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Windsor Star Story on Upcoming Shroud of Turin Exhibition

Check it out:  Windsor, Ontario, Canada is just south of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The Windsor Star has an article about the Shroud of Turin exhibit coming to Windsor, which is inexplicably to be found in the paper’s Health News section.

The leading paragraph reads:

The controversial Shroud of Turin exhibit, which has intrigued religious and secular minds for centuries, is coming to Windsor for several weeks of public viewing.

I know I’m being picky but it is the Shroud of Turin that is controversial and has intrigued religious and secular minds for centuries. One of many exhibits about the shroud is coming to Windsor.

This paragraph that tries to oh-so-neatly categorize people into two groups:

Religious believers say the shroud’s bloodstains clearly depict the flogging, spearing, coronation and crucifixion of Jesus. Others, who focus on carbon dating evidence, believe the cloth was a clever medieval prop created around the 14th Century.

For years I was a religious believer who assumed the shroud was a 14th Century fake relic. Interestingly enough, when I focused the carbon dating evidence, I began to question what I assumed. My religious beliefs were such that I would have probably preferred that the shroud was fake. But that is another story. And that’s the point. You can’t so categorize people.

There was this:

“What’s impressive about Barrie is his history,” Bonin said. “He actually spent most of his life trying to prove that it was all false, but he came to the realization that it’s true.”

Most of his life?  Really? Was this quote checked?

Note: Montage of free-use images of Windsor, Ontario from Wikipedia.

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