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Nice Idea for the Shroud Exposition 2015

imageGoogle translation of some news reported this past Saturday on the Archdiocese’s Shroud of Turin Exposition 2015 website:

Two hundred volunteers – including doctors, nurses and other professionals – and in two local hospitals equipped to host and provide the necessary assistance to the sick and disabled who come to Turin to see the Shroud and want to stay at least one night in town.

In preparing the Exposition special attention is paid to people who are ill or disabled, which is also reflected in the way of acceptance with the creation of two Accueil , on the model of Lourdes. An initiative designed in order to allow the pilgrims (sick and carers) can, as mentioned, sleep at least one night in the city and arrange a visit to the Shroud without the fatigue of a day trip.

"These two spaces – recalled Don Marco Brunetti , Director of Health Pastoral Care, the presentation of the Accueil March 28 at Maria Adelaide in the presence of Archbishop Mgr. Nosiglia – for the entire period of the Exhibition (from April 19 to June 24), provide 70 beds with bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, volunteers 24 hours 24 and medical care. A good example of collaboration between many realities that really puts the patient at the center.

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