The first question is sweat imprint? The second is like unto it: real or not?

Colin Berry has started a Checklist of reasons for thinking the Turin Shroud image represents a dried-on sweat imprint. Real 1st century or simulated 14th century?  As of this posting he has twenty items. Do have a look. 

Here is number 19, just as an example:

19. Many have  commented on the unnaturally-long fingers on the TS man and their ‘boniness’, with some even going so far as to posit some kind of X-ray emanations with radiographic imaging. (Yes, seriously!) While I cannot account for the length, simple modelling with hand imprinting, using a sticky spread, shows how fingers that are held together imprint as if separate, due to preferential imprinting of skin directly over bone. Any direct visual evidence such as this for contact imprinting can be legitimately brought forward as evidence for simulated ‘sweat imprinting’.

(the picture is on Colin’s blog, click on it  to  see a larger version of it)

Here is A Guest Posting by O.K. on the Allegedly Too-Long Fingers from November of last year.

Maybe we can look at some of the other items on the list in the days to come.