On Deaf Ears Here?

As Colin Berry writes in his own Science Buzz blog: The Turin Shroud is clearly a medieval fake – albeit a very clever one. What more is there to say? 

Well, he does say:

Having wasted thousands of words pressing simple straightforward logic, and getting little back by way of  return except ridicule and insults (the few exceptions to that broad-brush description know who they are) I decided to bow out, and do so in a way that makes a point. I posted images instead of text. Any words of my own, the minimum needed, were incorporated into the images to create a series of cartoons, billboards etc. Images are more powerful than words.

Images imprint onto the visual cortex, a major part of the hind-brain with a minimum of pre-processing that is in any case not under conscious control.

Words on the other hand get consciously pre-processed in many subjective ways, so much so that where Porter’s site is concerned, 99% or more of one’s words either fall on deaf ears or get hopelessly scrambled and commuted within seconds of receipt.

Or, as Eminem rapped it in Taking My Ball (as you read these four lines you need to bounce the upper half of your body straight up and down – you see, you can rap):

imageIt feels so wrong, does it feel so right? But its alright, it’s okay with me.

I’ll do my steps all by myself, I don’t need nobody to play with me,

But if you just give me a chance, I can put you in a trance the way I dance .

But don’t nobody wanna play with me so I’m taking my ball and going home (home).

Here is the topmost image from Colin’s posting. No sense messing with words:


Picture of Eminem with deaf ears is a publicity picture from eminem.com.

14 thoughts on “On Deaf Ears Here?”

  1. I have read some of the highlighted article above from the Science Buzz blog. The contents of the blog are reflective of the non-believers who have make comments in the many Shroud blogs. It is apparent that there is one in the Universe who will do anything to dissuade people from believing that our Lord Jesus Christ was Resurrected from the dead after being physically murdered by non-believers some 2,000 years ago. The Shroud is a scientifically provable solid piece of evidence of that Resurrection. It is a gift from our God to us. It is not just words written down on a parchment and recopied. It is a part of the original fact.

    1. Don’t You think that there is a certain degree of caricature in that portrait of Jesus (= the Man of the Shroud) that appears on that ancient Sheet?
      I am referring to the anamorphisms that are present on the cloth.
      Are you able to see some degree of “anamorphic” distortion to the image?
      What do you think about the study (= An Artist’s Study of the Shroud Image)
      by Roger W. Basset?

      Click to access stlbasset1.pdf

      — — — *** — — —
      Another question.
      Here two lines for those who believe in the C14-1988 :
      They should at least try to do an attempt to disprove the “numismatic dating”
      by Prof. Giulio Fanti…
      And I want to add that this verification (about the “numismatic dating” by Fanti)
      has nothing to do with the fact of being believers or non-believers…

  2. Colin’s leap of faith that the shroud is a fake – is quite a leap. There should be an Olympic medal for the kind of leaps Colin makes. He believes the shroud is a fake – but UFOs and All Star Wrestling is for real.

  3. “… simply a feeble agenda-driven attempt to explain away the radiocarbon-dating. No serious scholar or academic should waste a single second indulging that fantasy.”

    A serious scholar and professional scientist who accepts that an alleged scientific result cannot be gainsaid by tossing out any semblance of sampling protocols!

    “Images imprint onto the visual cortex, a major part of the hind-brain with a minimum of pre-processing that is in any case not under conscious control. / Words on the other hand get consciously pre-processed in many subjective ways, ”

    The evangelists wrote the gospels, Paul wrote his epistles, but it was Jesus who had the wisdom to leave an image!

    He’ll be back, it will continue to haunt him, he can never leave it alone, whether sweat-imprints, or scorching, or some other novel notion.

      1. The purpose of having pictures in the comments is to support discussions about the shroud and related subjects. It is not for silly cartooning. They will likely be deleted from now on.

  4. One doesn’t know the difference between the photographic negative image and a painting. Other one tried to tell that the image was a scorch but he failed to prove it. Now he is using controversial Carbon Dating to support his new claim.

  5. In my opinion the cartooning by Colin about the attempts
    (right or wrong) to improve the knowledges about the Shroud
    has nothing to do with the struggle of the supporters of freedom
    of speech and freedom of the press …

    Am I wrong in my boring complaint?
    — — —
    Barrie Schwortz (dismitting “Freeman’s claims”) invoked the numismatic proof
    about the early coins (an interesting “numismatic dating” was well illustrated
    by prof. Eng. G. Fanti in her own book …) …

    So far as I know the numismatic dating (prof. Fanti)
    has never been denied by any paper.
    So far so good… but some of the friends of this blog by Dan
    do not want to hear anything about this interesting argument
    against the C14 1988…
    — — —
    if You want You can play different types of bellows-blown bagpipes…
    Do you know the Angel playing bagpipes (in Edinburgh)?
    Perhaps you won The star of the Order of the Displeased,
    so I beg your pardon …

    Are we (perhaps) the poor pipers?
    I believe we can try to show something on numismatic dating
    using examples from Roman archaeology…
    But … Where are the numismatic experts (professional persons)
    with an adequate set of new comparative analyses ?

    1. Last week we were able to read the news about the death of Michele Ferrero:
      “Michele Ferrero dead: Nutella billionaire dies aged 89 on Valentine’s Day”

      >The world’s richest confectioner, whose Nutella spread helped raise generations and Ferrero Rocher chocolates were legendary as the choice for ambassadors, has died aged 89.
      >Michele Ferrero, who had been ill for several months, died on Valentine’s Day surrounded by his family at his home in Montecarlo. …
      >The patriarch of the Ferrero empire was said to have defined the Italian confectionary landscape. He and his family were ranked 30th on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest billionaires in 2014, said to be worth $23.4 billion.

      — —
      Colin knows Nutella because he was able to do an “impactograph”. …
      I am still curious about the strange idea of “impactography”… and the
      possibility to improve the experiments about the “impactography”.
      See also: the japanese imprint, gyotaku…

      In any case Nutella is a form of a chocolate spread.
      >Nutella is made by harvesting cocoa beans from the cocoa tree and leaving them out to dry for about 10 days. They are then roasted to release the cocoa butter and then pressed to remove all the cocoa butter. This butter is not used in the Nutella, but is taken away to be used for other chocolate products. What’s remaining is pure cocoa, which is then crushed. Hazelnuts are then inspected to ensure quality, and cleaned and then roasted. Each jar of Nutella contains about 50 hazelnuts! After they have been roasted they are added to a mixture of the pure cocoa powder, skimmed milk, sugar.
      > This mixture is then mixed into a smooth paste that we all love and sent for packaging

      Link: http://www.chemistryislife.com/the-chemistry-of-nutella

      >Hazelnuts, (or Corylus avellana), are rich in Folate, an important vitamin that helps prevent megaloblastic anemia and neural tube defects in newborn babies.
      >They are also an excellent source of vitamin E, which is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant that is required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane and mucus membranes and skin because it protects it from harmful oxygen-free radicals.
      >Hazelnuts are also a rich source of minerals including manganese, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium … …

      In other words, I think Colin might well explain certain things from the perspective of medical-pharmaceutical, but he should not be so harsh towards the blog of Dan making the exchange of opinions really ridiculous …

      With cartoons Colin could ridicule the blog by Dan,
      instead I think that he should do the experiments,
      or improve them, and then it should show us
      the results that he gets (and, possibly, giving us a probabilistic judgment,
      his “probabilistic verdict”).

  6. “The strategy of Colin is to destroy this blog.”

    The only things Colin has been destroying so far, being (over)-exposed on this blog, are his own credentials.

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