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A Different Perspective on the Shroud

Tom Devins writes:

. . .  I have just released a web site that contains a very different perspective on the Shroud.  Thought you might be interested.

Visit it at

The tablet version has some formatting issues but all the information is there.

Hope to meet you at the conference.

From the first page:

[. . . ] In Christian doctrine, Jesus’ resurrection is the exemplary event that led to the belief in resurrection of everyone’s body on the so called last day. It is an exemplary event that never happened. The Catholic Encyclopedia says it all;  “It would destroy the very idea of resurrection, if the dead were to rise in bodies not their own.” What if they don’t rise, “egerthe”,  at all?   Suddenly, the reality of reincarnation, a notion popular in Jesus’ day, accepted by Him and by some early Church fathers, comes into focus. 

We at Jesuddha are dedicated to bringing the message of the Shroud to the forefront so that it can be addressed in Church teaching.  The Christian institution is arguably the most influential of all times and the world would be far worse off without it.   Far from tearing it down, it is our objective to ensure its survival by promoting timely and systematic change in teaching in line with what we now know. The Church is heavily invested in its infrastructure, facilities and following and is far too important be allowed to remain static where change is indicated.

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