting on linen there would be historical record of it. No one would have looked at it and said “Wow there is an image not made by human hands!” There must have something about that image that was absolutely stunning, something no one had ever seen before. Something amazing…like The Shroud.

      1. Concerning the last paragraph, I disagree completely with you. First of all, the first few mentions of an image of Christ (always a facial image only of the living Christ) that we found in some accounts of the Abgar legend talks specifically about a man-made image done with paint by the man who was sent by Abgar in Jerusalem to meet Jesus. That’s the first point: the image of Edessa was, at the origin, a painted image of the face of the living Christ made BEFORE his passion.

        The second is this: Don’t underestimate the great impact on the faithful and pilgrim’s faith and imagination that an official statement done by the Church leaders in Edessa concerning a so-called supernatural origin for the image could had back in those days (some time during the 6th Century or maybe a bit layer, during the Iconoclast period).

        This is an historical fact that once the Church declare something miraculous, you got immediately a bunch of person to believe this without questioning anything! Look at what happened in Mexico with the Guadalupe Tilma and you’ll see that this is true… Who can be certain if this Tilma is not simply a false painted relic? This is a true possibility, even if the official position of the Mexico Church is to make believe it has been done through a miraculous event and even though you still got millions of faithful and pilgrims to believe it.

        That’s precisely why I said in the short comment you can find above in this same page that when it comes to religion, common sense is not at all the first thing we can find in most faithful’s mind! And when it comes to the Shroud, it’s even truer…

        1. Hello Yannick: i know you are really good researcher, highly intelligent, a man of good moral character. I apologize in any way if my post comes across negatively argumentative or overly aggressive. I don’t want anyone feeling bad, or disrespected in any way. I believe The Shroud was replicated in many ways by many people throughout the centuries. Hundreds and thousands of different types of imitations, In the same way in this day and age any thing considered great is immediately.imitated/replicated. Be that a song, piece of art, a movie, clothing, a new car, toy or game, add infinitum to the list,. Great things are imitated.
          In most cases if not all, the original thing has to exist 1st before there can be a imitation. Where is the original role model? It looks very obvious to me.
          However, Until new evidence is forthcoming and I am able to present in a visual sense new evidence that supports the authenticity of the Shroud I am not going to be posting in regards to the Shroud on this Blog, with perhaps some rare exception, the exception being if The Spirit of God compels me to, and it is in accordance with his will. I am not carrying out my own personal agenda. I seek God’s will with diligence and 100% commitment. Over 7 years now. My work to date is the result of that commitment. I’ve made some mistakes and made some overstatements in some of my presentations. But we learn by doings things and taking action. I know what needs to be done. And for that to accomplished I need to take a step back, A Shroud of Turin break. Spend more time in prayer and much less on internet. Good luck with all your future research.

  1. My rock solid witness will tell you Mr. Yannick Clement THE SHROUD IS GENUINE and is indeed THE SHROUD OF THE LORD, JESUS OF NAZARETH we cannot assassinate his character or claim he is wrong. He is a English Gematria calculator. His numbers add up correctly. He states The Shroud of Turin and the Image of Edessa are one in the same and it’s not a painting.
    The testimony of my witness is compelling, subtle and powerful,
    Gematria is an Assyro-Babylonian system of numerology later adopted by Jews that assigns numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself
    1.Behold The Image of Edessa= 1128
    2. It’s not a painting= 1128
    3. It’s The Mandylion = 1128
    4.Shroud of Turin = 1128
    5.Jesus of Nazareth = 1128
    6. The Shroud of The Lord =1128
    7. Risen Lord Jesus = 1128
    8. Shroud Is Genuine = 1128
    9. A Sacred Winding Sheet = 1128 & Sacred Shining Wrap= 1128 & Encoded Shining Wrap
    10. A Picture Of Jesus =1128
    11. 3D Hologram Of Jesus = 1128
    12. A Optical Illusion = 1128 Inverted Mirror=1128
    13 Greatest 3D Hologram = 1128
    14. 3D Hologram On A Mantle = 1128
    15. Son Of God 3D Hologram = 1128
    16 First 3D Hologram Made = 1128
    17 3D Hologram of God’s Flesh = 1128
    18 Cruelly Scourged = 1128
    19 120 3D Scourge Wounds = 1128
    20 A Brutal Scourging = 1128
    21 Beaten and Crucified Nude = 1128
    22 Crown Of Thorns = 1128
    23 A Number 3 Seen In Blood = 1128 (Refers to blood stain on forehead)
    24. Right Side Pierced = 1128
    25 Legs Not Fractured = 1128
    26 Removed From Linen = 1128
    27 Israeli King Jesus = 1128
    28. 3D Hologram of The King = 1128
    29 A Real 3D Holographic Image = 1128
    30 Good Holographic Image= 1128
    31 Holographic Icon Image= 1128
    32. World Prince Of Peace = 1128
    33. Named Jesus Christ=1128
    (Not much grey area in that last one)

