The Shroud of Turin Exposition on Social Media

imageThe Archdiocese of Turin, under the leadership of the Pontifical Custodian of the Shroud Msgr. Cesare Nosiglia, Archbishop of Turin has done an extraordinarily good job of organizing the 2015 Exposition. Part of this has been assembling a network of informative cyberspace venues.

Their home page is available in Italian, French and English. Not so, unfortunately, are many of the interior pages, a disappointment only because there is such wonderful content. Alas, forsooth, sweet Google translation. To read or not to read, that is the question.

Here are the official social media outlets:

The Holy Shroud Official Website

Sindone 2015 Facebook

Sindone 2015 Twitter

Sindone 2015 YouTube Channel

Sindone 2015 Google+

Sindone 2015 Instagram

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    1. You tried that before, Andy, without any justification. Would you like to explain why you think it? It may be that Cesare Nosiglia was never a Monsignor as such, as it seems to be a normal way of describing any bishop in some languages, whether he was previously a monsignor or not, but if he was, I do not think that the honorific lapses just because of one’s elevation to episcopacy.

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