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Shroud Expo Part of Larger Program Including Fra Angelico Lamentation

Now, almost 600,000 bookings to see the shroud

On December 29, the Archdiocese of Turin tweeted that nearly 400,000 people had made online reservations to view the shroud between April 19th and June 24th.  Yesterday, the Gazzetta del Sud reported:

Almost 600,000 bookings have been made to see the mysterious Shroud of Turin, reputed to bear the image of Christ, when it opens for public viewing in the spring . . . .


The showing, from April 19 to June 24, will be part of a larger program that will include a restored painting of the Lamentation by Renaissance master Fra Angelico. . . .

The Fra Angelico Lamentation is now a featured image, in rotation, on the Archdiocese’s 2015 Exposition Home Page.

Click on the above image to see a larger scale image (1291×850) from Wikiart, a visual art encyclopedia.

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