    More Coincidences—
    Shape of Shroud = 1128
    Shroud is 1.1 Meters Wide and 2 X 8 Cubits…1128
    Scope of Shroud = 1182
    Shroud is 1.1 Meters Wide and 8 X 2 Cubits…1182

    Either way it works, (Spirit of God’s sense of humor on that one)
    The reason being because the Shroud has mirror horizontal effect. A little bit of reverse on the numbers and letters still adds up to the same thing.

    Coincidence? No Way.

    11:28 PHRASES

    11:28 John “The Teacher is here and is calling for You”
    11:28 Mathew “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”
    11:28 Luke “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it”

    I challenge anybody in the world to type in the name of a famous person, place or thing on a English Gematria Calculator and then find 33 other phrases and or words that relate to that person, place or thing and they will all have the same number?! No Way!
    The only other name that it works with is Satan and things relating to the Devil at 666.
    and Jesus at 888. Jesus also equals 888 in 3 other languages, Coincidence again?

  2. Dave, I view this as a useless exercise in a form of questionable numerology. BTW: “useless exercise” also computes to 1128. That is amazing, isn’t it! So is it that the shroud is a useless exercise or is it that belief in numerology is? Sorry, Dave, I don’t buy it. Not at all.

    1. Hi Dan, where are the other 32 phrases or words that relate to a “useless exercise”?

      I can put this into a question as in one would see in a IQ Test
      (I know you are a highly intelligent person, I am not doing this in a mocking manner)

      Which of the following does not fit with the rest of the group?

      a. Jesus of Nazareth
      b. Shroud of Turin
      c. Shroud of the Lord
      d. Useless exercise
      e. Son of God 3D Hologram

      There are things on The Shroud of Turin unrelated to the distance information but in pointing those out does that mean the distance information on the Shroud is not genuine?

      In the body of “info” on the Shroud there are water stains. In pointing that out does that mean the distance information is not genuine?

      There are 2 possibilities

      All the phrases and words relating to Jesus and The Shroud that equal 1128 are coincidental.
      All the phrases and words relating to Jesus and The Shroud that equal 1128 are not coincidental.

      There is a purpose and Higher Power intelligence involved or there is not.
      There is no in between. Yes or No.

      Question: What is genuine information?
      To be genuine information the following criteria must be met.
      1. Statistic (Signal, # of Symbols)
      2. Syntax (Set of Symbols)
      3.Semantics (Meaning)
      4.Pragmatic (Action) (When Shroud is placed under VP 8 analyzer the “info takes action”)
      5. Apobetic (Purpose)

      Question: Is the distance info/3D info on the Shroud genuine info or not?

      Note that it passes all 5 tests to be genuine, not random. Higher Power intelligence involved. To conclude otherwise is not logical.

      My Gematria English Calculator has another purpose as well. one of those is to bring attention to this subject. What is genuine and what is not? What is coincidence and what is not?

      Are all the match points between the Sudarium and Shroud also a series of incredible coincidences?

      My question: At one point does one stop and conclude “These cannot all be coincidences”!

