Time’s Square

imageA.G. Harmon, who teaches Shakespeare, Law and Literature and other subjects at The Catholic University of America reviews a book of short stories over at Patheos’ Evangelical Channel. The book is William Baer’s  newest book, Times Square and Other Stories. These few words in his posting, The Art of the Authentic: Bill Baer’s Times Square, caught my attention:

The desire to be original is in fact at the heart of our first mistake—a desire not to be God-like, but to be God himself. How fine the line is between imitation and appropriation, between inspiration and theft.

Other stories tease out the same idea, but space permits mentioning only two: In “Shroud,” the drastic consequences of a man’s devotion to the story behind the Shroud of Turin—and to the need for demonstrable proof—is contrasted with the faith that makes that story irrelevant….

How often, in so many ways, do I say this, sometimes out loud?  And lately I’ve been wondering how much I mean what I say?

Tip:  Google Books will let you sample the book. Click on page 171. It looks interesting.

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  1. My name is Larry E. Slover. I have written a song called, The Image on the Cloth. It will be released in a few days. Today is June 27, 2015. The image in the cloth is Jesus the Lord. The burial cloth is the burial cloth of Jesus the Lord. It was my great pleasure to do the song with one of the great singers of our time, Angela Primm, I hope this wonderful song will be able to touch your heart.

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