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Housekeeping: How to Participate

imageA reader asks, “How do I sign up for your group?”

It is not my group.  In fact it is not a group at all.  It is a public blog. You could say it is my blog because I started it, I moderate it, and I keep it going.  I post new topics at least six times a week. Sometimes I post two or three topics on the same day. 

But you could also say that this blog belongs to everyone who participates.  That is how I think about it. And most people can participate.

Everyone can offer comments except spammers, annoying trolls and people who are excessively insulting to others.  So far, only four people out of hundreds of people have been blocked from participating.

If you are reading the blog on the web, click on the title of a posting, scroll down until you see the words, “Leave a Reply,” and type in your comment.  If you follow the blog by email, as more than 700 people do, click on the comment button in the email. That will open a page in your browser to just the right place. 

You must also enter a name and an email address. You may use your full name or just a nickname. The name you provide will appear in the blog.  Your email address will not. It will never be released.

When you comment for the first time, your comment will be delayed until I can review it. I carry a smart phone and review comments throughout the day. After I have approved your first comment, your subsequent comments will appear instantly. This method of checking the first time is how we catch the trolls. It works.

On rare occasions I have found it necessary to remove or edit a comment, which is a pain-in-the-butt.  “Butt” is near the unacceptable end of the spectrum of acceptable wording. Capisce? Don’t make me edit out words, please.

You may email me with suggestions for topics or with comments that don’t fit under any particular posting.  You may also write guest postings for consideration. My email address is shown in the right-hand column.

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