This week, on the Holy Shroud Guild’s Facebook page, Giorgio Bracaglia alerted us to a slideshow of  rare photographs of artist Lorenzo Ferri (1902-1975) and his work. On the Guild site Giorgio tells us:

Professore Ferri translated the Shroud markings into a three dimensional clay.

Professore Ferri carefully measures the negative print of the face in the Shroud so he can  check the impressions from his clay creation with the impressions on the Shroud negative print.

The clay bust reveals based on his studies of what Jesus would have looked like.

The photographer is unknown. Archives from the Holy Shroud Guild


  1. Scroll the page down far enough to push the Holy Shroud Guild masthead out of the way.  This way all of the pictures will appear in your browser.
  2. On any photograph in the automatic slideshow, click on the picture and a pause button will appear. You can pause the show and resume it.