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Nicely Done and 7,500 Bookings in Three Hours

But you must rely on Google or Bing for Translation

Four new coordinated exposition sites:


Holy Shroud: Official Website
Exposition of 2015

The Exposition Page

Online Reservations


Shroud 2015


@ Sindone2015


Exposition of the Shroud in 2015

It was via Twitter that we learned, “In the first three hours of opening 7,500 online bookings.”

It was perhaps a bit premature to announce the new website facilities to the press yesterday. There are major rough spots. 

For one, the Exposition Page, the most important page on the main site, cannot be accessed from the home page except by counter-intuitively clicking on the masthead icon. Clicking on the button for Exposition 2015 (Ostensione 2015) will take you out of the site altogether to some mostly vacant pages of the Diocese of Turin.

For another, clicking on a link for the English version (or any other language) of the page resulted in a page that reads:

In the spring of 2010, just ten years after the Exposition in the jubilee year, the Holy Shroud will once again be on display in the Cathedral of Torino starting on 10 April to 23 May and also Pope Benedict XVI will be there to revere it. The Pope will be in Turin Sunday 2 May 2010.

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