      These are all variables one must compute on their own and then at some point, hopefully make a decision. “which means to cut off from any other possibility”

      To continue in doubt and uncertainty for a prolonged time is unhealthy. . The 2 emotions blend, Doubt and Uncertainty blend and create Fear. The underlying cause of all all illness, both physical and mental. A disease is defined “as something that causes the abnormal function of the mind and body” To be in doubt and uncertainty for a prolonged period will cause one to become ill. Making a decision and taking bold action can eliminate that doubt and uncertainty thus eradicating fear out of your life, the normal function of the mind and body is one of the benefits from making such a bold and courageous move.
      Is fear a counselor or a jailor? An ally or enemy? If it is the latter there is a problem
      Sorry to get sidetracked, I am sure you get the point.
      Thanks for responding Dan. Have a Great Day!

      1. Hiya Dave.

        I somehow managed to miss your Gematria in the course of learning and teaching maths and statistcis, so was intrigued to find how it works. This is somewhat tentative, but I think it’s to do with there being a large number of letters in the English alphabet, 26 no less, and the relatively random distribution of the most and least frequent letters used in most English scripts.

        The reason it works with such amazing coincidence is probably due to inputting phrases with a sizeable number of letters, e.g. “shroud of turin” with 13 (half the alphabet, ignoring repetitions). That means that the sums of the letter values, multiplied by 6, add up to a sum total that falls within a fairly narrow range of values. All that’s needed to get that magic 1128 is to tweak here and there, changing one 5 letter word, say, for a synonym that has a slightly different sum.

        Sorry to disillusion you, but that’s probability and statistics for you – the larger the number of “draws” the greater the averaging effect.

        1. PS: In fact, it’s even easier to explain.

          “Shroud of Turin” is the typical length of phrase one is asked to test, comprising 13 letters. The average score for A=1, B=-2, C=3 etc is 13, the midpoint of the alphanet. So the typical sum for a 13 letter phrase is 13×13 i.e. 169, which becomes 1014 when each score is multiplied by 6 (as per Gematria score system). So one’s now very close to 1128, the difference being a mere 114, or a single letter value of 19 (the letter S!) which is easily remedied by adding or subtracting a letter here or there.

          The reason it works is because the most and least frequently used letters are fairly random distributed, not bunched together. If instead of ABCDE the English alphabet went ETAOINS etc (ranked by decreasing frequency) then Gematria would not work.

        2. Hello Mr. Colin Berry: Thanks for replying to my post. If it was my goal to create reasonable doubt on the other side. I would take a famous person, such as Tiger Woods for example which equals 810 or another name, place or thing that adds up closer to 1128. and then find 12 words or phrases associated with that person, place or thing that also equals 810
          Tiger Woods= 810
          Hole in One=
          A golf pro=

          Or it could be a famous singer
          Elvis Presley = 1002
          Don’t be Cruel = ?

          Bottom Line: Should be easy to debunk.

          If one can find 12 things that make sense and fit in with that person and equal the same number in the minds of a jury it would likely create reasonable doubt. They would be thinking “this works with anything” “This is not a message left behind by the Spirit of God” “It’s coincidental” “that lawyer is trying to trick me into believing the Shroud is genuine”

          These are other things in Gematria that are also noteworthy to mention.
          The name of Jesus for example = 888 in 3 languages. Hebrew, Greek and English
          More 888 Combos (there are more I did not include to save time and space)

          A Message From God 888
          Jesus Messiah 888
          The Lion of Judah 888
          Jesus The King 888
          He is the Messiah 888
          He was Scourged 888
          Mocked and Crucified 888
          He is a crucified Man 888
          Laid in a Garden tomb 888
          A clean linen cloth 888
          Burial Shroud 888
          Eternal Kingdom 888
          Saved In Jesus 888

          Here are some 666 Combos (there are more I did not include to save time and space)

          1. Mark of Beast=666
          2. Witchcraft=666
          3. Insanity=666
          4. Slaughter=666
          5. Corrupt=666
          6. Necromancy=666
          7. Demonic Evil=666
          8.Image of Satan=666
          9.Forehead Sign=666
          10.Satan’s Seal=666
          11. Demon Inside=666
          12. Satan’s Hell=666
          13. The Eden Snake=666

          Gematria has been around for thousands of years. The English language has only been around for 550 years. Therefore the following results in Gematria could not have been fixed or set up by human intelligence. It is either a coincidence that’s a statistical monstrosity or a message from a higher source. Unlike other modern languages, the English language is the world’s language, to which all others must comply in order to conduct business in the modern world. If a Higher Power wanted to reach the largest amount of people with a message, the English language would be the one he would use to leave messages behind.

