Barrie Schwortz to Publish 118 Issues of Rex Morgan’s Shroud News

imageSo Stephen Jones tells us. Moreover:

I have decided to re-start (again!) my Shroud of Turin News. The last issue was in October 2013. What prompted me was that I have started scanning the 118 issues of fellow Australian Rex Morgan’s Shroud News, with his permission, for a new archive of that name on Barrie Schwortz’ According to Schwortz the Shroud News archive should commence "this summer," and will be announced in his imminent late April, update. Also, I had recently read Mark Guscin’s"Interview With Rex Morgan" in the BSTS Newsletter No. 63 of June 2006, in which Morgan [right] said:

There have been many letters asking me to resurrect Shroud News and I would much like to. The mountain of material I have assembled since the last one would enable me to produce issues for many more years.

While I do not claim that this is the successor to Morgan’s Shroud News(which is one reason I have called it "Shroud of Turin News"), I do hope that this new (or re-started) series will help in some small way to fill the void left by Morgan’s decision to not continue with his original Shroud News after December 2001. As before, I will add my comments to Shroud-related news and other articles in reverse chronological order (latest uppermost). My comments are in bold to distinguish them from the articles’.

I wish him luck.  And, certainly, all of us will appreciate the scanning work he is undertaking.

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