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Jeffrey Skurka on Buffalo Catholic Radio Station

imageI have received word that Jeffrey Skurka will be on the Catholic Radio Station in Buffalo: 101.7 FM this afternoon at 5:00 to discuss material similar to what he presented in St. Louis this past October. (I have not been able to confirm this from the station’s website, which is not unusual).

Rather than a paper, a PowerPoint presentation was published following the conference. If you want to read his presentation, The Enigma of the apparent age of the Shroud of Turin Given the 1988 Radiocarbon Dating, in PDF format it can be found at 

Here is one chart from the presentation which dealt not only with the radiocarbon dating of the shroud but the image formation process as well:

Hypothesis of Body Image Formation

• Just prior to the resurrection event there was an extremely large magnetic field that was developed in the corpse as the result of a superparamagnetic alignment of unpaired electrons, such as with hydrogen and nitrogen atoms, in the body of Jesus.

• Paired electrons in the body were also affected by the superparamagnetism which also cause them to align 90 degrees to the superparamagnetism also know as (super)diamagnetism.

• A very large potential energy was built up as magnetic field a result of the alignment of the unpaired electrons. This alignment of the unpaired electrons is what gave the image formation mechanism a high degree of up/down directionality.

• At the moment of the resurrection when the soul of Christ came zooming back into his body the magnetic field collapsed causing an instantaneous release of energy.

• The rapid heating and/or dehydration of the carbohydrate later was caused by the excitation of the hydrogen atoms in the carbohydrate layer on the crowns of the linen fibers by the inelastic collision/scattering from a wave of thermal neutrons being emitted from the body of Christ being directed and governed by the inverse squared law of the superparamagnetic field. Hypothesis of Body Image Formation

• The unusual optical properties of the body image are a residual alignment of the unpaired electron spin of the hydrogen and even possibly nitrogen atoms and opposite of the electron spin built up in the body just before the magnetic field collapse from the body of Christ. Also the paired electrons would also have an alignment 90 degrees to superparamagnetism.

• Reflected light culminates at a distance of approximately 12 feet in front of the cloth is why the image seems to disappear at any closer than 12 feet.

• The body image would lose its optical properties a result of the alignment being lost over time possibly just by moving the cloth through earth’s magnetic field such as when the cloth is being transported.

• Also, until confirmed the body image should be protected from any extraneous magnetic fields such as magnets and electrical transformers.

Here is an abstract of Jeffrey’s presentation:

In 1988 the world was stunned by the results of the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin especially given the findings of the 1978 STURP team. More current research by several different sinologist indicate that a release of energy may be responsible for not only the image formation but the discrepancy in the apparent age of the cloth if it is truly Jesus’ burial shroud. It therefore could be possible that the result of the radiocarbon dating if accurate is evidential proof of a smoking gun testifying to a glorified resurrection of the physical body of Christ. Therefore, the objective of this proposal is to follow the scientific data where ever it may lead as the guiding factor in the pursuit of truth.

The first question that remains unsolved is the mechanism in which the superficial body image was produced on the cloth. When looking at the photo electric effect, being a surface phenomenon in nuclear physics where in certain cases, such as alpha particles carrying a positive charge, collect on a surface causing it to become electrically charged. Particles then begin to move normal to that surface. This in conjunction with a possible nuclear magnetic resonance will be explored as an image forming mechanism in this proposal.

The second question is the age discrepancy between the apparent ages of the Sudarium of Oviedo and Shroud of Turin. Again this discrepancy gives further credibility of a nuclear event when considering neutron activation, also referred to as radiative capture, as it relates to the inverse squared law of propagation of emitted radiation. Given that the Sudarium of Oviedo would have been placed further from the linen shroud covering the body provides additional scientific evidence that the resurrection of Christ could have been a nuclear event.

Another but even more controversial clue, is there any other evidence in history of human bodies such as with the phenomena frequently referred to as Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) giving examples of a body releasing thermal neutrons where a physical body collapses back to a singularity? The answer is yes.

In 1998 an experiment, with the assistance of the late M. Sue Benford, was conducted using high speed dental x-ray film and the cremated ash remains of lower limbs of an individual that suffered a reported SHC event. The results of that experiment in conjunction with the results of a paper book jacket, like linen also cellulose, published in 1976 has an apparent radiocarbon date from the year 2400 AD from another SHC event. In addition two human skulls were shrunken proportionately to size as was described as a softball give an insight to what the resurrection event might have been explaining the apparent age discrepancy of the linen cloth when the Shroud of Turin was tested in 1988.


Boiling the ocean? Where does speculation leave off and hypotheses begin?

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