And While We Are Talking About Australians

he actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud," the alleged letter
from the retired pontiff reads

A posting from September 2014: Tinfoil Hat Version of Face Matching

clip_image001[4]The Christian Post is even reporting this, so yes, they will print preposterous stories. But the only part of the headline that is new is the second part. I guess Golightly found a convert from California. It reads:

Australian Preacher Claims He’s Jesus Christ, Calls Pope Francis the ‘Anti-Christ’: American Man Abandons Family, Sells Home to Live Down Under With Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Who Says He Is Second Coming of Christ

The shroud is the proof. The story goes on:

A 71-year-old Australian preacher has recently been making news with claims that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, by comparing his image to the face imprinted in the famous Shroud of Turin. The preacher reportedly convinced an American man to sell his home, abandon his family, and go follow him.

The preacher has also claimed that Pope Benedict XVI backed his case in a letter, but retired before making an official proclamation.

Daily Mail Australia reported on Monday that the preacher, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, who lives in Toogoom, Queensland, has for years been making the claim that he is Jesus, and has even shared the supposed letter where Pope Benedict admits of the resemblance between his face and the Shroud of Turin imprint.

"You see, many days ago Mr. Brian Marshall sent me photographs of Him and the Most Holy Shroud of Turin — he actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud," the alleged letter from the retired pontiff reads.

"There is no other explanation. He is simply the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty! I was so penetrated with love and compassion from God that I requested the photo I saw to be put in a place of honor somewhere. He is the Most Royal Man Alive, The King of Kings. … The Messiah, Almighty and Everlasting," it continues.

There is no record of Pope Benedict or the Vatican ever mentioning Marshall in public speeches, however, and there is no way for the alleged letter to be verified.

The preacher has claimed that Benedict planned to make the affirmation in March 2013, but was foiled by Pope Francis, who Marshall called the "anti-Christ."

The Daily Mail also shared the story of a man, who wasn’t named, who said that his American father-in-law left behind his wife, children and grandchildren, to go to Australia and live with Marshall as a follower.

"He believes this guy, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, is Jesus Christ. He told his wife that he’s going to go to Australia to be with him. Leaving her and his kids and grand-kids to go be with this guy," said the man, who lives in California.

I mean, really, if you are down under and upside down all day, it is understandable.

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  1. We already discussed this, see “And we are all mathematicians … “, start at Louis comment, Jul 27, 4:07 pm.

    You can find maps both in NZ & Australia which show the South Pole at the top of the page, but then it’s a mere convention. But it’s your man from California who’s upside down!

    1. Hello daveb
      That’s right, and I even thought you may be able to have coffee with him and then post your comments for us here to read, but then Thomas said that depending on the man’s location the distance would be the same as between London and Jerusalem.
      Jokes aside, these kind of claims appear now and then because religion is in decline in the West and people are looking for some “palpable” demonstration that God exists. Quite often even Christians ask, What is the meaning of it all?
      Personally I think that systematic theology has been unable to provide satisfactory answers and Rome, at least, cannot make any pronouncements because many claims in physics and biology are yet to be verified. What I have read so far from that end are the responses Benedict XVI gave to the German journalist Peter Seewald in many of the interviews he granted and which have been published in books also available in English.
      The big problem is that the questions being asked today are not exactly new, they can be traced even to the biblical period, even before the Essenes formed their community, trying to find a way to please God, that is, to separate themselves as the “sons of light” and keep away from the “sons of darkness”, the rest of humanity:
      In our own period I have seen top biblical scholars also trying to make sense of some of the things stated in the Bible, looking for the same responses:
      There are also renowned authors, in the field of literature, who try to do the same:
      As you know, it is also the reason why many look to the Turin Shroud for an answer.

  2. Out of my love and respect for our Lord, I will say nothing about the fraud the article is about.

  3. The fellow lives 300 km north of Brisbane. It’s very hot up there, I have seen people at Surfers Paradise getting a sun-tan on the beach in late winter. In summer they live in their swimming pools. The heat obviously goes to some of their heads.

    But Louis makes a valid point. With the decline in religion, it still seems to be part of our natural instinct to look for a substitute and would-be aspirants will attempt to take up the role. Others will worship at the altar of skepticism.

    Is it fraud? Perhaps, but there are also the self-deluded who would be better served by taking their medication. Occasionally such movements can turn violent, and of course there have been incidents of mass suicide, by those following a false messiah. Some will see it as the anti-christ at work.

    “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee, O Lord” – Augustine.

      1. At least the Australian reincarnated Christ doesn’t kill Christians like those in the Eastern Lightning cult of the female reincarnated Christ, who is referred to as “Lightning Deng.”

        Quote from one of the cult memebers:

        “Go to hell, demon,” one of the accused, Zhang Lidong, yelled as he beat the woman with a steel mop handle, telling her she would “never come back in the next reincarnation.”

  4. This guy is mad and so mad. There are many people like him and they call themselves as they are incarnations of past religious leaders.

    If that mad guy read the Gospels he has to understand that Jesus is not to reincarnate again.

    I am waiting for spring to go to Canberra to see Floriade.

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