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Barrie Schwortz is reporting this morning, October 5, 2014, in Late Breaking Website News at

This update started off somewhat smaller than usual, since we were running out of time and wanted to get it online before the upcoming St. Louis Shroud Conference, which starts on Thursday evening, October 9, 2014 and ends at noon on Sunday, October 12, 2014. (Of course, we will include a full report on the conference in our next regular update). But new materials and information kept coming in and the update kept growing. Although still smaller than usual, this update includes some very important information, most notably, the first five issues of Shroud Spectrum International that were published AFTER the radiocarbon dating results were formally released in 1988. We think you will find the articles in these issues particularly interesting. Also included in this update are two important textile papers that further support the observation of repairs or reweaving in the 1988 radiocarbon samples, an update on the 2015 Shroud Exposition, links to a number of recently published books, papers and articles, a report on the Bari Conference and more.

Here is the Update Table of Contents:

Here are links to our recent In Memoriam and Special updates:

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