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Alan Whanger vs Hugh Farey on Premier Christian Radio

Hugh Farey writes:

On  Monday Dr Alan Whanger and I recorded a discussion programme with Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio (London based) to be transmitted at 2:30 (UK Time) on Holy Saturday, after a documentary, also featuring Alan but not me this time, at 2:00. The documentary is called Turin Shroud: A Relic of the Resurrection, and the discussion after it is called "Unbelievable: Was the Turin Shroud the Burial Cloth of Christ?" Both programmes are also available, already, as podcasts on

CLICK HERE and then click on the Play Button on the purple bar to listen now to the program with Alan and Hugh.

Unbelievable? Is the Turin Shroud the burial cloth of Christ? Alan Whanger vs Hugh Farey

Saturday 4th April 2015 – 02:30 pm

Two guests with different views on the authenticity of the Turin Shroud join Justin to debate following his feature documentary on the Shroud.

Alan Whanger has spent decades researching the shroud and believes he has seen images on it that link it to 1st Century Israel. Hugh Farey Iliad spent decades surveying shroud literature and has done to the conclusion it is medieval in origin.

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