          It is of my belief that is exactly what was done. Many centuries ago.

          On a closing note I want to make it clear I am not posting things like this with the goal of “proving someone wrong” or out of spitefulness. I do not want anyone feeling uncomfortable or bad in any way. Quite the opposite. I want people feeling good. Having success in their lives. Feeling free and happy. That includes every body. Skeptic or not.
          Everyone deserves a chance to have a happy, successful and purposeful life. It is of my belief that can be achieved by one turning their life and will over the care of the Man in The Shroud/Jesus. To give him a chance before rejecting him as a folklore story.
          No one wants to come to the end of their life with a “What If?” “What might have been had I given God a chance in my life” That said. May The Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding Rest upon you, A spirit of power and love eternal. Amen

    1. Hello Hugh: I do believe in coincidence and random good luck. That is based on years of research. Yes, one could falsely perceive a Higher Power/God is involved in something when in fact it is not. A single random event or even a few repeating themselves does not add up being to a miracle/message or as being genuine information. In the same way a single letter or 2 does not make a word.
      But when a event repeats itself over and over again is where it gets the attention of a forensic detective, as in 7 or more coincidences that point to the same suspect. In such cases what were initially called “coincidences” turned out not be coincidence.

      Recall that I wrote
      “I challenge anybody in the world to type in the name of a famous person, place or thing on a English Gematria Calculator and then find 33 other phrases and or words that relate to that person, place or thing and they will all have the same number?!”

      Where are the other 32 phrases or words that relate to Demon Mind Control that equal 1128?

      Where are the other 32 phrases or words that relate to Satanic Bloodline that equal 1128?

      Where are the other 32 phrases or words that relate to Alien Infiltration that equal 1128?

      Those are random events, single letters that do make a complete word or message.
      . Pieces of a puzzle that do not make a complete picture.

      To make it easier try and find only 12 other words or phrases under, Demon Mind Control or Alien Infiltration that equal 1128.

      And they must have an obvious direct connection.

      Such as
      Shroud of Turin= 1128
      Jesus of Nazareth = 1128
      A Picture of Jesus= 1128
      The Shroud of the Lord=1128
      A Sacred Winding Sheet=1128
      Son of God 3D Hologram=1128
      Named Jesus Christ=1128

      There is no grey area there. They fit together, like pieces of puzzle that are obviously connected and go together with ease.

      Satanic Bloodline and Demon Mind Control are related. Good. Where are the other 31 phrases or words that relate to it? That is only 2 pieces of a puzzle, 2 letters that do not make a complete word or message. Random events without meaning. To be genuine information the following criteria must be met.
      1. Statistic (Signal, # of Symbols)
      2. Syntax (Set of Symbols)
      3.Semantics (Meaning)
      4.Pragmatic (Action) (When Shroud is placed under VP 8 analyzer the “info takes action”)
      5. Apobetic (Purpose)

      What you listed does not meet this criteria. What I listed is much closer to meeting the criteria for genuine information, The acid test to know if there is a outside intelligence at work or not is this, Does the “info” pass all 5 tests? If so we can then a make a clear distinction between what is random or not random. Coincidence or not. There are still missing pieces of the puzzle that I have not listed. It is not yet a complete picture.

      On a side note, the distance/3D info on Shroud meets/passes all 5 of the requirements to be genuine information. Not a random letters and meaningless symbols that do make a complete message. Look at the list. Shroud passes all 5. Extremely noteworthy.

      Your skills at math are way above average. You should be able to debunk what I wrote here as not being genuine information with fair ease if is coincidental and random. But it will take more than just presenting a few random events to do so.

      And while doing so, make sure to have some fun doing it! Enjoy the journey.

      thanks Hugh for responding, always a pleasure.

