Picture for Today: Exposition Reliquary Being Delivered


Translated, with some help from Google, from the Archdiocese of Turin Shroud Exposition Facebook page:

At dawn [March 5, 2015] the reliquary that will host the Shroud during the 67-day exposition was delivered to cathedral in Turin. The Holy Shroud will be protected by a thick glass specifically designed to improve viewing. The cloth will be transferred in the days immediately preceding the opening of 19 April.

Note:  The cathedral is currently closed to the public until the opening day of the exposition.

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  1. Those who are in the London area may be interested in “From Wiseman to Manning”. Wiseman built the cathedral and Manning, one of the “eminent Victorians”, was known for his intervention in the dockers’ strike and his position on vivisection.
    There has never been a Shroud exposition there.

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