Audio of Barrie Schwortz on Coast to Coast

Someone with the handle Conflict April has posted a YouTube of Barrie’s radio interview on Coast to Coast. The audio only YouTube runs just over two and half hours.

Enjoy. YouTube Link

3 thoughts on “Audio of Barrie Schwortz on Coast to Coast”

  1. I did get a chance to hear Barrie, I listened to the entire broadcast.
    The following character traits were observed while I listened to Barrie speak about the Shroud, the Sudarium & answer questions from callers.
    1. Attentive
    2. Calm
    3. Caring
    4. Focused
    5. Helpful
    6. Honest
    8. Mature
    9. Patient
    11 Unpretentious
    12. Wise/Intelligent

    All the same character traits of Jesus of Nazareth. As a result of getting “wrapped up in the Shroud” he has become like the Man himself. Taking on his good character. Evidence that supports authenticity. Success is about who you become as a person. Barrie has become a successful person as a result of over 30 years of being involved with “The Man In The Shroud” “You will know them by their fruits” Barrie has “good fruits” to offer.

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