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. . .  including Wayne Phillips as he searches for answers about the burial cloth of Jesus:

Editors’ Note: In the February 2015 issue of U.S. Catholic, author Michelle Bearden profiled five Catholic scientists who have found that faith has had a profound influence on their work. This web-exclusive piece compiled by Bearden shows that science can also point toward faith, as allergist Wayne Phillips explains how his scientific background has helped to advance the understanding of one of the church’s greatest unsolved mysteries: the Shroud of Turin.

Wayne notes:

The Shroud Science Group is my scientific hero. This is an international group whose members continue independent research out of their own pockets without compensation for their time and efforts, aside from occasionally publishing a book. The group seeks the scientific truth of the shroud, no matter if it’s pro or con. Their word and reputation as scientists are king. It is composed of all denominations, including agnostics.

In the 21st century, there is no longer a conflict between faith and science. Life with its immense complexity—DNA, the origin of the universe, the Big Bang, and even evolution —all fit quite nicely into my faith. The more we discover, the more we see life is not an accident.

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