From a small news segment on CNN

imageBilly Hallowell writes in The Blaze, Is the Shroud of Turin ‘Real’ — and Why Are People Still Talking About Jesus 2,000 Years Later? Pastor’s Candid Response:

With the forthcoming CNN series “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery” set to premiere on March 1, the network brought a pastor involved with the production on-air and asked whether he believes the Shroud of Turin — a relic that many believe was Jesus’ burial cloth — is authentic.

That preacher, Erwin Raphael McManus of Mosaic Church in Las Angeles, California, offered a candid response before offering some additional views on the intrigue surrounding Christ.

“I think, no,” he responded. “But I don’t think that necessarily matters.”

Despite his view that the shroud likely wasn’t used during Jesus’ burial, McManus said that the relic’s authenticity or lack thereof has little impact on the continued quest to understand Christ — an investigation that has continued among believers and skeptics, alike, through the ages.

3 thoughts on “From a small news segment on CNN”

  1. Pastor Erwin McManus understands the situation. I have always said that even if the Shroud is proved to be authentic and does indeed in some form or the other demonstrate Jesus’ Resurrection many more questions will still be left awaiting responses.

  2. When I was reedemed or saved it was after I left a protestant church, and drove to a gas station. It was 9pm at night. I believed in my heart I could heal my mother on a pay phone. At that time the Spirit of Genesis 1:2 was a light or photographic light with the power of God behind it. It removed my heart and gave me another from God.Ezekiel 36:26 A new heart also will I give you, —and I will take away the stoney heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. (from God) []

  3. Naturally……………the CNN show, Finding Jesus, revealed absolutely, positively and most assuredly nothing new. I’ve had the answer to the Shroud for years.

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