  3. You’re letting yourself be bamboozled by a clever way of demonstrating the Law of Averages Dave. That became quickly obvious to this killjoy sceptic yesterday with that last example of yours (which I took for testing on account of your “grey area” rider).:

    33. Named Jesus Christ=1128
    (Not much grey area in that last one)

    The very first test I did was to replace “named” with a word that means the same (“”called”), and guess what? Both “named” and “called” score exactly the same, i.e. 222.
    Actually, there’s a bit of luck there, given there’s only 5 versus 6 letters in each. But the coincidence was sufficient to get me wondering why.

    It’s nothing to do with the age or importance of a language. It’s mainly to do with having a large number of letters in an alphabet and a fairly random distribution of the least/most frequently used letters. That’s the input from probability and statistics. But there’s another input that is more subtle, one that comes with choice of words for testing the system. By choosing a phrase that has something to do with Christianity, Jesus, the Shroud (pre-Sabbath variety of course, not intended for final interment) good, evil etc you are ensuring that there’s a rich vocabulary from which to write all those variants for testing.

    You could achieve the same in a more secular way by choosing “The vehicle crashed into the garden wall” and again you have lots of variants, but if you had “He was like a bear with a sore head” you find you quickly run out of alternative ways of saying it (“she was like a coyote with an itchy paw” doesn’t quite do the business, does it?). The trick for making an impression, especially on the always-open-to-new-ideas super-impressionable, is to choose a synonym-friendly way for selling the Gematria message that there’s hidden magic at work in an otherwise boring old world. But there are other ways of making the world less boring – which is not to take everything one reads on trust, and to suss out for oneself how the mind-control fraternity is able get away with their recruitment strategies through exploiting and weaponizing the oddities of maths and statistics. I’m trying to think of another more visual example that works like your Gematria, able to subtly ‘sell a magical message’ that reels ’em in by the score, on this site especially. I shall Pray it comes to me in a minute. Code-X seems to ring a bell.

    1. Good Evening Mr. Collins: Thanks for replying. You have a very imaginative unique writing style, with a touch of humor as well. The only thing I am actually selling and promoting is my vacation rental property. I have some guests coming this week and a ill person I have to attend to so I have to make this response a bit short. We do not promote any of our videos, on rare occasion they are shared as the one shared on this this site. But that does not increase views being here. People come by attraction not promotion. If we wanted bigger numbers, we could go that route, but we prefer not too. We are against door to door knocking and telemarketing type things. Very much against that.
      The Gematria display is a take it or leave it type presentation. I don’t believe there is anything magical about Gematria. Just letters and numbers. We try not to get to hung up on any single display. You mentioned a “mind control fraternity” I am not exactly sure who that would be in reference too, but on our channel we are not interested in controlling anyone or recruiting anyone. We sell nothing. We do not ask a person to part with any of their hard earned money. To do so would be against the will of God. At least for me, I can’t speak for anyone else. We do not have a Church or Ministry or anything like that. We ask only that people acknowledge the good works of the Lord Jesus. The Shroud being a witnessing tool only. Let the Spirit of God take over after that. Who is also not controlling or domineering but flexible and open minded. That is based on my personal experience.
      There are a lot of sick people in the world Mr. Collins doing very unholy and sick things. Claiming to represent the Lord yet they do not represent him. Launching attacks against people like you mentioned, I believe you called it a serial browbeater.
      Just so you know not everyone is like that. In the same way one who is skeptic/sceptic cannot be stereotyped as being __________ It is flat out not true.
      Or one who is pro authenticity for the Shroud is not a __________.
      We are all unique individuals with different life paths to follow. Different destinies.
      A time and a purpose for everything under Heaven.
      On a closing positive note you are least doing experiments and making a visual presentation with how you believe The Shroud image was formed. Not many are doing that. We live in a visual age. People want to see things. Let them see everything. Let them see both sides. Like I said in the beginning, there is a sick person I have to attend too that requires my attention. I have to go. Perhaps we will cross paths again in the future sometime. Peace. David

      1. Thanks Dave for introducing me to Gematria. It’s been interesting (reminding of an even spooker program that appeared on the internet some years ago that seemed able at first sight to be able to read one’s mind, but which I finally sussed – something to do with the properties of multiples of 9 as I recall!).

        Our little conversation has been saved for posterity on my site as well as here (Third entry, Week 32, 2015).

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